Revelation of the Method

revelation of the method

The Revelation of the Method is discussed in detail in the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael Hoffman. This excellent book is highly recommended. This writer apologizes for his neglecting to cite Mr. Hoffman as the source for this concept of revelation of the method  when this blog post first appeared.

is what the masonic foe refers to when uncloaking, and waving his satanic iniquity right in front of everyone’s face. Who most opposes the Holy Faith? Islam is the enemy that we can see, confront,  combat and convert.  There is another, beyond the novus ordo, but that one we are not permitted to name.  To conceive their name in the mind is thoughtcrime. To say that name will put you out of the realm of nice, polite, submissive discourse. It seems apparent from what others can only hint at publicly; that when threatened with exposure this unmentionable religion can get to anyone,  and anyone’s beloved, anytime, anywhere. So no activist deserves blame for acquiescing, but rather praise and gratitude, especially when such a one had the courage to try in the first place. Catholics need to drop our dread fear quickly and develop a vocabulary for this.  These people seem to have their thralls all over the episcopacy, and of course as well in the stupendous and ingeniously expanded Petrine Ministry.

The people responsible for these (ongoing, conscience-shocking) crimes, the worst of the worst at the top of the top, need our prayers and our sufferings -even and especially that pain that occurs by their own designs.

While many priests hide in the safe space of wait-and-see,  our Bishops won’t do a thing to expose or resist this monstrous anti-Church. The Pope won’t do it. And on judgment day we ought not be surprised to find that the present anti-pope will have known far more about this topic than we could have imagined.

Frankly, I have had zero expectations of lay ecclesial activism, other than the propitious nature of offering HIM the pain and humiliation of its coming to naught.  The very obviousness of its potential success deepens the sorrow- and raises the value. We’re not clergy, and lack the authority to steer the Barque. But we are Catholics, the lower ranks of the Church Militant. Pain for us, properly ordered to grace, right reason, and duties of state in life, is our invincible weapon. Perhaps this is what the Blessed Virgin commands us to undertake, in order for Her to revive Her princes, to make Russia holy, and to make us pleasing to her Divine Son.

Let’s look at the elephant in the middle of the room that no one wants to talk about. Made in Dutch (I think) with English subtitles, the video embedded below corroborates much, but is it yet another layer of manipulation? Even if so it is revealing, and worth the 39 minutes. And if true, this poor man seems to have found only false solace as a new-ager.  Shame on you, novus ordo religion, for concealing Holy Mother from this man. But God is neither done with him, nor us, just yet. A blessing on them, Lord, for their curse upon us.

Do pray for this man, and his former employers.

H/T Jim Stone

Real Big Money: Revelations by an insider from Coöperatie De Vrije Media u.a. on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Revelation of the Method

  1. The rabbit hole is too deep at this point for any of us to know what the hell is actually going on around us. The only thing we can be certain of is that we are all being manipulated.

    Our only recourse is to put on the mind of Christ by fleeing Babylon and seeking shelter in the wilderness of Tradition. The Rosary, St Michael Chaplet, Prayers of St. Bridget have been extraordinarily helpful in avoiding the diabolical disorientation of… “1. Amnesia, i.e. loss of memory. 2. Abulia, i.e. loss of will. 3. Apathy, i.e. loss of interest in events vital to one’s own health and survival.”

    God bless you Gladstone! Your posts bring nourishment and encouragement to those of us who frequently feel alone in this matrix of lies.


    1. God Bless You also, wewjude. Your insightful comments are always most welcome. I’ll check these links in a bit and likely comment further. Right now I need to get some air.

      {Later that day…}

      Okay, I just went to the audioplayer link link at:

      @ 5:16 in the audio a strange background noise can be detected, a sort of audio undercurrent to the oration. Were you aware of this?


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