You can hear the weary sound in the monetized trad-$ervative media’s house organs pumping away their propaganda points – peddling horse puckey that fewer and fewer peasant Catholics are willing to believe. So in recent weeks, almost as if timed in sync by persons unseen, various trad-for-ca$h operations just so happened to simultaneously start talking … More Anti-Papabile

All Pop and No Projectile

{Video-link included} Gateway’s author had a unique bit of offline fun rather recently when the local self-defense center sponsored a training day for a squadron of local government functionaries. Curriculum for the day: responding to an active shooter scenario. Included were some basic response strategies: medical, tactical, evasive and defensive. At the end of the … More All Pop and No Projectile

State of the Debate

As year seven of this bathetic di-papal disaster has dawned, the only seeming new turns of events are -though beggaring belief- that things steadily worsen as the months and years transpire. The at first unknown Argentine quickly established himself first as a liberal, then progressive, followed by revolutionary. After that, as has become plain, he … More State of the Debate