The Real MLK

A different angle for viewing the Civil Rights leader emerges with facts of recent years.

Michael King, Jr. was born to Atlanta protestant sect leader Michael King, Sr. on 15 January 1929. Michael’s birth certificate reflected this fact -that his name was Michael King, Jr.- for nearly three decades, until that document was revised, by someone’s hand writing in black ink, in 1957. Apparently, after a trip to Europe in 1934, Daddy King, as Michael, Sr. was colloquially known, announced to his assembly that henceforth he would be known as Martin Luther King, Sr., and his then five-year-old son would be Martin Luther King, Jr.  Why and how such was done, and whether the bureau of records of the State of Georgia legally recognizes birth certificates revised by hand-written black ink are merely three of several crucial questions completely ignored by the whitewash/limited hangout piece put out by the Washington Post, who apparently as far back as 2019 noticed that the bloom was off the rose regarding the sanitized biography of civil rights figurehead Michael King Martin Luther King, Jr.

Michael King, Jr.: Plagiarist

May we then refer to the man as Doctor Michael King, Jr, for the sake of historical accuracy? -Only if we prefer epithets like Doctor Copy-Cat King, Jr.  Not even left-wing historian David Garrow wishes to conceal Michael King’s blatant plagiarism in writing his doctoral thesis at Boston University in 1955.  Garrow’s article appeared in the Journal of American History in 1991, and the article includes such colorful phrasing as extensive plagiarism and academic wrongdoing

Mr. Michael King, Jr.: Communist

Show me who Mr. Michael King, Jr.’s Dr. Martin Luther King’s friends were, and I will show you who he was. Enter the communist Jew Stanley Levison, secretive and subversive bag man for the Communist Party USA in the 1940s.  The following excerpt is taken from page five of the March 1968 FBI summary memo regarding Martin Luther King Jr.

The evidence is so damaging that the Jewish Daily Forward had to go into damage control mode and whip up a narrative about FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, in a ham-handed attempt to deflect attention away from facts that utterly obliterate the image of King, the apotheosized martyr of the oppressed, and reveal him to be an out-and-out fraud and criminal subversive. When even the Jews admit that Levison had a communist past, we can be assured that the Civil Rights movement’s narrative of King as the cream of the crop has gone a wee bit past its expiration date.

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Michael King, Jr., a.k.a. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and fellow Marxists receive marching orders from their Jewish Communist handler, Stanley Levison.

Veterans Today has a lot to say about the matter of King’s connections to Levison:

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Stanley Levison (credit: Veterans Today)

Levison did more than just coach King: he prepared King’s “tax returns,” wrote “articles and speeches,” and kept “an eye on Harper’s promotion of [King’s book] Stride Toward Freedom”[21]

Levison even told King to avoid saying a few things in the book because some of them “could create unnecessary charges of an egocentric presentation of the situation and is important to avoid even if it were the fact.”[22]

Levison ended up writing the final chapter of Stride Toward Freedom “and even drafted new passages that were incorporated verbatim into the published text.”[23]

For all of this, Levison asked for no salary. When King wrote Levison a letter asking him to bill him for his laborious work, Levison replied that no salary is needed, adding,

“It is out of the question…The liberation struggle is the most positive and rewarding area of work anyone could experience.”[24]

Garrow wrote, “King accepted Levison’s position, and their relationship grew closer.”[25]

It was communist Bayard Rustin who first introduced Levison to King in 1956.[26] Levison dedicated himself to shaping and refining Martin Luther King Jr., and the SCLC. Levison’s work was not without reward, as later King began to echo Levinson’s Communist sentiments, even making statements suggesting private Communist leanings.

“I am not going to allow anybody to put me in the bind of making me say, every time I said there must be a better distribution of wealth, and maybe America must move toward a democratic socialism, [that] I am saying that we must be Communist or Marxist.”[27]

King also surrounded himself with people such as Harry Wachtel, Jack Greenberg, Rabbi Herschel, and Allard Lowenstein. But the most influential among them was Stanley Levison.

Mr. Michael King, Jr. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: RAPIST

Gateway has little stomach for the details, but Lifesite does a good job with their 2019 article. The man wasn’t just a fraud and plagiarist. The man was no mere communist subversive. He was a criminal sexual deviant with proclivities for group sex, and also serial rapist who savagely beat his victims.

The Lifesite article is sourced to a 30 May 2019 article by historian David Garrow. Imagine Gateway’s shock to receive the following message when attempting to access this resource:

Interested Readers will find the actual source article at the following URL:

The Wider View: Modern World’s Vast Mendacity

The layout of modernity is like a vast landscape of pernicious falsehoods, which in one direction, as it were, can be seen mountains of malign myths: that Christendom was a horrid, festering pit of racism and discrimination, finally overthrown by the benign, enlightened and heroic Jewish masonic forces of the French Revolution.  Through this landscape winds the tortuous road paved with vicious fictions such as, masonic republics and their elections are the pinnacle of just governance, or an economy based on usury leads to your prosperity! Along this cursed road looms the menacing forest from which demonic shadow-people seek to drag our children into sodomy, drug use, porn, and sexual self-mutilation, insisting that it’s all about freedom. Finally, journey’s end through this hell-scape of modernity brings us to the pediment of a vast and blasphemous tower of deadly fabrications: from cosmology, to philosophy, to history,  to biology: lie is piled upon lie, after lie, after lie, like bricks slammed upon one another reaching up into a poisoned sky. And the voice from the tower brays out the tyrannical commands of the Sanhedrin of the Global Synagogue: Comply! Submit! Cover your face and worship the god of lies!

The disgusting truth about the fraudulent swine Mr. Michael King, Jr. is merely one brick in this vast tower.

Same to you, Mr. King.

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