Cash Cathedral & Street Cred

Buy up the real estate of a mouldering, mid-twentieth century tele-sect, add the cloying and toothache inducing novus ordo religion, mix in a multi-million dollar remodel and what do you get? (Cue up melodies of liturgical hokum) Let’s look and see.

cathedral big
Ah yes, this must be the suppressed Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, CA; currently controlled by the Freemasonic/Rosicrucian novus ordo religion.

Now how on earth can an aging Diocese fund an eight-figure white elephant like Crystal Cathedral? If I’m not misreading, they might have the cash right now.

Well that’s convenient, but if today’s Catholic wants respect in the novus ordo Chancery, he better be putting up big numbers, and that means ca$h first, converts later.

The Hirsch Files quotes Monsignor Pope of the AD of Washington, in 2016, thus:
“Evangelize or else close and die.  It’s a hard fact, but numbers matter. Too many in the Church today demand respect and support without showing the fruits that earn respect and that make support prudent and reasonable.”

So how do Catholics buy themselves some street cred with the novus ordo bish who can call in $85 million worth of “what have you done for me lately?”

Let’s consider the possibilities:
Second collection at all masses:  Seriously? Check the basket on its way by. Looks like a skimpy salad of rumpled George Washingtons. Barely enough to buy a used Camry for the senior staff’s special seminarian.

Annual Cash-toral Services Appeal: nah, this one’s probably already budgeted to cover costs of ongoing embezzlement by swishy pastors living high on the hog with credit cards. No joy for OC Catholics in need of diocesan respect here.

Mega donors down in Newport Coast:  A few maybe, but Catholic gold coasters are literally a dying breed. Plus whoever is still alive is already on the speed dial for the Diocesan 8-5 mill club. No respec’ at this address.

-Wait! What about this, a growing number of Mohammedans in convertible, purple, green and orange Bentleys are cruising Pacific Coast Highway these days. Maybe we can stage an ecumenical event like Kathlycs Kiss Koran for Kash. A true ecumenical leader (Can we get the Bishop involved?) could stand at the bottom of the 55 Freeway ramp on PCH with a bucket hanging from his neck marked “donate to dhimmi” Every time the volunteer plants a sloppy wet smooch on that blasphemous book, a nearby Saracen drops in a $100.00 bill. (Maybe I’ll write this down and present it to the widows dowager at the Diocesan development luncheon.) Now we’re talking novus ordo respect.

But what if we needed the novus ordo equivalent of a payday loan? Something that would fast track us into the novus ordo Kool Kids Klub? The only way I could see that the banksters would float a loan would involve prime So Cal real estate as collateral.  So whose parish gets ponied up, or whose cemetery maintenance trust fund gets ripped off?  Remember, it’s about respect, like Monsignor Pope said, and respect takes numbers.

We mustn’t be discouraged, however, because the God of Surprises has lots of money for those whose Faith in that heresy hole of Vatican Council Too is sufficiently sentimental and ecumenical. Also, the Diocese’s novus ordo money grubbers are yet hard at work, staying up late and skipping the bi-weekly, floating 15-minute window for confessions, and we’ve got proof of their fabulous ideas right here.

Parishes in Collaboration
CollaborationThis one came and went. Not too much was said about it, but it came off as if the Diocese was trying to siphon percentages off of the week’s collection under the guise of pooling money.

Novus Ordo Cruise Cruise
Might get a good take, depending on head count.  Attend the schismatic mass at sea! Just try not to think about what state of undress the God of Surprises has lurking just beneath those shiny polyester novus ordo robes. -Come to think of it, you might want to leave the grand-kids at home.

Wills and Trusts Week
Wills and Trusts
A.K.A. Diocesan Dead Pool

Sin boldly, as teaches novus ordo hero Martin Luther, but keep the Diocese of Orange in your will. This one has real potential for some gamesmanship. We could add something like, if you die within the same year as signing up, you will earn a Kick-the-Bucket Bonus. With a K.B.B., the Diocese receives $1,000.00 instant death bucks and you get brand new Crystal Cathedral glass etched in dead one’s honor with the following inscription personalized for your dearly departed: the eternal pane of Hortense Cashman.

-With all due and serious daily prayers for the deceased, would the Chancery need to worm their way into the estate if they had bothered being Catholic all these decades?

Dollars Well Spent?
The Orange County Catholic Website informs a commenter that the Tabernacle for the renovation will be below decks, in the basement, i.e. below the sanctuary. After two days my comment got scrubbed. It’s linked below if you want to tell them what you think of their using their false religion to hold hostage the Most Holy Eucharist, below the sanctuary.

OCCatholic comment 03 June
A little thoughtful dialogue awaited moderation for two days before getting scrubbed.

Diocese of Orange, CA renovates Cathedral, Tabernacle Below Sanctuary, comment page. Also, if you care to screenshot and save your comment, feel free to reply below and let us know, and if the Diocese deletes yours too, we can publish here.

I guess in the novus ordo religion, they demand that the King of Kings has to earn their respect as well. Spare us, O Lord!

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