The Coverup: Bergoglio’s Jewish Roots

With Montini, all we got was a glimpse of the Ephod of Judgement – an ornament worn by the elders of rabbinic Judaism. Just a little teaser, that seemed to say, “hey goyim, we own your Pope Paul VI,” but not quite enough to awaken the masses. With John Paul II, they waited until he died and then a Jew informed us that the Polish Pontiff had a Jewish mother. h ttps://

Trad Inc. was probably very glad when that 2005 dumpster fire died down, and that few -if any- called them out for completely ignoring the story. As usual, when a keen and forthright look at the facts is desperately needed, the shekel collectors at Trad Inc. are staring at the rear-view mirror, counting their followers, as they doze off at the wheel while driving their loyal Catholic media consumers off a cliff.

With Bergoglio, in addition to overthrowing Canon Law by ram-rodding their illegal conclave past the clear-cut and blatant violation of Canon 332.2 (requiring current Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation of the munus), the Vatican’s Christ-haters had a lot of history which to delete, and messy fingerprints to rub out. By 2013, an entire world filled with expert hobbyists, across a sea of content domains, was online and in frequent contact with one another. Controlling information on the new anti-pope’s background would prove a much more daunting task than decades earlier, with actual Popes. One such content domain is the field of geneology, an arena crammed with well-informed enthusiasts. How well did those Vatican connoisseurs of criminal coverup perform in slapping glossy red lipstick on the wallowing pig of Berg-Bag’s ethnic lineage? Gateway readers can decide for themselves.

Exhibit A: Cota, the Crypto-Jewish descendant of the Italian Piedmont

In what possible way can the Berg-Bag be connected to an American World War II General deceased for fifty years?

Thank YOU, Al! Catholics round the world ought to explore it as well.

As will be seen below, Al Cota has his facts straight: the Argentine Apostate does have ancestry from northern Italy. Now what’s all this about General Norman “Dutch” Cota? See for yourself. Keep in mind that according to Al Cota, this General was an Italian-American crypto-Jew (This could also raise questions about both Eisenhower and Rosenfeldt -but that’s another matter.) Additionally, the Jewish Encyclopedia features one entry for a confirmed marrano named Cota, d. 1497. h ttps://

General Norman Cota (d. 1971) and Bergoglio

Gateway and Al Cota were apparently not the only people to be taken aback by the resemblance between the crypto-Jew and anti-pope each depicted above, because a Southern California Genealogist agreed

These tantalizing puzzle pieces legitimize the inquiry: does Bergoglio have Jewish roots? If Bergoglio is a crypto-Jewish anti-pope, Gateway has a previous article, sourced with proof, that he wouldn’t be the first.

Exhibit B:  Rosa Margherita Vasallo, Ligurian Hinterland & the Ham-Handed Internet Scrub

At this point, things get interesting. Going further into the thread depicted above, a Jewess enters the conversation (h ttps://, delivers some links, and drops what turns out to be an absolute bombshell for the Bergoglians, the Crypto-Jews of Opus Dei, and of course the pathetic flunkies of Trad Inc.

Rosa Vassallo

The Berg-Bag’s paternal grandmother was a woman by the name of Rosa Margherita Vasallo (1884-1974). When looking into Grandma Vasallo’s place of origin (One S in Spanish and two in Italian), peculiarities regarding both the narrative of her life and the actions of Internet publishers erupt into view. user Malka Mysels relates the work of research done by other users of that ancestry website, summarizing names and dates of Jorge’s parents and grandparents. According to the research cited by Malka, Grandma Vasallo was “Rosa Vassallo, Ligurian* original local countryside”,   Malka also adds a crucial point relating to the Italian word for Ligurian when translated to English:

“*Liguria is adjectival for Leghorn or “Livorno” See (h ttp:// Perhaps a possible place to start looking for the connection you seek.”


Jewess enters discussion and plants an information bomb.

Malka’s words are loaded with hidden meaning and bear repeating, “Perhaps a possible place to start looking for the connection you seek.” What was that connection sought by member Al Cota? –Bergoglio’s Jewish roots. Gateway’s next step was to have a look at the URL listed by Malka as item one:

404: File Not Found. This Resource Has Been Scrubbed.

Someone in the Jew-controlled Catholic media world got rid of the very web page to which Malka linked. What information could this webpage possibly convey? Certainly not an article written by Bergoglio himself telling us that he is 9.65% Jewish, could it? Now why would the Jewess from want to let the cat out of the bag about Bergoglio’s Jewish roots, while the crypto-Jews of Opus Dei, on her own team, are working so hard to keep the goyim in the dark? Perhaps merely a difference of methods, in which one side takes the direct, supremacist ideologue’s route toward her goal, and the other plays the long game of infiltrating, dividing and dis-articulating its supreme enemy, the Catholic Church.

Explore with Gateway the glorious path of inductive logic, in which each datum must be parsed and pondered for possible fit into a single and cohesive whole.  Temporarily halted by that 404 error, we can refer to Malka’s link to the Jewish Virtual Library’s Livorno article, the next and seemingly tenuously related puzzle piece connecting the Berg-Bag’s Grandma Vassallo to that Italian port city.

All Roads Lead to Livorno,

Red marker pinpoints Livorno, Port City of Tuscany on the northern west coast of Italy.

a port city on the west coast of the Italian Peninsula. Its history is rich, especially for the Jews. Set up by the Florentine Medicis of the sixteenth century, Livorno was established for the purpose of increasing trade revenue on Italy’s west coast, to compete against Venice. Jews were encouraged to settle there, and enjoyed the privileges of operating their rabbinical judicial system and police state (a.k.a. the Kahal), as a parallel to Catholic civil and canonical structures, with few restrictions. Livorno was also a haven for crypto-Jews, the insincere converts from Christian nations, especially Spain and Portugal, who upon arrival to the new port City were encouraged to return to their doctrinal vomit known as the Babylonian Talmud.  “In two centuries, the Jewish population of Livorno increased many times, until it became half of the Jewish population of Tuscany and the second-largest Jewish community in Italy.” h ttps://

New Christians is a euphemism for false converts from Judaism to Catholicism. h ttps://

Now those marranos who did not want to return to Judaism remained separate from the Jewish community, although they did have some interaction. Livorno was one of the main stops for Portuguese and Spanish Jews fleeing the brilliant counter-intelligence operation known as the Inquisition.

Outside of Spain, the first major entrepôt for conversos seeking refuge was usually Italy. In Venice and Livorno, conversos returning to Judaism often remained separate from the established Jewish communities, but could not fully avoid contact and a modicum of influence and interaction.

Next up, but not least, we have confirmation of Geni user Malka’s statement about the English equivalent of Livorno, corroborated by yet another Jewish source who indicates the additional fact that Jews registering as “Leghorn” could shield themselves from the Inquisition even when residing in places other than Livorno:

Located on the westernmost edge of Tuscany, with its harbor opening onto the Ligurian Sea, the Italian city of Livorno – also known as Leghorn – was one of the main trading centers in Europe.
h ttps://

h ttps://

The very large privileges bestowed with the “Livornina Constitutions” of 1591 and 1593 and directed to call the Jews in Livorno Spanish-Portuguese who had been expelled from the Iberian Peninsula at the end of the century enabled them to reach economic prosperity and cultural Livorno one rarely [sic] equaled in other communities of the Mediterranean was no guarantee [sic] for the Marranos (or crypto-Jews) to practice freely without being disturbed by the Inquisition Judaism, v ‘was freedom [sic] to study and academic achievement, to own property, reside in the district open (there never was in Livorno ghetto [sic])… This explains the large number of Jews around the Mediterranean basin that were or are still registered as “Leghorn.”  -h ttps://

Certainly an emancipated and protected enclave such as Livorno would placate the Jew by allowing him to hoard his gold to his heart’s content, ease his vindictive fervor, and gradually tame him of his subversive acts of religious, economic and cultural aggression against Catholic society, right? -Not so much. Livorno’s history recounts the City’s role as a launching platform for certain prominent Jewish activists, many of whom took their proclivities for stirring up trouble to the world at large. Case in point, Livorno boasts as its native son the prominent nineteenth century banker and advocate for Jewish Palestine, Moses Montefiore, who married into the Rothschild family. In 1840, when in Damascus arose the well-documented and egregious ritual torture/murder of Franciscan Capuchin Friar Father Thomas; Montefiore was actively engaged in the cover up, hush money payout to the Ottoman Sultan, and the fabrication of a counter-narrative favorable to Jews. -h ttps:// & h ttps://


Thus our tour of Livorno has defined it as a haven for crypto-Jews from Spain, who may not have any visible link to practicing Jews, and the all-important linguistic connection to the word Liguria, not a city but a coastal region to the north and west of Livorno, yet apparently an adjectival form of the word Livorno. All this, and little Rosa Margarita Vassallo was paternal grandmother to the worst anti-pope ever to afflict Catholicism.

The Name Vassallo & Jorge’s Genoa/Marrano Connection to Livorno
The Name Vassallo has roots in Spain. “The surname Vassallo was first found in the ancient kingdom of Castile. However, the surname Vassallo also has its origins in Italy, in the city of Genoa. Nonetheless, the family surname Vassallo was probably introduced to Castile in the eleventh and twelfth centuries.” -h ttps://

Now for what purpose might a Vasallo migrate from Spain to Genoa? In the case of a religiously and politically active Spanish marrano, Genoa might provide the minimum safe distance from a Spain fed up with having its children ritually murdered and its currency debased with coin-clipping, and highly motivated to root out infiltrators. Of course, like clockwork, as the marranos and practicing Jews flowed into Genoa, the late fifteenth century found that city just entering the phase of finding its own dead children drained of blood, and poisoned wells. Thus the practicing Jews who landed there pleading for refuge in 1492 would have their descendants expelled in 1598. And where would such refugees have gone? You guessed it, straight to Livorno (Leghorn/”Ligurian”).  h ttps:// Anti-pope Francis I is also linked to the City of Genoa by his maternal great grandfather.

h ttps://

Thus is established with historical facts, using Jewish sources: method, motive and opportunity for a marrano family taking the name Vasallo having fled Spain, to flee to Genoa, then to Livorno & the surrounding countryside, add an s to its name, and resume fulfilling the Talmudic mandate for slow and patient revenge against the goyim.

Who was Rosa Margherita Vasallo?

Let’s hear Jorge in his own words

Tango? Yes. He knew his two stages, with Carlos Gardel and Azucena Maizani -to whom he gave the last rites-, and Astor Piazzolla and Amelita Baltar. But also Edith Piaf, and classical music, with which he used to accompany as archbishop his hours of reflection and rest.

But before that, when that first love frustration was a year old, Bergoglio began to work. At the age of 13 and at his father’s indication. “We had nothing to spare, we didn’t have a car and we didn’t go to summer, but we were not in need,” he recalled in the book El jesuita (The Jesuit), by Sergio Rubin and Francesca Ambrogetti. His first job was as a cleaner. From that book there is a clue about the relevance of another woman in his life.

-One person, he was asked.
-My grandmother.

Why? He himself explained it in the second and last radio interview he gave in his life. It was to Father Juan Isasmendi, on the radio of the parish of Villa 21 in Barracas. “The one who taught me to pray more was my grandmother. My grandmother marked me a lot in the faith and told me stories of saints.”

h ttps://

Allegedly she taught him to pray the Angelus, grace at meals and at bed time, but what stories and what saints: Agatha, Agnes, Lawrence, Augustine, Apollonia, Catherine of Siena, Margaret of Cortona? Jorge doesn’t say. Gateway is tempted to ask whether those venerated were Nathan Rothschild, Moses Montefiore and Benjamin Disraeli, but we won’t. What is noteworthy in the deadpan nature of Bergoglio’s reflexive commentary is a certain structural ambiguity. The tone of austerity of emotion not only borders on fraudulent, but perhaps serves the strategic purpose of serving as a blank canvas onto which his Jesuit biographers can invent whatever pious-sounding hogwash that enters their minds.

Enter the Ham-Handed Discrepancies and Attempts to Scrub the Internet

Opus Judei media outlet Aleteia quoting L’Osservatore Romano reports that both Grandma Vassallo and Grandpa Giovanni Bergoglio arrived in Buenos Aires on 25 January 1929.

We are in the first decade of the fascist era, and the action of the black shirts was particularly widespread, so much so that Grandma Rosa felt it too. L’Osservatore Romano published an unpublished by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, written in honor of the Salesian priest (Salesian friend of his family) Enrique Pozzoli, from whom he received baptism on December 25, 1936. From the text some details emerge about his grandmother Rosa, the mother of Pope Francis’ father, who had a lot of influence on his vocation. On January 25, 1929, Mario Bergoglio and his parents, the unpublished text reads, “they arrived on the Julius Caesar, but they must have traveled on the previous ship, the Princesa Mafalda, which sank.” -

Remember that scrubbed resource from above with it’s 404 error? “FILE NOT FOUND.” Gateway found it.

And now in English:

Here is the family tree of Pope Francis
The genealogy of the Bergoglio family has been reconstructed thanks to the registers of the Asti registry office.  19/03/2013

Found in record time the family tree of the Bergoglios, the family of origin of Pope Francis. On August 14, 1884, a 27-year-old farmer went to the registry office of the City of Asti to report the birth of his son Giovanni Angelo, which had occurred the previous day. That farmer was Francesco Bergoglio, great-grandfather of the current Argentine Pontiff (who curiously took his name, though as a tribute to the Saint of the poor) whose origins are rooted in the Asti area.

To officially demonstrate the link between the Piedmontese city, and in particular the hamlet called Portacomaro Stazione, where the family home is located, and therefore Pope Francis, was the mayor of Asti himself Fabrizio Brignolo who, together with his deputy Davide Arri, asked the registry offices to carry out a survey to study the family tree of the Holy Father.

The results – the research goes so far as to “file” even the Pope’s paternal great-great-grandparents (Giuseppe Bergoglio and Maria Giacchino, born in two towns near Asti in 1816 and 1819 respectively) – were presented yesterday, and on that occasion the frontispiece of the original register containing the birth certificate of the Holy Father’s grandfather was also shown.

So far so good. But a certain detail below caught Gateway’s attention. Once is a factual contradiction from Aleteia, quoting L’Osservatore Romano above on St. Stephen’s Day 2013, nine months after the illegal conclave. Can you spot it?

“From the investigation, which we intend to deepen – explained the mayor – it also emerged that Giovanni Angelo Bergoglio moved to Turin on January 1, 1906, where he married the following year with Rosa Vassallo, originally from the Ligurian hinterland, and where on April 2, 1908 Mario, father of the Pontiff, was born. The family, however, returned to live in Asti in 1918, from where they then left, on February 1, 1929, for Argentina. So much so that two sisters (Maria Elena and Marta Regina Bergoglio) and a brother (Alberto Horacio Bergoglio) of Pope Francis, born afterwards in Buenos Aires, are registered at the Aire (Registry of Italians living abroad) of the Municipality of Asti”.

The local officials date the departure from Italy on 01 Feb 29, yet L’Osservatore Romano via Aleteia states that they arrived in Buenos Aires on 25 Jan 29. That defies known physics. A simple error in fact by a lazy Opus Dei functionary LARPing as a journo, reporting from pajamas with laptop and coffee in hand? Possibly. Professional journalists and their corporate employers purport to be purveyors of facts. Most understand such a premise to have absolutely no correspondence with reality; more accurate would be to say that media publishes what Jews want goys to believe, facts be damned. While always the vilest of propagandists, media once understood that the minds of previous generations were not darkened -as they now are. Back then, a newspaper caught in error would issue a correction explaining its mistake and making the record straight. Not anymore. Links are taken offline, data is scrubbed to reflect the facts as Jewish power wants them to be seen, and that’s that. But after 9 months, why would it be so difficult to correct possible errors in early reporting and get the facts straight? Or were both L’Osservatore Romano and Aleteia working from a revised version of a script, which could only be released after the was removed from circulation? Well, if so, then the writer of the following account was working with a script written on some distant planet.

Fact: it was she, Doña Rosa Margarita Vasallo, who disembarked one hot January morning in 1929 in Buenos Aires wrapped in her fox-collared coat. Not because she was cold. She carried with her the money she had accumulated after selling everything they had in Italy.   h ttps://

Where is the Anti-Pope’s Grandpa Juan Bergoglio in this one? It’s like an old black-and-white version of the Twilight Zone: people just appear and disappear into history. The Nacion account above indicates that Rosa Vassallo arrived in Buenos Aires alone in 1929, in apparent contradiction to L’Osservatore Romano, which tells us the whole family arrived. Folks, there is something really weird about the Rosa Vassallo narrative. Different accounts diverge from and even contradict one another on the facts. One of the versions has been deleted from the internet (almost). Gateway concludes that the Bergoglian junta is not only lying (which really isn’t news) but they are trying to hide something big about Rosa Vasallo. Whatever this something is, it got them so frantic that they put out bizarre and inconsistent accounts of a very simple event in family history: who got off that boat in Buenos Aires in 1929, and when did they actually get off? (Apparently, the boat that sank was the vessel on which they were originally slated to steam.) We are interested indeed in what the Vatican criminals were trying to hide by attempting to delete the piece requoted here, in part, from above. Gateway thinks we’ve found it.

“From the investigation, which we intend to deepen – explained the mayor – it also emerged that Giovanni Angelo Bergoglio moved to Turin on January 1, 1906, where he married the following year with Rosa Vassallo, originally from the Ligurian hinterland, and where on April 2, 1908 Mario, father of the Pontiff, was born.”

Remember user Malka Mysels, and two other sources quoted above? Remember that all roads lead to Livorno: and that some knowledgable and verbose Jews disclosed that use of the term Ligurian signifies the Jewish city of Livorno. Gateway has demonstrated that as far back as 2013, the well-informed ancestry enthusiasts had dissected the piece and disclosed for all to see that Rosa Vasallo had connections to Livorno, which leads ineluctably to the conclusion that she was a crypto-Jew. And if she was a crypto-Jew, then her grandson the anti-pope himself is not merely a crypto-Jew, but was selected for his anti-papacy expressly because he is a crypto-Jew. This disclosure is the reason that the Opus Dei crypto-Jews in charge of Catholic media removed the piece, which now returns a 404 error.

Italian Jews and Buenos Aires
Argentina was the first major immigration bridgehead for Jews in Latin America. Not linked by country of origin or attendance at synagogue, both communist and zionist ideologies and activism united them. Previous to this, crypto-Jews had been arriving in Buenos Aires as early as the 16th and 17th centuries. So an immigrant Italian crypto-Jewess would be able to establish plenty of connections with other secret Jews in Argentina’s capital. Large numbers of Italian Jews were arriving in Buenos Aires in the 1920s, coinciding with the economic decline of the Jewish enclave of Livorno. Was Fascism a major factor for Italian-Jewish emigration? Not so much. Jews in Italy were fully integrated into early 20th century Italian society, and the Fascist laws against Jews were largely on paper and not enforced. (h ttps://

Crypto-Jews in BA:h ttps://
h ttps://
economic decline in Livorno h ttps://

h ttps://

The Official Narrative: a.k.a. Crypto-Jewish Comedy

The Bergoglian junta has left us with the following utterly incoherent narrative regarding the most important woman in Bergoglio’s life. Something is very wrong here: wrong because so obviously a fraud, and wrong because it bespeaks a massive cover up. Trad Inc. has been criticizing the Berg-Bag by calling him a Peronist or for Jesuitical dissimulations, but in doing so they omit how rabbinical such aggressive mendacity is. Now, on with the following absurd specimen of misdirection, courtesy of Trad Inc., the Catholic media movement with very Jewish roots.

Rosa Vassallo was born in 1884, at a time when Italian birth records were meticulously kept. In spite of this, in 2013 when Bergoglio was elected anti-pope, each of Bergoglio’s ancestors’ exact birthplaces going back several generations were published, except for his paternal Grandmother Rosa Vasallo, whose place of birth is listed as Ligurian hinterland (possibly indicating the Jewish city of Livorno), which possibility is trumpeted by Jewish genealogy enthusiasts and researchers eager to document a crypto-Jewish pope. Vasallo’s mother also has a Jewish maiden name, Crema. Then the internet posting citing the official Italian keepers of birth records is deleted (almost) from the internet. Sometime after this trumpeting and deleting, the exact location of Rosa Vasallo’s birth at Piana Crixia is published, in spite of the fact that the meticulous local record keepers made no mention of it in March of 2013. (Maybe they lost the records, forgot that they lost them, then remembered that they lost them, and finally found them!) In Italy, Vasallo was an antifascist Catholic activist whose grandson Jorge Bergoglio tells us that she was unliked for political reasons. Meanwhile, a historian recounts that Pope Pius XI and Mussolini were able to come to a peaceable modus vivendi regarding Catholic Action. Then Jorge Bergoglio contradicts himself and says that politics were not the reason that the family left Italy, but that in Argentina there was a thriving paving company to employ his grandfather Juan Bergoglio. Leaving Italy on February 1st, 1929, Buenos Aires is finally reached on January 25th, 1929, and it was hot. Thus, Rosa Vassallo arrived with a fur coat stuffed with cash, because she sold everything she had in Italy. Also, even though Rosa Vasallo arrives alone in her cash-filled coat, her husband and son are also there, meaning that the family arrives together. There was a boat, and it sank. Many Jews left Livorno bound for Buenos Aires at the same time that Rosa, who was alone, but who also arrived with her husband and son, was apparently regressing in time from February to January 1929 while steaming to South America. Then she taught her grandson to pray, and the stories of the saints. Which saints’ stories were told is irrelevant, because Jorge Bergoglio recalled for us that they were stories of THE saints. In spite of doing everything possible to conceal from the Catholic world the true place of origin of his paternal Grandmother, Bergoglio relates to reporters that after he broke up with his girlfriend, Nonna Vasallo was the most important woman in his life, possibly signalling to crypto-Jews round the world that in spite of the indelible priestly and episcopal characters marking his soul, deep down in his heart he is a Christ-hating tribesman.

None of the above Jewish fable makes any sense whatsoever, yet nearly every single statement not already documented in the paragraphs above will appear beneath the conclusion of this post. Brethren, they are desperate to conceal the truth about Rosa Vasallo’s true place of birth, and that she may have been a crypto-Jewish communist agitator who failed to stir up trouble in Italy and thus stuffed her fur coat with cash and set sail for Argentina, which would be brought down in revolution and impoverished decades later on. In their stupidity, the Bergoglian crypto-Jews gave away the truth, strongly indicating that Bergoglio’s grandmother Vasallo is from the Jewish city of Livorno. Then they tried to delete, conceal facts and rewrite everything. Hoping that we don’t notice. Gateway notices.

Rosa Vasallo, the Livorno crypto-Jewess must never be acknowledged by the Vatican crime syndicate, because if word gets out, then everyone will know that Jorge Bergoglio the crypto-Jew is the harbinger of a far darker and more dangerous threat to the Church.

Explanatory Power: What else does it mean?

Bergoglio the crypto-Jew de-mystifies and contextualizes everything that Catholics have lived through for the past eight years. The animosity, the wanton destruction, the pitilessness of it all, points directly to the synagogue. If he is a Jew, then his rejection of Christ would explain everything:

It explains suppression of thriving religious orders.
It explains crass, deprecating comments.
It explains his slovenly demeanor.
It explains refusing to kneel for Our Eucharistic Lord.
It explains one heresy after another.Bergy Menorah
It explains why the Vatican has become a police state.
It explains promotion of sodomy.
It explains his stirring up division between groups.
It explains his accusing those he hates of evil motives.
It explains Laudato Si and Amoris Laetitia.
It explains Synod on the Family.
It explains his targeting Catholics of tradition for maltreatment.
It explains why McCarrick hasn’t been put up against a wall and shot.
It explains child trafficking.
It explains his support for incursions of Saracen hordes.
It explains his stabbing the Chinese underground in the back, for shekels.
Bergy Homage to JudaicsIt explains his insatiable greed.
It explains his yelling at mentally retarded onlookers.
It explains his striking a Chinese woman on her arm repeatedly.
It explains his apparent inner abyss of vindictiveness.
It explains his dabbling in occult religions like Reiki.
It explains his implacable rages.
It explains his blasphemies.
It explains his scandals.
It explains his crimes.
It explains pachamama.ecumenism small
It explains his apparent lack of conscience.
It explains his lewd and carnal epithets when speaking and writing.
It explains his apparent purblindness to the glories of Divine Revelation.
It explains his placing known criminals in diocesan sees.
It explains his promoting exterminationist vaccine programs.
It explains his communist sympathies.
It explains his deference to Zionist Israelis and Sephardic Rabbis.
It explains his best friend, Rabbi Skorka.
It explains his rabbinical double-talk and refusal to speak forthrightly.
It explains his stubbornness.
It explains his selfishness.
It explains his pride.
It explains his apostasy.
It explains the implacability in his hatred for Christ and Christ’s Church.

Rosa Vasallo sits dead center of this photo. Body language says that she’s the one in charge. Look closely, no affectionate contact with her husband to her right. Her husband and son seem at the same time pulled away from her, bespeaking deference or fear. This Leghorn gal rules the roost round here. No wonder Jorge signals posthumously his allegiance to the crypto-tribal matron.

Rosa, we hardly knew ya.


Rosa Vassallo’s genealogical record.
h ttps://

Jorge Bergoglio’s Paternal Great Grandmother (Rosa’s mother) had Jewish maiden name.
h ttp://

By 1866, Italians were keeping birth records, nationwide. Data quality of the past exceeds that of the present. Records have been digitized and access to them has been streamlined.

Rosa Vassallo: Catholic Activist and Anti-Fascist
h ttps://

Jorge Bergoglio says that Italians didn’t like Rosa Vassallo’s politics.
h ttps://

Jorge Bergoglio says that move to Argentina was for family business, not political pressure.
h ttps://

Historian cites rapprochement between Pius XI and Mussolini in 1931.
h ttps://

10 thoughts on “The Coverup: Bergoglio’s Jewish Roots

  1. Congratulations. Great reading. There had to be something very dire in his background that gave us such an evil imposter. I wonder did PBXVI know about his lineage? Now it will be necessary to delve further into each member of Sankt Gallen Group & the entire Curia to flush them all out. No wonder he promotes eugenic injections & Pachamma. Cardinal Zen has his answer here as to why 7M of his fellow Catholic citizens were given over to the CCP for $$$s. Jorge is definitely the False Prophet as I always thought; I can’t wait for the Antichrist to be exposed as his mother is supposed to be a Hebrew nun & his father a Bishop, possibly another crypto Jew? This research could bring that name to light much more quickly. Splendid work & continued prayers for more success.

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