Memo to Uncle Ted

and Brother Buggers: Catholics want you dead. We want you defunded, we want you defrocked. We want you at the defendant’s table, and with both greatest alacrity and respect for legal procedure, we would prefer if your immortal soul were deprived of its attachment to your mortal coil until crack of doom. Five years ago, … More Memo to Uncle Ted

Dubious Council

The fact that a pope calls a council makes it a council: error number one. Take that position and you obliterate the Church’s first eight ecumenical councils. The First Nicean Council was called by the Emperor, so was the Second Council of Constantinople, and half a dozen others. On certain occasions the pope wasn’t even … More Dubious Council

Cyanide Chalice & All That Remains

What a blessing was bestowed upon us on 7/7/07! Truly God grants graces where none are deserved, and, in the OT even occasionally vouchsafed His blessings through delivery by a hostile party. Joseph’s prosperous liberation during his sojourn in Egypt, Rahab’s beneficent concealment of the two spies, and of course Daniel’s miraculous deliverance ratified by … More Cyanide Chalice & All That Remains


“Ya turned injun din’t ya?” with quizzical disgust asked the MP transporting  John Dunbar to the next intended stop on his soon-to-be-interrupted journey to incarceration.  The protagonist in the film Dances With Wolves offered no denial.  He did turn Indian. The disoriented 19th Century empiricist found his summer of ’68 about 100 years early, and … More Crypto-Catastrophe

Faith vs. Fake-Pocalypse

Their fingers are on the button, the Deep State and the Globalists are taking a short cut to doomsday! Cue the subliminal nuclear attack siren on recording track #8, because all our televised, cinematic and pop-music pre-conditioning is about to kick into overdrive. Vertical con-trails, glowing midnight missile launches, mushroom clouds and all creation turned … More Faith vs. Fake-Pocalypse