It seems a Saracen

may have visited the Parish during Solemn High Mass last week, the eighth. Reports say he was toting a length of re-bar under his arm. Outside, at the foot of a monument to the Blessed Virgin in remembrance of the unborn dead, the following were left behind: Its meaning seemed quite obvious to the four … More It seems a Saracen


When we in the Komfyklergy are told to go total Novus Ordo and we knuckle under, it will be all your fault, laic.  Remember, we are entitled to risk-free comfort and respectability. The idea of actually defending our flock with nothing but our faith and lives is just so fever-swampishly Captain-Crazy-Pants, that we won’t even … More Translation:

What Now, Father?

Orienting on the beach… The guy in the video with Captain’s bars. That’s you, Padre. Pardon my yelling here, but to quote the exquisitely portrayed lines “WHAT THE HELL DO WE DO NOW” FATHER?! See those flames? That’s our best friend, brother, our uncle getting roasted alive in lust, because they never get a sermon … More What Now, Father?

SSPX Suicide

Reunion between the Catholic SSPX and the neo-gnostic Vatican II regime will prove catastrophic. We will find ourselves alone in addition to already being disorganized, paralyzed, and against the Church’s most malicious enemies; those who occupy her offices both high and low. Disorientation on the battle field will persist, but this time with no place … More SSPX Suicide

Gentle Reminder

Memo to Father Jorge:  Your delusions of destruction are also for naught. The Catholic Church is one. Although you and your minions can cut themselves off from Her, She cannot be split. But she can save you yet, if you so desire. Come home, Jorge. Shun not your King any longer. He loves you so.

Mercy’s Mountebanks

Scene of cataclysmic satire. Place: the inner sanctum of Casa Sancti-Mony, wherein Cardinal B. is in conference with brilliant artist, Ambrosio the Fabuloso. At stake is a matter pertaining to the spiritual ecology of all… Ambrosio the Fabuloso: AND AS YOU CAN SEE, THE ENTIRE MONUMENT WILL MEET ALL YOUR REQUIREMENTS. YOUR CHISELED CHEEKS, YOUR … More Mercy’s Mountebanks