Catholicism’s Good Friday

Blase Cupich, manifest apostate and American hatchet-man for crypto-Jew Anti-Pope Francis I, has attempted to ban the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass at St. John Cantius. Thus we are informed by Complicit Clergy this week; additional sources inform Gateway that the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign Priest in the Archdiocese of Chicago has received similiar, non-canonical, of-no-force, maniacal diktats from the Christ-hating Cupich: no more Latin Mass. That the letter attempts to conceal such visceral hatred for Catholicism by only forbidding (for now) Catholic Mass on a one-week-per-month basis alters not its intent by one iota: the ban hammer driving spikes into the priestly hands of the Church is swinging into action.

Two Faces That Are Extremely Difficult to Take Seriously

Of course, such attempts by the Berg-Bag and Baby-Face Blase to exercise authority that does not in fact exist, surprise no one outside of the religion of conservative Vatican Two-ism, a fifty-six-year old impostor church now in its death throes as measured by plummeting novus ordo attendance rates and infinitesmal numbers of priestly ordinations.

The Angry Modernist
is an apt phrase that comes to mind for Cupich and his ilk: the crazy heretics, fags, Opus Dei crypto-Jews and assorted Jesuit communists now exhibiting a form of religious, terminal agitation (cf the discrete clinical term). Thus the impending doom for the con-game and racket of sexual thuggery afflicting Catholicism is marked by the desperate and impotent flailing and thrashing about by its key stakeholders: those who illegally occupy the episcopacy, the Vatican and (for one man) the Papacy.

For modernists, the smugness of ’72 is long gone.

Why such angry lashings out at docile Catholics worshiping in their own Latin Rite? Because for nigh on three-generations these apostate fiends have enjoyed every possible material advantage against Catholics: controlling not only the episcopacy, but all the money, the parishes, the seminaries, the real estate, the media, the catechesis, sacraments, etc.  From the material standpoint, the smugness of young Father Twinkle-Toes of 1972 was well-justified.  It seemed that actual Catholicism was done for.  And yet fifty years hence, the now Archbishop Twinkle-Toes stands utterly confounded at the religion that cannot die. Neither scandal, nor heresy, nor liturgical clown shows, nor brutal and very Jewish operations of psychological warfare has been able to eradicate this Holy Religion from the face of the earth. The sneering, embezzling, child-molesting modernist has run out of time; he’s run out of Catholics’ money. He’s hemorrhaging followers who either apostatize, convert to Roman Catholicism, or die of old age; and he’s desperately low on priests. Modernism has failed utterly and spectacularly, and thugs like Bergoglio and Cupich have not the merest apprehension as to why. Thus such criminals now jump the shark of their alleged authority and put Holy Mass in their exterminationist cross-hairs.

Modernist Tyranny in Its Final Crisis

Things go from bad to worse for the angry modernist, as it seems that whether erstwhile high-ranking possessor of a red hat, like molesting Uncle Ted McCarrick, or fanny-chasing sodomite Vicars of Priests in dioceses round the world, or even the rapist-composer David Haas, many more Catholics have awakened to the fact that these men are simply criminals. Just as Joe the Pedo wields no legitimate authority, the rogues’ gallery of swindling sexual-criminals illegally controlling the Catholic episcopacy has absolutely zero command presence. Catholics recognize who they are and ignore the modernists’ anti-Catholic media antics. More importantly, well-intentioned and holy priests are beginning to do so as well.

Think about it: if Bishop Ben Dover of your local diocese attempts to ban the Mass, and you or your pastor arrive at the proper moral certainty that such a ban carries absolutely no authority from the Church, and you support said pastor in simply ignoring the edict, then what is to fear? Is Bishop Ben going to enlist a posse of Sheriff’s Deputies to remove your pastor and stop your Mass? Highly doubtful. What then? -Half-a-dozen septuagenarian insurance salesmen, a.k.a. the Knights of Columbus, brandishing their blunted sabers? Other than the customary means of administrative harassment and control, how is such a criminal going to carry out his orders? His authority doesn’t even exist on paper, and other than a few face-diaper Karens and Susans-from-the-Parish-Council, he’s got no support at all.

Yet Be Watchful as Holy Mother Climbs Her Calvary,

because just such decrepit modernist tyranny may have its final hour of total destruction. What might such hopeless spite look like? Imagine today’s bishopric in all its feebleness. Both sides cannot but be well-aware that the religion of Vatican II is out of ammo, and out of troops. Yet what if, in spite of well-justified confidence in their fighting ability, facing an aging foe with all the robustness of an over-inflated soap bubble, Catholics watch in horror as their pastors capitulate, and shut it all down. Gateway hopes it doesn’t happen, but happen it might. That one fight, at last, that Catholics are absolutely justified in fighting, in which victory seems well within reach, could be denied them by way of a win-by-default awarded to the hapless and hateful enemy.

Don’t Walk Away

Teaching, Governing and Sanctifying: Even Here

if you witness such a moment of agony. The Church bereft of the Mass could be likened to Her Divine Spouse’s heart bereft of Its most fiery and charitable throb. The fiends of Hell could well be striving to bring about such a moment, scattering Catholics to the wind, just as the men who were to become the Holy Apostles did flee. As Gateway has oft said, the enemy’s target is your internal act of faith. Through imperfectly placed faith, perhaps a bit too much in man as pastor, rather than Christ Himself, the Church’s Good Friday might cause Catholic brethren to be strongly tempted to apostatize due to flagging will. We must not be among them, but rather among those who encourage such wounded brethren to carry on, conveying Holy Mother to her apparent -if not actual- tomb.

Recourse to the Recesses

It is Gateway’s opinion, highly fallible, that should Holy Mother’s Good Friday be realized in a manner similar to the above, that the Holy Ghost will thus direct us to the catacombs: Masses in hidden places: living rooms, patios, great rooms, sun rooms, etc.  As the holy priest preaches, restorations begin in caves: the Incarnation, the Nativity and the Resurrection; the Ark, Elias’s retreat therein at the tiny whispering sound, the ancient catacomb, Our Lady of Covadonga, Lourdes, Fatima; the cave is a repeated type in God’s History signifying retreat, renewal, and Divine invincibility.


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