Dissolve the Republic

Shopworn sock puppets and political prostitutes have been swapped  with their replacements in parliamentary governments across the once alleged free world; meanwhile, in lands like the U.S., the childish pantomime of voting has once again taken place. At risk of predicting what ought to be obvious to anyone not strung-out on SSRIs, or hopelessly mentally … More Dissolve the Republic

Co-Intel Catacomb

They’re coming for our Masses. Whether we be in Chicago, DC, San Diego or anywhere else, the ban hammer smashes down. The time has arrived to convey our abandoned, betrayed, abused and near-dead Holy Mother to her tomb-apparent; to nurture and protect her while awaiting her resplendent resurgence. But they have no authority to ban … More Co-Intel Catacomb

Gateway Omnibus

An array of noteworthy topics having arisen over the span of forty-five days, Gateway will treat of each. 14 August: Jewish Hit-Piece on Catholicism Gateway will bypass the obvious on this one, other than to ask what else ought Catholics expect when a hate researcher writes up a piece for The Atlantic Monthly, whose Editor-in-Chief … More Gateway Omnibus

Eyes on ICK

Each striving to be the world’s number one Latin Mass Killer,  anti-church partisans Blase Cupich and Wilton Gregory both confect fictititious commands -having zero force of law- to eradicate the Catholic Mass from their respective, alleged jurisdictions.  Targeting the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest, and attempting to suppress their Masses at the end … More Eyes on ICK

Jews Control Freemasons

The stewards of internet truther-ism jump breathlessly in front of their high-end microphones and podcasting cams to deliver some decades-old data: freemasonry has infiltrated the Vatican! Bugnini was a freemason! John Paul the I died inexplicably, yet Cardinal Villot provided neither details nor autopsy! Saint Paul VI didn’t really care about anything (aside from his … More Jews Control Freemasons

Church Impeded

As the dimwit luminaries of Trad Inc. slog through the five stages of grief over the legitimacy of their Anti-pope Francis I -and one or two even jump ship in Machiavellian fashion- the solid-as-bedrock reality is unearthed. Reigning Pope Benedict XVI has signaled an impeded See by way of apparent abdication. Controlling the government of … More Church Impeded

Bogus Consecration

Just over seven months have elapsed since the Insubordination Consecration of last August. Like a well-functioning clock, the criminals in-charge of the Vatican and the crypto-Jews of Opus Dei’s Catholic Media are not only at it again, but also are proving very handily that sociopathic personalities tend to learn very little from their own mistakes. … More Bogus Consecration

The Real MLK

Michael King, Jr. was born to Atlanta protestant sect leader Michael King, Sr. on 15 January 1929. Michael’s birth certificate reflected this fact -that his name was Michael King, Jr.- for nearly three decades, until that document was revised, by someone’s hand writing in black ink, in 1957. Apparently, after a trip to Europe in … More The Real MLK