Surprise Collaborators: Conserva-Trads

When the Joy of Unnatural Vice Amoris Laetitia was vomited forth by the enemies of our Adorable Savior, status quo defenders told us, “Francis cannot change the teaching of the Church.” At first glance, the thought is a clever and seeming bold, broad proclamation. It is quite true inasmuch as it restates the indefectibility of … More Surprise Collaborators: Conserva-Trads

Begging Indulgence

To those doubly kind souls who not only read but take the time to write their thoughts in response, please forgive the delay which you’ve endured in awaiting their publication. To explain without excusing, the notification alert doesn’t light up in a timely way. Therefore, if you’ve commented, especially on any post (except those published … More Begging Indulgence