Bogus Consecration

Just over seven months have elapsed since the Insubordination Consecration of last August. Like a well-functioning clock, the criminals in-charge of the Vatican and the crypto-Jews of Opus Dei’s Catholic Media are not only at it again, but also are proving very handily that sociopathic personalities tend to learn very little from their own mistakes. … More Bogus Consecration

The Real MLK

Michael King, Jr. was born to Atlanta protestant sect leader Michael King, Sr. on 15 January 1929. Michael’s birth certificate reflected this fact -that his name was Michael King, Jr.- for nearly three decades, until that document was revised, by someone’s hand writing in black ink, in 1957. Apparently, after a trip to Europe in … More The Real MLK

Vax Exterminans

Both the Global Synagogue’s exterminationist injection and Anti-pope Francis I’s Murder Incorporated-style hit job on the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass may originate from the intellect of a certain named demon. Consider the text of Apocalypse Chapter 9, verse 11: Big Jewry has done an effective job in spooking every American goy above the age … More Vax Exterminans

Divisive Conquistadors

Gateway’s friend Eponymous Flower smartly comments on the recent dust-up between Taylor “I’m actually a Jew” Marshall and Rorate Caeli, whose principal contributor New Catholic claims to have blood relations named in the Holocaust Museum. Nominally at issue here is the message from Ecclesia Dei communities begging mercy, meetings, and assorted table scraps from the … More Divisive Conquistadors


About this upcoming event for the Feast of the Assumption: Gateway is avoiding this one as if it were an outbreak of a fake pandemic, and here’s why: this is a revolutionary affront to Holy Mother Church, and a slap in the face of her authority. The one and only man on earth with the … More Insubordination