Anti-Pope’s Anti-Saint

Supremely fitting is the Berg Bag’s recent anti-papal maneuver, commanding that Roman Catholics accept that Paul VI enjoys the beatific vision. In fact, the papacy of the wretched Montini, perhaps along with the rest of his life, manifested a panoply of moral failings and very thinly disguised vices. The deeds of the Phony Council’s closer … More Anti-Pope’s Anti-Saint

(Spanish) Civil War Over the Church

Spain in the early twentieth century discovered itself the crossroads of conflict between internationalists and ethno-nationalists (who exchanged the Faith of their Fathers for the pottage of blood-and-soil paganism). From these circumstances arose the savage Civil War in which the Church’s priests, nuns, holy places and innocent faithful were made tackling dummies for the WWII … More (Spanish) Civil War Over the Church

Bergoglio & Child Sex Slaves (Reprint)

Nuclear Bombshell Argentinian Whistleblower Interview: “Bergoglio Allows the “c”atholic Elite in Rome to Have Access to Gustavo Vera’s Child Sex Slaves FOR AGGRESSIVE REPRINTING AND DISTRIBUTION IN ORDER TO THWART/ENDRUN ANY POTENTIAL CENSORSHIP OR CYBER ATTACKS. PLEASE. [Once again, this whistleblower isn’t anyone’s ideal.  But what do you expect?  And, let me be the first … More Bergoglio & Child Sex Slaves (Reprint)

“They Did It”

Dr. Alan Sabrosky is a former U.S. Marine who served two tours in Vietnam with the 1st Marine Division and went on to receive his Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Dr. Sabrosky previously served as the Director of Studies, Strategic Studies Institute, at the U.S. Army War College, and has written and spoken extensively … More “They Did It”

Damnation Challenge

The crisis of Fake-Church has come round to bite its own (unnaturally abused) backside. All their dissenting theology and semi-cloaked leftism of five decades has helped them reach the summit of their power, but as TIA has said, they’re missing one key component in their rule: legitimacy. While all these decades have unfolded, as long … More Damnation Challenge

Bye-Bye Berg-Bag?

If Anti-Pope the Berg-Bag did what he is accused of, to knowingly cover and reinstate notorious, child molesting (and virtually unpunished) criminal Cardinal Unkl’ Ted, then the Anti-Pope is a criminal as well (what a surprise!) Acknowledgement of the anti-papacy is on the rise, and influential voices online who represent authentic Catholic peasantry (held in … More Bye-Bye Berg-Bag?

Memo to Uncle Ted

and Brother Buggers: Catholics want you dead. We want you defunded, we want you defrocked. We want you at the defendant’s table, and with both greatest alacrity and respect for legal procedure, we would prefer if your immortal soul were deprived of its attachment to your mortal coil until crack of doom. Five years ago, … More Memo to Uncle Ted