You can hear the weary sound in the monetized trad-$ervative media’s house organs pumping away their propaganda points – peddling horse puckey that fewer and

Parolin: A more presentable modernist for anti-pope

fewer peasant Catholics are willing to believe. So in recent weeks, almost as if timed in sync by persons unseen, various trad-for-ca$h operations just so happened to simultaneously start talking about the next pope.

Now why do such a thing? Certainly, with Catholics today being savvier than our parents, we are aware that Rome is a place where rumors precipitate into facts,  and that means that some curial queen has decided to drop into the mill a few hints about a new pope.

However, what cannot be discounted, especially since the carefully selected outlets just coincidentally are read by Americans of conservative and traditional orientations, is that the propagandists and their paymaster handlers have completely lost control over the narrative regarding the disgusting Berg-Bag’s alleged legitimacy. They know what peasant Catholics are saying and thinking, they can read the growing tide of opinion, and all their indicators tell them that people in the pews aren’t buying what they’re selling. TagleDoubts and questions over the Berg-Bag abound, and no satisfactory answers are forthcoming.  And at least one increasingly unhinged writer is calling for our deaths by fire for not shutting up and going along with the 1 pope = 2 men insanity.

So they do what the arrogant power-elite always do when they lose the support of the masses: ignore the ass-whipping that they’ve just been handed, and manufacture a new narrative that bypasses their problem. Thus the blather about who’s next? If they can dump the Berg-Bag and find someone more presentable, and more amenable to their culture of embezzlement, hot-tubs and sodomy, then their problem will be solved. -Or so they think.

To convene a so-called conclave while Benedict lives and does not correct his invalid resignation, is to simply replace the Bergoglian embarrassment with another anti-pope. This, by the way, leads us to a hugely important point not only about the absolutely crucial issue of the invalid resignation, but moreover about how controlled Catholic money media and their clerical allies attempt to insidiously manipulate perception.

Almost as if following directions from an unnamed hierarchy, trad-servative media suddenly starts talking about the next pope, dodging the fact that any conclave held while B16 lives will simply elect another anti-pope.

You see, when a trusted conservative prelate seemingly agrees with you about Bergoglio’s illegitimacy, and then uses illegal activity in the conclave as basis for saying so, then you are being played like an electric guitar at a novus ordo Saturday night vigil mass. This is because if you accept that the essence of the problem happened during the illegal conclave of 2013, then you must accept that the solution is to get the Berg-Bag to go away and hold another conclave, which is guaranteed to perpetuate the problem of the apostate hierarchy, unpunished criminality, satanism, and all the other raw sewage that Rome expects Catholics to swallow. Gateway has written about this previously.

Now if the problem is understood as reigning Pope Benedict XVI’s failure to obey Canon 332§2 in resigning, then the criminals don’t get away so easily.  They would have to roll-back all sorts of the Berg Bag’s handiwork, from cardinals who aren’t really cardinals, to the suppression of traditional orders that were never really suppressed, to the installation of criminal prelates who are mere usurpers, the whole dumpster fire of the Bergoglian anti-papacy would, to a certain degree, need to be cleaned up.  Therefore we must be very careful and not accept expedients in our rightful desire to rid the Church of the bastard Berg-Bag.

Wider View: Controlled Opposition & Recognizing the Markers of the Pattern  

Among Gateway’s bedrock editorial positions is that there are no good guys in positions of power. There are no good guys in the Vatican. There are no good guys on earth among the episcopacy. There are no good guys in the monetized Catholic trad-$ervative media.  This premise is non-negotiable, and failure to acknowledge it is to condemn oneself to falling into one psy-op and scam after another, in perpetuity – guaranteeing that no activity will ever amount to authentic resistance to the Church’s enemy captors. Although there may be sympathetic figures; persons whom we want to be good guys, but are compromised; or those that we may personally like; the stark reality remains: there are no good guys in positions of power.

When applied to the present topic, it means that no one in any position of authority or influence in the world of Catholicism intends to address the actual problem of Benedict’s failed resignation. Any and all means will be used to deflect and distract, such as by talking about the next pope, but no serious resistance will ever arise from among them. They will stop pretending and fight for real only in order to unleash the savage treatment reserved for those Catholics who refuse to submit to their lies and intellectual violence.

Pathetic: the narrative being lost, the loser wishes evil upon his opponents, those few who publically state that Benedict XVI’s resignation is invalid and therefore reigns as Pope.

Accepting this premise, however, engenders a salutary irony. That is, in acknowledging the reality of a wholly corrupt power structure, Catholics can come to understand where our real power lies, and begin to develop authentic resistance entirely our own. Ideas begin to emerge, alternatives are found, the Holy Ghost enlightens, and the gatekeepers’ efforts are rendered futile. If power-structures are controlled, and opposition thereto is controlled, then it follows that so called “movements” or activist groups suddenly bursting onto the scene with high level exposure are either also likely controlled, or soon to be infiltrated and taken over. While we may  support a rare exception like Veri Catholici, for the vast majority of other organized movements or activist organizations such investments are unworthy of Catholics’ time or treasure. Energy is much better spent helping others (in truth the vast majority of brethren) to escape their mental enslavement that somewhere out there is a good bishop, a good petition and email list generator, a good Catholic donation farmer making money for the good of the Church alone.

We’ve awakened to the fact of the anti-pope, and to the worst ecclesiastical crisis in history. Now it’s time for us to use these observations to help ourselves orient, decide and act.  -And pray that Benedict doesn’t die of St. John Paul I “syndrome.”

7 thoughts on “Anti-Papabile

  1. Wow, and just wow. Thank you for your insight. On March 23, 2019 I was permanently banned from commenting at Church Militant primarily because I offered to submit the evidence for the position of Canon 332.2–Benedict is Pope (BiP) to a moderator for his review. Here is a copy of a portion of our email exchange:

    I was able to comment again. Thank you for your efforts at tracking down and explaining my email snafu as well as for lifting the ban. I will honor your request to not mention or promote the Benedict is Pope (BiP) position while commenting until your position at Church Militant changes as surely it will. I do not expect a reply to what follows but in charity I find it necessary to answer your recent salvo.

    First off, for my part (I cannot answer for others who promote the BiP position) in considering ALL the facts available at this time, holding that Benedict is Pope does not in anyway imply that Pope Benedict lied or is a fool. Being honestly mistaken or dissimulating with mental reservation per divine instructions (perhaps), but for me Pope Benedict being a liar or a fool is not even remotely implied by either of those potential motivations.

    Moreover, the “theory” is based on factual evidence and thus is not outlandish and neither is promoting it dangerous except to the Modernist, Freemasonic enemies who are attempting to fundamentally transform the papacy. It is dangerous to them because it reveals their intent.

    The facts leading to the conclusion of BiP are actually morally satisfying and prove a GREAT relief to those faithful who are indeed “clinging to the Barque of Peter” in light of the damage that is occurring in and through the anti-Church at this time. That damage you impugn to BiP-holders that is supposedly being done to the “uneducated Catholics” is actually only reinforced by those who, in light of the facts, unreasonably insist that Francis is the valid pope. Hogwash! The uneducated, peasant Catholic knows that “the Emperor has no clothes”. They simply need a General around whom to rally. I guess that won’t be Church Militant at this time. Perhaps it will be Bishop Emeritus Gracida.
    Thank you once again for lifting my ban.

    Here is a summation of the moderator’s replies:

    [y]ou were banned for your promotion of untruths (namely that Francis is not Pope). We will not tolerate such lies on our site – it is that simple.

    I have restored your posting privileges, but this is conditional on you no longer advancing such outlandish and dangerous theories. To say that Francis is not Pope is to say Benedict lied, that he was a fool, etc. etc. and it encourages a schismatic mindset. We are about the salvation of souls here, not feel-good conspiracy theories which encourage people to abandon the Barque of Peter in the misguided belief Christ has left a true-Church for educated believers (some sort of gnosticism). …[Because] you continue to promote this belief to me, insulting all of us here by refusing to acknowledge Francis as Pope and saying it is obvious and Freemasonic etc. to deny it, your commenting privileges will be revoked. The line of thought and discussion (that Francis might not be a valid pope because Benedict’s resignation was invalid etc.) is not one we wish to pursue on the site, so we would discourage (and delete) such comments.
    God bless,

    Suffice it to say, your article has illumined a highly possible motivation behind what I just experienced. Thank you, I do not feel quite so gob smacked.


    1. Thank you for your comment, and feel free to leave one any time. Sorry that you suffered such ill-treatment from those others. You are not alone, and always remember, if Benedict’s resignation is valid, these people have a moral obligation to explain it – jot and tittle.

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  2. In a perfect world it wouldn’t be a bunch of autodidact laypeople publicly trying to work out this mess. My best, charitable, self tells me these people are worried about the Church and their salvation.

    God is in charge, we are not. Offer every moment to God in supplication for the restoration of the Church. That is all I can do, and I suck at that too.

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  3. Now I admit to a fantasy that might solve the problem. May God forgive me.

    Matt 17:20 Jesus said to them: Because of your unbelief. For, amen I say to you, if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say to this mountain, Remove from hence hither, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible to you.

    Might we have faith enough that we might ask God to drop a mountain on the Vatican at an opportune time, that we might really require a new conclave? With a very small cadre of cardinals left who happen to be in love with Christ, His mother and holy mother Church?


  4. The mob who put Berg in power can take him out just as fast. Now that the gig is up with fooling the faithful they will move quickly to get Berg out. Could be a very intetesting scenario if Berg decides not to play ball.


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