Case for a Catholic Underground

Another year, and another holy priest gets the axe. Last year, our holy Alter Christus was sent away for reasons we suspect relate to the restoration of our parish’s sacramental and liturgical order. Some speculated that teaching the Spanish-mass novus ordites to  receive kneeling and on the tongue was a mortal sin against the diabolical spirit of the undergroundCouncil. However, and speaking of councils, no prelate is accountable for anything anymore, and such excremental decisions, like excrement itself, just happen. But council is the operative word this year, too. Because some fag-controlled “council” up at the monastery has secretly decided that our valiant priest’s preaching is a problem, and that this holy man has to go, too.

A Catholic may seem very secure at Mass said by traditional orders, and for liturgical purposes this is true. But what about the preaching? -You won’t get any. While you will indeed receive rock solid catechesis, sound spiritual reflections, devotional directives, history lessons, and outstanding philosophical disquisitions, these things aren’t substitutes for Catholic preaching. Read the sermons of hall-of-famers like St. John Marie Vianney, St. Leonard of Port Maurice, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Vincent Ferrer and St. Bernardine of Sienna and confront the fact that sound preaching is directed at exhorting the will toward sanctity and salvation, because not doing so guarantees damnation. Catholic preaching arouses deep compunction, drives away complacency, and fixes the heart on Christ out of sheer necessity in order to avoid Hell. St. Leonard of Port Maurice

How can they repent when the Church ceased preaching before they were born?

warns that out of tens of thousands who die and face judgement on any given day, one may merit Heaven, two or three make Purgatory, and the rest are damned. Only an impostor religion intended to replace the Catholic Church would forbid frequent preaching oriented toward the reality of Hell, and the great striving required for a man to avoid it. Due to infiltration, the Catholic Church hasn’t preached in almost sixty years, and the results are in.

Diocletian Runs the Diocese
The term internal persecution is no hyperbole. Criminal, compromised, communist, crypto-jew, faggot bishops hate Christ in the same manner as the wicked Roman Emperor Diocletian. Like him, because they cannot crucify Our Lord in the flesh, they lash out at the Church itself.

Picture him in a mitre. This is what we’re up against. Should we write him a letter?

The Criminals At the Top Will Never Stop. Nor will they tire of stamping out budding Catholicism, and beheading communities of actual Catholics who assist at the Roman Rite of Mass; all while letting Jimmy Martin run his ever-fellating mouth, and covering up their own ongoing crimes. This unchecked ruthlessness needs to be understood as fact. Don’t be fooled: we’re almost a year into the public exposure of criminal unkl’ Ted and detestable Donna Weurl. The ongoing orgy of unnatural clerical copulation in places like ADNY, Buffalo, Erie, Miami, Chicago, St. Louis, L.A., & Orange; and nearly everywhere else keeps pounding away like an obscene steam hammer.  And wherever victims are poor and desperate the molestors will keep up with their crimes as well. No one of consequence will be going to jail. No priest or prelate actively ensconced in the lavender lobby will ever stand before a jury.  The only arrests to take place will be of long-ago defrocked pederasts who were sacrificed decades previous because their egregious conduct could no longer be covered up and therefore they threatened the entire embezzlement racket of hot tubs and gay clubs. Law enforcement is part of the cover up.

What could possibly be worse than Emperor Diocletian? Answer: Bishop Diocletian would be worse, because he would carry out his instructions under the name of obedience. Whereas the wicked emperor would spill Catholic blood, Bishop Diocletian would delight in snuffing the internal act of faith in Catholic hearts. He would take every penny, he would tell any lie, and without the slightest compunction he would look the faithful straight in the eye and tell you “we’re not going to fix this.”

Gateway’s take: there is no possible way that this man is a fag.

Just such a “drop-dead, Catholics” took place under a very thin veil during the 2019 ADLA’s Religious Education Conference with the words of Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut “If the sexual abuse crisis is, in part, an abuse of power, there is no mandate, procedure or process on earth that can avoid an abuse of power unless there’s a change of heart.” As for change of heart, there is no more perfect expression of the heart of Bishop Diocletian than molester Ted’s words to NBC almost twenty years ago:

Berg-Bag the Anti-Pope
Unkl’ Ted the bugger/commie might be gone, but the anti-pope whom he foisted upon the

Really tough on the eyes: Berg Bag the Anti-Pope

Church keeps right on going. If Ted was the quintessence of con-artistry, then the repulsive Berg-Bag the anti-pope is cover-up kingpin, the gauche mafia don who struts around and lords his force-majeure management style over everyone. While clearly a psychopath, at least Unkl’ Ted could play the part of one with a conscience. And although likely perfectly possessed by satan, at least Diocletian looked like a Roman citizen. As for the psychopathic and diabolical anti-pope, if the Pillsbury dough-boy had an utterly disgusting old pederast for a grandfather, he might look just like the Berg-Bag.

Of course, despite all the hue and cry from trad-servative, Opus-Judei clergy and their paid Catholic media mascots, these phony characters are the Berg-Bag’s best friends. They’ll complain hither and yon about the worst Pope ever, and that Francis is unbelievably bad, but if you raise the one question that they cannot answer, they’ll call you a schismatic, attack you personally, or demand your death. In the Church run by Bishop Diocletian, the Berg-Bag is an ugly version of Anti-Pope Diocletian; and the controlled Catholic media will never investigate the matter of Pope Benedict XVI’s non-abdication, or explain whether it conforms to Canon 332.2. The Berg-Bag represents the summit of the tyranny of the religion of Vatican II, and his compromised prelates are terrified of angering him. This tyranny of terror is pushed down the chain of command, and guarantees that no authentic preaching will be heard between Catholic walls any time soon. Time is ticking, and souls are at stake. One good option remains.

Six-Decade Schism
The religion of the Council operates just like its predecessor soviets, or workers councils of the Jew-funded and Jew-run Bolshevik Revolution. The decisions were made long in advance, and the ideologues of overthrow simply execute on plan. No one ever has had to take responsibility for Vatican II or its aftermath, because so little of the destruction was explicated in writing that could be read by Catholic eyes. Even now, twaddling little councils or committees are formed in parishes or chanceries (without named membership) and the dominant homo or fag-hag becomes shot-caller. If desired, the prelate can evade all responsibility for lives and faith ruined, because the vaunted and wise council or committee had approved of whatever malfeasance took place. Both at the Council’s close, and now the schism has been present. Only now, however, do we have generations of hindsight, and the unmasking of our malefactors. The foul-mouthed, pedophile-protecting, stang-wielding anti-pope has no claim to command our obedience. Communion with him is communion with the kingdom of satan. The same goes for all Bishops Diocletian. There is no authority under Christ to command that priests cannot preach on hell, or any other topic germane to rousing the listener to salutary compunction of the heart due to personal sin. To restate, such authority does not exist; therefore, no priest ought to obey such commands from superiors, but rather ought to resist them with vigor. Similarly, administrative reassignments which effect the same result as the aforementioned unlawful command, are to be likewise resisted with vigor.  The opportunity to finally do something about the outrage has arrived, but meekly sitting in the pews and entertaining homiletical geldings will not solve the problem. Furthermore, the membership of the episcopacy has been overrun with infiltrators whose actions manifest their intentions. Obedience to infiltrators is no virtue, and souls lost due to such shameful servility will exact a heavy price in the end.

By Her Preaching, Ecclesia Militans Hammers to Bits the Infernal Foe
The Catholic Church is glorious in her preaching, and like a sword, great sermons are her offensive weapon in the war against the powers of hell. Souls are saved by the sacramental life, but the Word of God must be heard, and by the Power of the Holy Ghost it must penetrate man’s heart. Sinners outside the Church are extremely unlikely to access the sacramental life without the benefit of sound preaching, and only the Catholic priest can preach with His Power. Preaching causes sinners to repent. Even more important is that this same sword of authentic preaching, when exercised, will swiftly bring to an end the religion of Vatican II. In short, when priests hit the streets, the novus ordo won’t have a prayer. This internal enemy is the first opponent to be destroyed, annihilated, and expunged from the face of this earth.

The Church in the West Will not Survive

How many generations do we have left before the Church is no more? Look round, while the Church’s preaching goes unpreached, the culture snatches the young right from our very eyes. How much longer can this go on before the Church in the West is beyond the point of no return? At this the quietists will smugly recite non praevalebunt, but Our Savior never promised that the Church would not disappear from our lands. A more important rejoinder for the complacent is the following, “so, knowing the gates of hell won’t prevail, how many souls have to be lost forever behind those gates before Catholics and their priests actually do something?” Resetting one’s calendar every year for the Three Days of Darkness or the Reign of Immaculata, when anticipation of such authentic prophecies cause omission of Catholics’ duties to act in defense of the Church, constitute a gross dereliction and are tantamount to abandoning the Church in Her most desperate hour.  Yes, pray and hope for the revelation and fulfillment of authentic prophecy, but take action and get busy: the two are perfectly compatible!

Going Underground: Priests Must Preach!

Our Chinese brethren have been forced underground to survive. And although we in the west do not at this time face the threat of red martyrdom as do they in the Far East, our last and most effective means of preserving the Church in the West from the fatal infiltration, schism and death from apostasy is to take ourselves underground. This means that the lay faithful must provide alternate venues like their homes or city parks at which their priests can once and for all exercise their duties to preach about salvation from eternity in hell, free of encumbrance or intrusion by illegitimate authority.  If and when an ecclesiastical superior attempts to forbid such activity, or render it impossible by cowardly administrative fiat, such commands must be recognized as what they are: null and void, without force, contradictory to the command of Christ Himself.  Following such resistance, superiors may retaliate and expel obedient and faithful priests. Therefore it may become necessary for our priests to take refuge in our homes and rely on us to provide the means for them to carry on in their priesthood.

The time for going underground has arrived. Will the Church in the West survive? Let our priests, relying on us their spiritual sons, answer this question.

2 thoughts on “Case for a Catholic Underground

  1. First you must grow in virtue.

    Priests, who have no family that can be leveraged against them, have a unique freedom to speak the truth boldly.

    But those priests MUST be growing in virtue for this to occur.

    For priests to grow in virtue, the laity must grow in virtue and be praying and sacrificing for the priests.


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