Fights for Symbols: Wars for Keeps


Happy the man who hears of the marshalling Catholic voices toward a concerted course of action, and bashing anti-church in the snout! Church advances; enemies retreat rapidly. The formula seems simple, repeatable and reliable.

What began weeks ago through the speech cancellations of two doubtlessly homophilic speaking events starring James (Holding-Hell’s-Door-Open) Martin, is now described by its coordinators as a cyber militia, and has some praiseworthy attributes. This ethernet soldiering  however, does not lack causes for concern.

Morale Booster
Fellow peasant Catholics mustered (writer not a participant) in a minute-man like response, via phone. More than anything this proves that we are not at all alone. It might not often seem so because we’re so sparsely scattered over such a long battle line that our nearest comrades-at-arms to our left and right are, as it were, over the horizon. Let this fact, that our aggregate number is substantial, remain in mind as proof whenever trad-servative phonies try and suppress our voices online (If you’ve been banned from trad-servative blogs, wear this as a badge of honor).

In addition to proving that Catholics can succeed in striking back in this information and propaganda mindwar, the event-turned-militia manifests additional strengths such as the following, as well as a question or two.

Developing multi-nodal spearheads for action
In this situation each mindwar fighter observes, orients, decides and acts independently of the rest. Although coordinated centrally, the bulk of the operation comprises a horizontally structured offense with each participant striking at the time and in the manner of his particular preference. Similarly, each combatant remains equal to the other in terms of involvement, yet the result is both precisely targeted and penetrates with concentrated, aggregate impact. –The target knows that it has been hit. Best of all, when the skirmish is done, everyone disappears into the ether of the digital telephone network. The kingpins of the conciliar religion acquire zero suspects for either bribery or blackmail. And people can get set for the next strike.  In this sense the activity seems effective.

Meanwhile, bloated by its own over confidence, the enemy weakens itself further by grossly under estimating Catholic resolve. Anti-church fears open confrontation, the kind where both sides ball up their rhetorical fists and bang it out to uphold their position with finality.

Most important takeaway: lay Catholics can take action
against anti-church. Let those trad-servative pundits insisting that they speak for laics who know or newly discover Tradition; those whose strategy amounts to having spent 50 years waiting it out; those who increasingly use their platform to suppress Catholic minds that do not think their way, and explicitly have told their readers “there’s nothing you can do to stop it;” it is they who need to stop it.  By all means, they ought to say and do as they will, but stop presenting themselves to Catholics that their internet/print operations are a final stronghold in which Catholics may take refuge; because their own suppressive policies prove that not all Catholics are welcome.  Further, they are mistaken in their position of our generalized impotence; Catholics can and must take action, properly conceived and conformed to state; be they acts of prayer alone, or combined with material effort.

Reality Check
The cyber militia is fine, as far as it goes, but is this as far as it goes? – Dial-n-scream, high five and go home? It does certainly have its place, yet however over confident the enemy may be in the cybernetic feedback loop of social media and blogs, there remains a field uncontested, the real-life battle space of parishes, personnel and cash payouts. There Bergy and his bishops’ canonical supremacy remains, and this arena matters most. The conciliar religion can still blackmail any bishop, while rewarding its revolutionary ideologues; it can divide Catholic parishes into absurdly small populations and then liquidate. Of course, the easiest play in the book is goodbye, good pastor, you’ve been reassigned. 

This battle unfought leads us to that peculiar conceit of conservatism in general, and Catholic trad-servatives in particular. So accustomed to losing every single battle, trad-servatives turn to fighting over symbols, because they can at least fake a win at that. Meanwhile, the Revolution, firmly in control of conservative leadership, wins every meaningful victory. Thus, while acknowledging the morale boost and potential usefulness of a cyber militia within the larger context of substantial gains, the concern arises that the cyber-militia is in actuality a symbol-militia. This is to say that with Catholics having lost so much ground to the revolutionaries, that success in canceling a speaking event will be considered a recapturing of assets, or a major victory. While it may feel good emotionally, the event is no such thing.  Feeling good means nothing when the enemy continues to gain ground.

Frankly, in the mindwar environment in which the conciliar religion wages war by endless deception, infiltration and controlled opposition, and in spite of the above praise, I take a skeptical view of the cyber-militia. Tutoring by brutal experience, the whole thing can readily be perceived to be just another fenced-in paddock in which permission is given to do and say a very narrow range of things, outside of which the ban-hammer looms. If the cyber militia is for real, let it publish a list of general objectives to take back real life diocesan territory. Using the reach of its communications-capacity as a network to find and liberate captive priests, let it announce that it is advancing upon unnamed diocesan sees for Reconquista. Short of such real-life results, I remain wary of the trad-servative trap. I say, no thanks, to the typical conservative sucker’s deal, waving the symbol while the real war is lost without a fight.

sunday morning massacre
Tulsa Catholics suffer spiritual violence. Have we not conciliar collaborators in the SSPX?

St. John Fisher Massacre: Tulsa
As is likely well known all round at ths time, the SSPX closed up its Tulsa chapel, and the clergy therein decamped for points hundreds of miles west. The faithful stand bereft. The Okie Traditionalist Summarizes known facts, here.

The Hirsch Files is offline at this time, but did a solid job of connecting the brutally obvious dots. (It’s funny that when it ramrods its agenda through, the establishment jabbers on about obedience, often insisting that frank discussions are merely the spreading of rumors.) Having had scant notion of the level of indifference shown by commenters around the country, I’m grateful that Hirsch did write with such candor. If we don’t hear thunder on our own horizons at Tulsa’s news of Tradition being banished, that’s a problem. Furthermore, if the stakes aren’t abundantly clear to everyone, elucidation is warranted.

The Real War
While the cyber-militia chalked up a genuinely respectable morale point on the scoreboard, the conciliar apostates were in scorched earth mode. The difference between these two, the cyber-skirmish versus the bricks and mortar bombing raid, could not be starker. The events of Tulsa represent the loss of territory for the Catholic Church in its death match against the novus ordo religion. The Catholic form of the sacraments, Catholic community, not to mention buildings, investments and personnel, have all been taken away from forty Tulsa Catholics. These visible acts and objects are the weapons with which Ecclesia Militante must fight, and without them the cyber-war becomes an irrelevant exercise in crank phone calls. In a way, what happened in Tulsa is the only thing that matters. In order to beat back the forces of hell (raging forth in the form of OKC’s black masses, by the way) the Catholic Church needs her weapons about her. Most of all, She needs Her priests, Her knights armored in hidden glory, to wield the spiritual weapons from which both demons fly and wicked men repent. The situation in Tulsa demonstrates how easy we make things for the enemy; they just walk up and take everything, and we don’t fight back. Piece after piece will be picked off of the territorial chessboard until no one has anything left anywhere.

Thus the trad-servatives lament that there is “nothing we can do to stop it,” and that it is our duty to sit silently and “wait this out.”  These voices are so badly mistaken as to not deserve our attention.  The truth is that there are actions that we can take, which will lead all the way to victory. Objective number one is simple: liberate priests from conciliar captivity.

Priests Must Obey Christ
It is the unrefuted editorial position of this blog since day one, that this war is winnable, and we Catholics can be the victors. Priests must obey Christ the Eternal High Priest, especially when these same clerics are commanded by an apostate conciliar prelate to depart an assignment, leaving souls without a pastor. No Bishop has the authority to command a pastor to abandon his flock, and no priest should stick his head in the sand when he knows good and well what his apostate bishop is up to.

Do such matters not cause concern for the Catholic priest?  Is there no outrage or injustice against which the shepherd will not sheepishly go along? This then becomes the layman’s enormous challenge, finding a way to get their clergy to wake up to the danger, to admit that Bergoglio paints a bright red line at our feet with Catholics on our side, and some other religion on his. No more magic middle ground exists whereupon a so-called conservative pastor can apply a Catholic mentality to conciliar heresies, or to the illegitimate use of authority. Priests should be imposed upon to choose the priesthood, or the apostasy, and encouraged to state their intentions from the pulpit. Those clerics who choose the Church must then be able to turn to their spiritual sons, within the same parish, who must house, feed and furnish the means for their spiritual fathers to say Mass, hear confessions and all that which salvation requires.

Image of the Three Percent: children of this age are more savvy than children of light.

How Many Are Needed?
American liberty worshippers cite a principle appertaining to the coalescing of critical mass upon which the tide of a conflict turns. They call themselves “three-percenters,” the significance of which is that a mere three percent of a body politic, or corpus ecclesiae are willing to risk whatever is necessary to confront a known threat. Although a tiny fraction, three-percenters possess sufficient will to enable others to join the fray. As the action of this dynamic accentuates, the tiny three percent grows and gathers momentum. We need priests with a three-percenter mentality, who recognize the danger, and to convince them we first need laics in the parish who can make the case. Just a few priests with sufficient masculinity are needed who throw down the gauntlet to the conciliar crime syndicate and say, “no more.”  Tulsa needs more priests, Rotting Orange needs more, the ADNY could use a few, and on and on. Tulsa lost a priest, but it can get one (and more) back.

But How?
What if we get weird looks? Or the equivalent of a pat on the head and “run along, pal, let the grown ups talk about important things like money”?  Prayer, penance and sacrifice, as individuals and small groups, particularly the Rosary in groups, are actions to be taken as we go. When Bergoglio’s next devastating blow arrives, may it be of the sort that further demonstrates the disappearance of that hallowed middle ground where so many otherwise excellent Catholics attempt to both hold on to the Faith, and at the same time to grasp what others recognize as anti-church. You know the type who think, “Roman Rite, Novus Ordo: their each Catholic, aren’t they? I love ‘em both!” Middle grounders seem so impervious to awakening because they accept every criminal act, as long as the criminal in question wears a miter. Maybe Bergy can eradicate every last hint of that middle ground for us with his malice and arrogance. Here’s hoping! And when the anti-pope comes out again with something devastating, action will be the operative word. Until our priests take up their sacrament-confecting swords, then it’s up to laics to chamber up some devoutly prayed beads and send them down range. When we get priests, the tide turns. It’s that simple. What must we do? Whatever it takes.

-Or we can numb up and absorb more Tulsas.

3 thoughts on “Fights for Symbols: Wars for Keeps

    1. I think that decentralized activity is the place to begin. Finding other like-minded Catholics after Mass is a great start. Develop and exchange ideas with one another. The Holy Ghost will provide.


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