The Benedict-Resigned

consensus is having their worst month ever! Trying to keep peasants on the trad-servative reservation with we-hate-him-too,-but-this-Christ-hating-commie-scum-bag-is-the Pope  just isn’t cutting it.  Attention money-focused trad-right: the growth curve on your follower/donation/subscriber count is inflecting to the negative! Hence we can expect misdirected anger from the Jorge-vacantists out there. Looks like Veri Catholici has seen some … More The Benedict-Resigned

What In Common

Have Henry Cardinal Manning, Popes Gregory XVI, Pius IX, Leo XIII, and Pius X? Each was an ardent devotee of St. Philomena. “To Philomena, nothing is refused.” Update: Days 1-9 of this novena are listed on the sidebar at the right of this page. Free PDF download available at bottom of that page!   O … More What In Common

Child of Promise

“I often hear the Blessed Virgin telling the women who were her close intimates (for instance, Joanna Chusa and Susanna of Jerusalem) various secrets about herself and about our Lord, which she knows partly from inner knowledge and partly from what her holy mother Anna told her. Thus today I heard her tell Susanna and … More Child of Promise


What if a holy priest or bishop were to offer you, being Catholic, an opportunity for a plenary indulgence, but with the caveat that it must be carried out immediately? Would you do it? Presuming it posed no impediment to your fulfilling your duties of state in life, you might say, yes.  Now what if … More Thaumaturge