Michael Voris’s recent Vortex (1-21) announcing CMTV’s lawsuit against Michigan AG Dana Nessel not only provides grist for our mill in breaking through established narratives, but also marks a very important milestone regarding online Catholic discourse. https://www.churchmilitant.com/video/episode/vortex-see-you-in-court In summary: CMTV has been targeted by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group. MI AG’s … More SPLC vs. CMTV

Any Answer from James Martin, S.J.?

Both the Brethren and readers of the Trado-sphere -meaning those who blog for love and not monetary profit- have little need for commentary on the impious and perfidious James Martin. The exception arises when this erstwhile crypto-Jew not only unmasks himself, but starts in on the “elder-brethren of the faith” canard.  Observe. “Jewish and proud” … More Any Answer from James Martin, S.J.?

Blessed Christmas

The light which surrounded the Blessed Virgin became more and more brilliant: the light of the lamp prepared by Joseph could not be seen. When the hour of midnight arrived Mary was transported in an ecstasy. I saw her raised a certain height from the ground; she had her hands crossed upon her breast. The … More Blessed Christmas

To Drink of This Chalice

Unpunished criminality -both within and without the Church- has passed the point of running rampant. Outrage upon outrage, whether the reported crime be the filming for entertainment of the rape of a child, or the slaughtering and selling members of the like, or cannibalizing, has long since overshadowed the once shocking exposure of the shameful … More To Drink of This Chalice

About Those Infiltrators…

Inside the Vatican‘s release of a follow-up interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò  demonstrates a firm grasp of that which is obvious to self-motivated peasant Catholic researchers: the Church has been infiltrated by freemasonry since the time of that regicidal orgy of Christ-hatred, a.k.a. the French Revolution “But of course this project was very deceptive, … More About Those Infiltrators…

Case for Catholic Street Preaching

Desperate men in power present danger. Berg-Bag the anti-pope demonstrates by his illegitimate governance via terror transmitted right through the episcopacy and into the lives of parishes fighting to remain Catholic. Here in the Gateway we’re reliving the nightmare of traitors’ sacking the second and actual, non-faggot, non-fraudulent, Catholic priest in ten months. His crime: … More Case for Catholic Street Preaching

Reblog: Bernard & Norbert Take Out the Anti-Pope

Originally posted on cognitive gateway:
Anti-Pope Victor IV relinquishes his false claim. St. Bernard of Clairveaux ends the crisis. Many crucial points of Catholic historiography have been memory-holed in modern Catholic discourse. In fact, since the all-hallowed Council, which blasphemously presupposed (in a most Talmudic fashion) that God the Holy Ghost made errors remediable only…