All Pop and No Projectile

blanks big{Video-link included} Gateway’s author had a unique bit of offline fun rather recently when the local self-defense center sponsored a training day for a squadron of local government functionaries. Curriculum for the day: responding to an active shooter scenario. Included were some basic response strategies: medical, tactical, evasive and defensive. At the end of the day, attendees were put through what the trainers call a pressure drill. During this drill, an unidentified person was to enter the training room on cue, armed with an AR-15, and start banging away. The test for the trainees was to examine who was able to perform what they had learned throughout the day. That’s where your writer came in. I was one of three attackers in a rotating role of burst in, shoot, and take off sort of assault. The AR was as real as any other firearm, but I learned that this rifle had been outfitted with a certain after market kit, which when installed within the rifle’s action, equipped it to fire only blanks. Thus, when it was my turn to burst into the training room, the trainees had to respond to the sound of live fire, but without actual danger.

This recent training day was brought to mind while viewing a certain first-person POV shooting event in Christchurch, New Zealand. Video linked here for any who haven’t seen it. The content warning, GRAPHIC is a bit of neuro-linguistic programming, because in all sincerity, the video’s culminating final scene is really not graphic at all. In fact, it reminded your writer of his volunteer role as pretend active shooter. The actual shots in the New Zealand event were dead ringers (pardon the pun) for the blanks shot off on training day. It’s a bit obvious, but here in CIA-Mossad & media’s world of wicked clowns, attention must constantly be drawn exactly there, to the obvious: none of the plate glass windows, or drywall, or furniture of the training room had a mark on it. Furthermore, none of the trainees were wounded –because no projectiles were fired!  Similar observations can be made about the work of this film’s villain: no holes in walls, no breaking glass, no visible wounds. In fact, one crisis actor victim seems to be shot at point blank range and simply slumps directly downward to the floor. Now the muzzle velocity, or the speed at which a bullet travels when fired from an AR is a minimum of 2700 feet/second. Therefore, getting hit that close with even one round is going to throw a person back in the direction of its path. Not this time, however, the utter tragedy and horror causes this bloodless, woundless crisis actor to drop to the floor like a rolled up prayer rug. – Gateway’s take: no saracens were harmed during the filming of the first major shooting hoax/cinematic blockbuster of 2019. Maybe those atrocious Hollywood pedos will create a category for the Oscars next year, and call it simulated-shootings.

Round Up the Usual Suspects!

Could there be any connection between this Island Nation of the southern hemisphere and the only democracy in the middle east, a.k.a America’s greatest ally? Some say so.

It just so happens that as attention was diverted to the land of Kiwis, Israel was bombing its home grown gulag known as Gaza strip. This hoax-as-distraction maneuver is unremarkable for counterfeit Israel, but what about far away New Zealand?

gaza a caption

So What’s With New Zealand?
By the look of things, the Kiwis have had the audacity to propound different

J post
New Zealand sought a role in UN Peace Efforts: This Text Links to Article

terms to U.N. conversations about negotiating with Palestinians. Even worse, this historically Catholic island nation has shown chutzpah (memo to goys: only Jews are allowed to show chutzpah) in the fact that they wanted international observers to oversee activity at the Temple Mount.  Opposing the Israeli agenda does not go unavenged. Hence the punishment is war by deception, stirring up animosity and chaos between immigrant saracens and the incumbent population.

Judaic Supremacists upset with New Zealand for daring to oppose them in UN discussions on Palestinians.

Tri-Modal Operation: Swindle, Slander, Slaughter

Mossad operations tend to come in three parts: swindle, slander and slaughter. Although hoaxed in N.Z., the slaughter part of this week’s event is covered in reality in Gaza. The slander is in the fact that culpability for this purported act is laid at the feat of Christians of European descent. What about the swindle? True to its gangster ways, Israel always wants to make some scratch when messin’ with goys. The method could be right out of the Meyer Lansky playbook of old fashioned protection rackets, with a high-tech twist. If Kiwis are worried about the protection of critical infrastructure, that is, super hackers shutting off their electricity and water, then they should be worried about Israel, especially its Talpiot program, discussed in a previous Gateway article here. Through Talpiot, the Israeli cyber-gangster program begun after the 1973 war, Israel has programming level back-door access to just about any internet connected system in the world. Through Talpiot, Israel can crash your country’s economy as well as software backdoors in its fighter jets. So where is a gentile nation to go when it needs protection? Paying loads of shekels, sooner or later, and knowingly or not, it will place itself in the hands of a Tel Aviv start up, or front company thereof, only to have a Talmudic hi-tech infiltration of critical infrastructure. Installing backdoors and kill-switches, all at a price at which the country has to borrow money from Rothschild banks, Israel’s cyber-security mavens will put themselves at the switch that could shut the whole country down. Water, power, electronic transactions all can be shut down with a click. Imagine New Zealand’s Foreign Office getting a call from a fellow who identifies himself only as Schlomo from Tel Aviv. He barks out demands that must be met in 36 hours, or he’ll shut down all electronic payment systems. “You’ll have riots within a week, and you’ll be out of office in 14 days if you don’t do what we say.”  Ironically, this could be the result of Israel’s domination of the world’s high technology security sector. In essence you go into debt paying for the Trojan Horse that you let inside your gates, but to avoid an immediate and unpleasant fate, some heads of state might coalesce.

war on NZ
Disagreeing With Israel Can Have Unforeseen Ramifications.

So What Does World Jewry Want this Time
The answer is found in the religion of the Talmud, the doctrinal charter of the Jew World Order, that is, heaven on earth (for Jews only), and a world without gentiles, save for a small portion of racially mixed and robotically obedient slaves. An intermediate stage to this aforementioned tikkun olam, otherwise known to Catholics as the arrival of anti-christ, is global communism. Unlike the words of masonic zio rent-boy George Dubya, communism is on the march.  A not-so-fun Fatima fact applies here. When Sister Lucia was asked during an interview by eminent Catholic historian William Thomas Walsh whether she believed that the entire world would fall under the communist yoke, she answered a simple and direct, yes. Of course, gun confiscation is a key step for that, especially in the U.S., so that component is likely present as well.

Racial Animosity Is Foundational
to the next phase of the game. It must be understood that as a religion that promises heaven on earth for a chosen race, that Talmudic ideology is inherently racist. This racist underpinning interoperates with the mass manipulation gambit known as the Hegelian dialectic, in which the powerful stake out two pre-planned and opposite positions in order to herd the masses toward a pre-selected outcome in between. International Zionism and International Communism follow this pattern. Across the Five Eyes nations of the west- UK, Canada, US, and increasingly Australia & New Zealand- Zionism is de-facto foreign policy. Nations abroad are destroyed, millions murdered, and the west is blamed. Meanwhile, the same global controllers fund resistance to zionism, which is placed in the hands of thinly disguised communists (check out RT, and Russian agents of influence in popular online alt-media journals). Choices are preset. You can be the (Israeli) flag waving patriot saying “(name of head of state here) has to go!” The other option is conscientious and informed resistance to nation-breaking, in which case you will find many comrades, who want to recruit you to hasten the downfall of your own nation into crisis, through which communists seek to take over. Interestingly, the zionists on one side seek to ensure that any resistance to communism never succeeds; conversely, communists on the other side ensure that resistance to zionism similarly fails.

The presence of a dialectical manipulation can be recognized more easily when one inquires into why there are only two positions in a conflict and who is it that decides what those choices are? Sham primaries to sham US elections are a good example: by the time the voting occurs, the choices are irrelevant, because the big US Jews, dual-Israeli citizens, have already given you your choices.

In the case of advancing global communism, the goyim are increasingly recognizing the massive manipulation that cost many of their grandfathers their young lives in unnecessary world wars; domesticated their fathers to toil in countries with Rothschild-underwritten central banks, making them little other than slaves on Jew-run tax plantations; and can now foresee the dark future intended for their own sons. So organizations like the World Jewish Congress have to act fast and accelerate the destruction of their targets. In this case, the racial mentality of the Talmud targets the multi-ethnic peoples of European descent as white, and therefore as the enemy. More and more this mentality is breaking out of the sterility of loony-left college campuses and pushed in the streets. The sides have been defined and selected: white vs. non-white, an international race-based death match.

What Does It Mean?
New Zealand is getting a reaction, and in spite of the recognition that it is a hoax,

1977: Frank Collin incites racial conflict in Skokie, IL. Collin later was discovered to be a Jew.

it serves as a pretext to attack the designated target, those who organized Jewry has decided are white. True to dialectical form, in the U.S. the alt-right has already been established and Jews like Richard Spencer are there for anyone seeking to band together as the white race, and duke it out with all other races (Jews exempt, of course.) Other groups are overtly anti-jew, and many likely are led by agents of US Fedgov. It’s all a dialectical trap intended to lead peoples of European descent like lambs to slaughter.

Catholicism is Transcendent
The few Catholic voices on line who are not a). crypto-Jews, or b). trad-servative cucks afraid to say aloud the word Jew without shameful obsequies,  have a crucial role to play. Catholicism is the only institution capable of countering the implacable, insidious, murderousness of organized Jewry.  The message of our adorable Savior tells man that he is not some mere amalgamation of DNA strands, but that man has an invisible and immortal nature known as his soul that is called to eternal glory in the Triune God. Simply put, being of Irish descent doesn’t make me a white guy. It makes me enjoy the Chieftains, good writing, and avoid alcohol. Ask me what I am, and I’ll tell you I’m Catholic. This is the counterpoint to the command by Jews to divide into warring parties of white/non white. Sorry, I’m not taking the bait and joining in the race war, and no Catholic should.

Evangelical Challenge
The temptation to fall into the ethno-nationalist trap is strong. But it is very much a trap. No one can play the racial divide-and-conquer game with as much cunning and satanic backing as the synagogue of satan. Falling into one of the two camps is to flirt with disaster.

The current ecclesiastical crisis, the worst in 2000-year history, exacerbates the problem. Ethno-nationalists aren’t dumb. They can go on the internet and see popes tripping over themselves to get into the synagogue. They see the commies and faggot cardinals going unpunished. They think that Christianity is a jew-ified quitter’s religion, and to say that they find the salvific nature of Calvary to be folly is a great understatement. They understand the basics, although only to a point and yet nevertheless these ethno-nationalists reject Christianity out of hand. Catholics have to reach them somehow and convince them that man is more than blood and soil. But to have a termite-free nation, a kingdom must be ruled by God, or it will be ruled by the Jews.

Exposing the tricks and hoaxes of the synagogue, countering the race war, and placing organized Jewry in check are specialties of the Catholic Church alone. Do Catholics believe it, or are we impotent shooters of spiritual blanks?

One thought on “All Pop and No Projectile

  1. Great article hit all the essential points to this diabolical charade orchestrated by Satan’s minions.

    The brainwash on the sheeple has been going on for hundreds of years as their Shepherds have continued to be replaced with Kabbalistic/Masonic sodomitical wolves. The sheeple are scattered and clueless having finally become aware that their Shepherd(s) have been lethally struck down.

    If only the sheeple could awaken from their diabolical disorientation and receive the truth contained in an article such as yours…then…maybe then…the tide would turn and the Church would begin to awaken from the spell cast on Her by the Grima-Wormtongued and like King Theoden arise to finally do battle with the Synagogue of Satan.

    God bless my brother and keep up the good fight of “contending for the faith”. — Jude 1:3


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