About Those Infiltrators…

Inside the Vatican‘s release of a follow-up interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò  demonstrates a firm grasp of that which is obvious to self-motivated peasant Catholic researchers: the Church has been infiltrated by freemasonry since the time of that regicidal orgy of Christ-hatred, a.k.a. the French Revolution “But of course this project was very deceptive, … More About Those Infiltrators…

Case for Catholic Street Preaching

Desperate men in power present danger. Berg-Bag the anti-pope demonstrates by his illegitimate governance via terror transmitted right through the episcopacy and into the lives of parishes fighting to remain Catholic. Here in the Gateway we’re reliving the nightmare of traitors’ sacking the second and actual, non-faggot, non-fraudulent, Catholic priest in ten months. His crime: … More Case for Catholic Street Preaching

Reblog: Bernard & Norbert Take Out the Anti-Pope

Originally posted on cognitive gateway:
Anti-Pope Victor IV relinquishes his false claim. St. Bernard of Clairveaux ends the crisis. Many crucial points of Catholic historiography have been memory-holed in modern Catholic discourse. In fact, since the all-hallowed Council, which blasphemously presupposed (in a most Talmudic fashion) that God the Holy Ghost made errors remediable only…

Unplanned, Yet Craftily Conceived

Hitting perfect pitch to Catholic ears listening keenly for a faithful melody without degenerating into discordant notes, the release of the film Unplanned presents a heroine of solid integrity. Starving for an overture that doesn’t degenerate into modernists’ discordant notes of a criminal antipope’s accusatory screeching; or a craven bishop’s not remembering whether buggering kids … More Unplanned, Yet Craftily Conceived


You can hear the weary sound in the monetized trad-$ervative media’s house organs pumping away their propaganda points – peddling horse puckey that fewer and fewer peasant Catholics are willing to believe. So in recent weeks, almost as if timed in sync by persons unseen, various trad-for-ca$h operations just so happened to simultaneously start talking … More Anti-Papabile

All Pop and No Projectile

{Video-link included} Gateway’s author had a unique bit of offline fun rather recently when the local self-defense center sponsored a training day for a squadron of local government functionaries. Curriculum for the day: responding to an active shooter scenario. Included were some basic response strategies: medical, tactical, evasive and defensive. At the end of the … More All Pop and No Projectile

State of the Debate

As year seven of this bathetic di-papal disaster has dawned, the only seeming new turns of events are -though beggaring belief- that things steadily worsen as the months and years transpire. The at first unknown Argentine quickly established himself first as a liberal, then progressive, followed by revolutionary. After that, as has become plain, he … More State of the Debate

Stalag (20)19

Regarding that “big Catholic tent” that was the subject of conversation somewhat recently. Well-intended and authentic Catholic voices on the blogs lamented the fratricidal spirit infusing disputes over the alleged legitimacy of Bergoglio. At that time, and still unresolved even now, vicious attacks have been mounted against voices leading the rapidly growing body of faithful … More Stalag (20)19