Diabolical Desecration

St. Therese Parish in Alhambra, California; Archdiocese of Los Angeles, is a well-attended novus ordo temple run by Carmelite priests and nuns. Also the site of a weekly celebration of the Roman Rite of Holy Mass, holy priests hold TLM conferences there as well. Some time on Thursday, June 3rd, the actual and Catholic calendar … More Diabolical Desecration

Do It, Jorge

Rumors once again swirl about scrapping reigning Pope Benedict XVI’s Summorum and reverting to the more complete liturgical lawlessness of Fraud-Saint Paul VI, of doleful memory, and of Super-Saint-of-Fantastic-Legend John Paul II. Anti-Pope Francis I has put out similar rumors on more than one occasion in previous years. Gateway Supports This Anti-Church Maneuver, 100% Here’s … More Do It, Jorge

Call of the Catacomb

From Rome.Info’s news item from 07 May is worthy of deep consideration: https://www.fromrome.info/2021/05/07/cionci-risponde-alla-domanda-di-valli-perche-benedetto-avrebbe-fatto-le-dimissioni-invalide/ Brother Alexis has translated into English from Italian the article written by Andrea Cionci  and published on Cionci’s blog page found at Libero Quotidiano. As a follow up to Cionci’s previous article also translated and published at FromRome.Info, which explores the possibility … More Call of the Catacomb

Exit the Upper Room

Shut in to the Cenacle with door barred, there they had enclosed themselves: Peter and Andrew, Simon and Bartholomew, James and John, Philip and Thomas, James the Lesser and Matthew; Jude and the newly chosen Matthias; and the yet-to-be-crowned Queen of Heaven. In the order of this world, in which the satanic will-to-power seduces men … More Exit the Upper Room

1955: Never Forget

The two-and-a-half year old was sitting in front of his home on that Maundy-Thursday of Holy Week, the twenty-first of March. Tobias approached him, speaking kindly, and then absconded with the toddler. After sunset, the twin brothers Saligman and Samuel met up with Tobias. Then these three, along with four others, undressed the boy and … More 1955: Never Forget

Day of Destiny

Approaches. Hurtling toward us relentlessly, the moment of truth deviates not one instant from its appointed time. Tracking the ticking seconds and minutes affords us no advantage, because even when we observe the pace and approach closely, at times even with the throbbing of our heart, the pre-ordained time of final arrival is cloaked in … More Day of Destiny