Faith vs. Fake-Pocalypse

Their fingers are on the button, the Deep State and the Globalists are taking a short cut to doomsday! Cue the subliminal nuclear attack siren on recording track #8, because all our televised, cinematic and pop-music pre-conditioning is about to kick into overdrive. Vertical con-trails, glowing midnight missile launches, mushroom clouds and all creation turned … More Faith vs. Fake-Pocalypse

White Martyr Convert vs. Cradle-Catholic Traitor

Given the vast criminal enterprise operating out of Vatican City, and its malignant nodes spreading the post-conciliar cancer in diocesan sees throughout the world, the present catastrophe behooves Catholics to both identify subtle tactics of misdirection and ascertain true causes. Doing so with thorough and unflinching receptivity to the facts will prove fruitful in the … More White Martyr Convert vs. Cradle-Catholic Traitor

How Her Errors Spread!

While she provided no index or bullet point highlights of Russia’s errors, our Heavenly Queen did make plain with eight of her words the orientation, source and action resulting from the Catholic hierarchy’s ignoring her sweet commands, namely: unconsecrated Russia will be in error (lest we be deceived) and will spread these errors throughout the … More How Her Errors Spread!

To Know To Love

Have Catholics of both the present and previous century been subtly taught to seek and find intellectual proofs to buttress their assent of faith?  Do the post conciliar faithful want to know how God made the world, and what exactly he did to create man? Do they look for explanations of an infinite God that … More To Know To Love