Dissolve the Republic

Shopworn sock puppets and political prostitutes have been swapped  with their replacements in parliamentary governments across the once alleged free world; meanwhile, in lands like the U.S., the childish pantomime of voting has once again taken place. At risk of predicting what ought to be obvious to anyone not strung-out on SSRIs, or hopelessly mentally habituated to self-gas-lighting, absolutely nothing will change for the better. Nothing will change because voting is useless. Voting is useless because revolutionary, Jewish-masonic republics have usurped the power of the Catholic monarch. Thus the usurious, bankstering Jews of the Global Synagogue remain in control of their political and corporate vassals, who slavishly obey them in handling the levers of power throughout the world.

The Polity We Deserve
as opposed to the system that we need, describes our present and unfortunate lot. There are no good guys in positions of power or influence. There is no political solution. The so-called electorate flails in impotence every two to four years and subsequently spends the countless intervening hours searching for dopamine hits by gazing into the faint blue glow in the palms of their hands. Meanwhile, our children and grandchildren (even those who have not been sterilized by the Jewish pharma companies’ death-vaxx) have no future in the current political and economic arrangement.

The Time Has Come To End This 
Dissolve the republic. No more grudging cooperation with Fedgov. No more voting. No more relying on nine lawyers in black robes to dictate that unnatural vice is marriage, or whether child murder is allowable. No more parasitic confiscation of both earnings and private property by the Jew Warburg’s IRS. No more cultural subversion by Hollywood and socmed personalities with Khazarian surnames. No more sexually mutilated sons and daughters. No more mincing and retreating steps backward into the kill box they’ve set up for us. The Great Experiment of Republican Governance is over – they’ve used our grandparents and parents as their lab rats, and now they want to put us and our children to sleep for good. Americans and Western Europeans have been slaves on Jew-run tax plantations for well over one hundred years. The same goes for state and provincial governments.

State governments help FEDGOV subvert culture.

It’s time to bring the cancerous FedGov/NatGov behemoths behind the barn, along with their obedient house pets called provincial and state governments, and put them all down: not secession, but complete and total dissolution, leaving only cities, counties and townships. These local organs of governance can decide for themselves whether or not they want to impose further Jewish bankster tyranny and aggressive cultural subversion on their own neighbors, and face the potentially wrathful and deadly consequences thereof.

The Role of Conservatism
is to keep us believing in the pipe dream that we just need to wait this out. Our Guy will get elected in 2024. Our Movement will triumph. The stock market (a.k.a. rigged Jewish casino) will come back up and revive our 401Ks. In actuality the media and altmed conservative faces and voices (the usual suspects of Trad Inc. among them) serve to acclimate everyone to this deepening dystopic hell-hole, being veritable town criers who condition us to the new terms laid out by the Global Synagogue.

Will There Be No Uprising?
The question eludes a clear answer. On the one hand, the Global Synagogue  seems not infrequently to stumble back on its heels, stunned and paranoid. While the reach of its money empire spans tens of thousands of miles across the world’s width, it plumbs only an inch deep, lacking any genuine support. The U.S. state capitals of Richmond and Frankfort, teaming with armed patriots in January 2020, cannot be forgotten. People have returned to the streets across Europe and Asia.

Yet on the other hand, in far too many places, informed men with a will to forcefully shatter the brittle Jewish banksters’ yoke seem separated from one another by countless herds of aging geldings and self-absorbed screen zombies, awaiting instructions from Jewish media to tell them what to think, say and do. Even the well-intended, instead of studying for patterns and data, mistakenly look to their alt-media resistance heroes to provide them with an explanatory narrative; which will always lead them down one, and only one path: the dead-end of misdirection and misinformation. Nonetheless, the absence of an explosive uprising could furnish a much-needed opportunity.

Consciousness and Creativity Precede Force
Those who exit the money system take the shortcut to dissolving the Jewish masonic republic, corrupt beyond repair.  True by necessity, to escape the the Jewish tax plantation is to starve the republic by emptying the trough at which the republic feeds, a slop-station kept filled with graft by swineherds (a.k.a. the usury banksters).

Self-sufficiency arises from the ownership of private property, and includes food production and cooperation with one’s neighbors. Ending one’s rent payments to a bank for the sake of owning one’s own land is a great start. Assisting others not yet within reach of such a milestone by including such neighbors in networks of exchange of goods and services, could serve as a means to help them get off the hamster wheel of borrowing at compound interest today in order to eat and have shelter tomorrow.

Sooner or later such colonies of self-sufficiency could attract new arrivals, especially the young and talented for whom property ownership might not yet be within reach.  These newcomers, instead of working for a big-box retailer to make rent and credit card payments, can perhaps lower their expenses by helping existing property owners to build and extend the reach of their networks of self-sufficiency. The possibilities vary, but the essential point is that the tyrannical FedGov/NatGov and its pets, state and provincial governments, will die their well-deserved deaths of irrelevance and dissolution when the Global Jewish money empire, vis-à-vis its banks, finds itself bereft of slaves on its tax plantations round the world.

Part of the problem: So much for Idaho, the Great American Redoubt

Neo-Pioneers Rising
Men, especially the young, who understand that when alt-media heroes call for assailing the government with violence, these voices do the bidding of their bankster overlords. The gunships and miniguns just might follow orders to hover downtown and hose down with hot lead armed and angry patriots by the thousands.  The bankers’ beast system feeds on fear, rage, violence and propaganda. Thus they might want men in the streets dueling to the death with government, without the faintest thought of defining victory. Meanwhile, the Jew-run banks pay their corporate vassals and foreign invaders to construct the new system, paid for by money stolen through compound interest from the tax-and-debt slaves of the outgoing control apparatus. The alt-media hero will never point the way to a winnable fight. To rage in the streets, Spanish Civil War style -instead of conceiving of superior options- is to play into the enemy’s hands. In the meantime, while history’s young and determined winners forge the path to victory, and discover life free from slavery on the Jew-run tax plantation of the modern dystopic republic, consciousness is the name of the game. We need to pioneer a world outside the Jewish money empire, show others that it can be done, and then defend that with force.

History tells us that corrupt monarchs create chaos of their kingdoms. Orders of magnitude worse, the dawn and early-going of the twenty-first century has proven that the corrupt Jewish-masonic republic creates a veritable living hell. In either case, the blame lies with men allowing counter-Catholic social and political currents to turn their hearts lukewarm to their true King and Creator. In truth, God uses the Global Synagogue to chastise us for falling asleep on our collective spiritual fire watch. The Jew would have no subversive or revolutionary power in lands where Catholic peoples love God with all their hearts, minds, souls and strengths.

Invincibility in Every Combat: the Key
How can a thirteen-year-old girl defeat an empire? How does a French maiden pull an entire army off its arse and turn the tide of a century long war? How does a young woman correct a Pope? How does a Queen crush the head of an implacably hate-filled serpent?

Each historical example above reminds men of what they are: protectors of the good. Men protect the good via knowledge of the truth, and when necessary they defend with force. Therefore, those men do exceedingly well who receive such a reminder and train to grapple, strike, to wield club and sword, to both run and shoot. Yet as wide as heaven from hell is the difference between that skilled fighter who defiles himself with tattoos, porn, pot and fornication; and him who crowns his life with virtues: justice, prudence, temperance and chastity. The virtuous fighter will win every combat, both internal and external. God will bring him to the battlefront neither a moment too soon, nor an instant tardy; likewise, when necessary, God will bring the battle to him. The man of virtue fights for God, because he fights in God, and God in him. He can’t be deceived by the misdirection of enemies posing as friends. He won’t tolerate evil. Using his intellect, he honors his father and his father’s father by studying their history and refusing to accept their worst mistakes as his tradition. Our fathers were mistaken. The republic has always been an impious error. The future belongs to those with faith.

Hail, Christ Our Savior!
Hail, Christ Our King!


4 thoughts on “Dissolve the Republic

  1. Dissolve the republic… Isn’t that what the current admin is doing? Transforming America?

    Open boarders

    Diminished military

    Rampant criminals

    Drugs killing our young (and notsoyoung adults,too)

    Collaborating with communists?

    65 million abortions

    50+K babies born to unwed mothers

    Possible future food shortages?

    I know there’s much, much more to add, and I admit I am discouraged, but as an 80-year-old female there isn’t much I can do except I know and trust that ultimately, God wins! And this too shall pass away…

    Thank you



    1. Not exactly: the way I see it, the federal and state governments have been weaponized to inflict this harm on the population. They have centralized power while we have been socially atomized and scattered to the wind.

      The reverse would be preferable: atomize their tyrannical power and scatter it to the wind, while allowing Catholics to acquire and retain private property, assisting others to do likewise.

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  2. This is a fine speech…and totally True. But its an exercise in the obvious. Faithful Catholics see clearly whats going on in the secular world. The solution however lies no where within the grasp of even the most clear eyed of us. The solution is with the Triumph of Marys immaculate heart and the restoration of a True Monarch in a True Peter. Vat2 was the surrender that exploded the power of the Jew Republics…and the subsequent usurper Judas goat Popes that followed up to now. Our Lady is about to step aside to let her Sons chastisment come from Russia. Fire from heaven is all that can save us now. Then when surrounded by the ashes and covering our foreheads with them in penence. Then maybe we can actually build back better. Only when the Papacy is back in the hands of Christ the King and Our Lady our Queen will this nightmare be over.


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