Razor Sharp Weapon

is what the enemy encounters: conciliar religion, meet ridicule. The added bonus is that we get to laugh as they die of 1000 cuts. Need to see much more of this. Meddling Catholics brings a sardonic wit that has us very much amused. Can’t wait to see a video depicting something to the effect, Father … More Razor Sharp Weapon

Abortion, Race and Talmud

An interesting exchange took place in the otherwise suffocatingly scripted marionette show of the U.S. political scene. This one featured the genuine and sympathetic Star Parker facing a rhetorical fusillade by Representative Steve Cohen of Memphis, TN.  (Video from Parker’s Youtube channel viewed courtesy of Liveaction.org via Vox Cantoris on Twitter.) As if the video … More Abortion, Race and Talmud

Bernard & Norbert Take Out the Anti-Pope

Many crucial points of Catholic historiography have been memory-holed in modern Catholic discourse. In fact, since the all-hallowed Council, which blasphemously presupposed (in a most Talmudic fashion) that God the Holy Ghost made errors remediable only by modern(ist) man, a near total embargo has descended upon discussion of certain groups once regarded as the Church’s … More Bernard & Norbert Take Out the Anti-Pope

WDTTRS: What Does the Talmud Really Say?

A homily during the worship service of the conciliar religion was recently described as follows. The occasion was Yom Kippur, the Judaic alleged Day of Atonement. The priest apparently explained to the assembly that the actions of the ancient and holy Israelite religion (whose sole heir is the Catholic Church) is mirrored in the goings-on … More WDTTRS: What Does the Talmud Really Say?

Fights for Symbols: Wars for Keeps

Happy the man who hears of the marshalling Catholic voices toward a concerted course of action, and bashing anti-church in the snout! Church advances; enemies retreat rapidly. The formula seems simple, repeatable and reliable. What began weeks ago through the speech cancellations of two doubtlessly homophilic speaking events starring James (Holding-Hell’s-Door-Open) Martin, is now described … More Fights for Symbols: Wars for Keeps

Begging Indulgence

To those doubly kind souls who not only read but take the time to write their thoughts in response, please forgive the delay which you’ve endured in awaiting their publication. To explain without excusing, the notification alert doesn’t light up in a timely way. Therefore, if you’ve commented, especially on any post (except those published … More Begging Indulgence


A high level intimidation campaign has been launched against Tradition in Action, one of the good guys in a Traditional Catholic blogosphere which sets the bar for fraud and fratricide at an astonishingly low level, other noteworthy exceptions being Vox Cantoris, Eponymous Flower and Mundabor. The post, including TIA’s response, is here. In addition to … More ADL vs. TIA