Bernard & Norbert Take Out the Anti-Pope

Anti-Pope Victor IV relinquishes his false claim. St. Bernard of Clairveaux ends the crisis.

Many crucial points of Catholic historiography have been memory-holed in modern Catholic discourse. In fact, since the all-hallowed Council, which blasphemously presupposed (in a most Talmudic fashion) that God the Holy Ghost made errors remediable only by modern(ist) man, a near total embargo has descended upon discussion of certain groups once regarded as the Church’s implacable foes. To know who rules over sanitized Church history, simply find out which among the Church’s enemies can never brook the slightest historiographical criticism. Investigating similarly as to who rules over present online posts and discussions touching upon Catholic history, inquirers would run up against a secretive prohibition that would scuttle all exchanges questioning that particular and wholly supremacist ruling group.

What happened to Holy Mother in history has huge bearing on what is happening now. History is utilized as a weapon of psychological warfare. Like a cudgel hewn from a bough which grew long and thick through passing eras, the rulers of the present wield their phony history threateningly in their self-righteous tyranny. Catholics hoping for the confessional kingdom’s restoration have been, for example, subject to professional hecklers who reach for the club marked Crusades, and then administer a rhetorical beat down over those calumniated as the bloodthirsty fiends who ruled medieval Christendom. At present, this particular accusation about the Crusades has far less purchase against Catholics, because that lie has been permitted to be exposed and refuted repeatedly in online fora seen by many interested Catholic consumers.

What about the lies that live on? What if there were certain crimes originating in Pilate’s praetorium, that inform very directly and tellingly on present events, that still remain largely unexamined? However, what if we have access to a forensic Rosetta Stone of sorts, which when applied to the baffling, unchanging and unpunished crime syndicates running the world and conciliar nu-church today, becomes a demystifying principle possessing a tremendous degree of explanatory power? The first reaction might be silence, shockingly from many of those voices who exposed the lie of the Crusades. Then would follow suppression, and perhaps attacks from one’s own side. There are certain secrets, you see, that expose not only the deep disease at the root of the tree, but that threaten the ongoing deal with the devil made by Catholics of the controlled opposition. Certain facts, like victims of the pedophile mafia, must never be known, because exposure would threaten to bring down their various side deals and rackets. Suspicions now deepen, broaden and rise higher that among the gatekeepers of Catholic opinion are those who get paid to keep us on the reservation. Their assigned task in part could be that they never allow us to ask why we can’t criticize or investigate a certain perfidious foe, be that an inquiry into the present or the past. Something portends that this final line of the metaphorical reservation’s barbed wire is the only one the enemy has left, and that the on-sides Catholic wolves-playing-sheepdogs are willing to inflict harm to keep the faithful inside.

Significance of Arius[1]
Arius, the ancient heretic and fomenter of the seismic crisis that bears his name, conveys enormous significance here and now. While the online Catholic riders of the ranch correctly glorify both the tribulation and triumph of Sts. Athanasius and Hilary of Poitiers over Arianism, they never describe the man Arius against the deeds of whom these holy men did contend. All we get is the name of a heresy, never a word about its progenitor. Arius was an infiltrator. (Sound familiar?) In particular, he was a crypto-Jew, meaning he was raised to follow the gnostic, pornographic, pedophilic, murderous, Christ-hating oral Torah in private, while publicly accepting baptism and practicing the Holy Faith as an outward façade. He was ordained a priest, then Bishop, and had about him a mystical aura (apparently not dissimilar to the heresy-spewing Ber-goyle). Then, having nearly everyone fooled and gaining sufficient influence, the heretic unmasked. His preaching was full of inspiring praise of Christ the man, yet devoid of a single word on Our Savior’s Divinity. Soon thereafter, in one see after another, Arius and his acolytes divided and conquered, bribed and cajoled, defamed and destroyed every opponent they could overcome. The lesson of the Arian heresy that our not-to-be-criticized rulers do not want us to know is that Arius was a Trojan Horse who secretly adhered to the self-worship[2]  practiced in the Synagogue of Satan. Baptism meant nothing to him. Calvary meant nothing. Holy Orders and Holy Mass meant nothing. Transubstantiation, absolution, the Beatific Vision – nothing. Odium Christi, or hatred of Christ, was his sole motivator, because with Christ the King out of the way then the Synagogue’s version of heaven on earth could be ushered in; lubricated with Christian blood, amidst a cacophonous chorus of blasphemies, and the dazzling, alchemic τεχνοσ[3] of the magus.

The broader lesson Arius teaches is the reality of the crypto-Judaic within the citadel of Ecclesia Militans. Arius was neither the first nor the last. This problem of crypto-Judaic infiltration via false conversion has not faded with the passing centuries, rather it has metastatized via the Synagogue’s wholly owned subsidiaries: the masonic lodges and communist parties, through their parasitic injections of numerous, ordained anti-apostles[4]. While the obvious result today can be seen in the ongoing strangulation of the Church’s liturgical, sacramental, magisterial and evangelical faculties; the hidden cancer in the form of a certain personal prelature (of course, cloaked in conservative skin), for example, advances most frightfully. Naturally, under such an overwhelming onslaught from without and malignancy within, the visible Church’s awareness of Her own past has become occluded. Moreover, today’s online suppressors of Catholic history are also inside the garrison’s barricades, ominously brandishing their weaponized historiography.

False-Convert Infiltrators: Historical Pattern and Playbook
Although defeated in its attempt to destroy the Church by means of the Arian Heresy, the progress of the crypto-Judaic fifth column[5] advanced largely unnoticed as the infiltrators regrouped westward to the Iberian Peninsula. Home of former Arians who became Catholics, the land of the Visigoths already hosted in its midst existing nodes of the Synagogue’s horizontally integrated spy and finance network of that period. Having failed in murdering the Church through heresy; the fifth columnists, fomenting internal collapse of the sovereign Visigoths, would now thus treasonously avenge themselves on their former Arian instruments of chaos.  Methods included bribery and surreptitious attainment of key posts of government. When the time was right, a weak monarch could be seduced and bribed into a dissolute personal life.

Although Judaic progress was non-linear, with setbacks being encountered as the reigns of several monarchs came and went, the traitors’ time ultimately did arrive with Catholic Visigoth King Witiza in 700 A.D. Fomenting domestic strife by encouraging Witiza to become a lustful and blasphemous despot under their direct influence, the Judaic infiltrators promptly established ties with the North African Berbers of the marauding Saracens. Musselman leader Tarik was at first hesitant to invade, but was persuaded to attack when made to understand that the Judaics would welcome his Saracen hordes with open arms, hold open the gates, and provide vital intelligence data from bribed Visigoth traitors found within both Church and state. Thus the Catholic confessional state of the Visigoths experienced the death of their nation in 711 A.D.[6] Bad Catholics seduced by the devil’s agents lay at the root of the matter.

Similar eventualities were to befall the Kingdom left to Charlemagne’s son, Ludwig the Pious, and then back to Iberia with Peter the Cruel of Castile in the 1350s. The playbook was always the same: over a long timeline positions of power and influence were attained by using false conversion as a first step, followed by displays of phony Catholic piety, until these false converts gained the confidence of the wealthy and generational Catholic families into which they then married. Given enough time, internal networks of information, finance and control could be established. From thence, and again per plan, a weak monarch was somehow compromised, induced to cruelly persecute the Church and the populace, until the kingdom itself was destroyed.[7]  This Catholic history, backed up by eminent Judaic historians of the opposition, such as Cecil Roth, Jose D’Amador de Los Rios, and Henrich Graetz, is precisely the one that our Catholic internet minders of both trad and conservative varieties desire that we neither know nor discuss. Their embargo is in place precisely because this very historiography provides us with a much clearer view of the crisis of our present hour, a view that our false friends (a.k.a. Catholic donation n’ subscription farmers) would rather we not take in.

Sts. Bernard and Norbert vs. the Anti-Pope

Pseudonymous Catholic authors Maurice Pinay, in their writing The Plot Against the Church, have thus revived knowledge of the operational strategy of first, the Synagogue’s injecting of the heretical germ into the tissue of Holy Church. Second is its long-term strategy for destroying Catholic lands through false conversion, false piety, perfidious intermarriage, co-optation, unmasking, violent persecution, and lastly overthrow. Now, what if a permutation of these strategies were applied, and the visible Church were targeted not so much in her proclamation of truth, but instead sights were set upon her governing faculties, in an attempt to bring her down in the same manner in which her offspring confessional states were destroyed?  In short, what if the Synagogue were to place upon the head of its secret practitioner the Papal Tiara?

Sts. Bernard of Clairveaux and Norbert of Xanten take head on this exact matter. What’s more, their efficacious solution resounds through history to lay plain for us the parameters of our Twenty-first century fight. Upon ceasing to lend credence to officially approved online opinion dispensers, Catholics in increasing numbers may begin to catch on.

Anti-Pope Anacletus II,Anacletus

born Pietro Pierleoni to a very wealthy Roman family of Judaic origin, arrived on scene when his family fortunes were still rising. First a student under Abelard, then a monk at Cluny, Pietro was made Cardinal in 1120.[8]

By this time, Cardinals and clergy of a properly Catholic bent were already deeply concerned at the preparations being made by then Cardinal Pierleoni and his handlers to ascend the throne at the death of Pope Honorius II, due to their suspicions of Pierleoni’s secret adherence to Judaism. He had enriched himself with property stolen from the Church in cooperation with other Jews, some of which was used to build a base of support through bribery and venality.  When writing, Pinay, typical of the high standards of provenance to which Catholic scholars researching such a topic adhere, quotes Judaic sources for confirmation, in this instance Rabbi and Judaic historian Lewis Israel Newman

Additional proofs of how the rise of Anacletus had effect on the Jews, one can find in the numerous literature about the mystical, Jewish Pope, who in Hebrew legend is called Andreas or Eichanan. It is to be granted that the rise to power of the member of an ancient Jewish family has stirred the Jewish communities in Italy to activity and has led to a powerful confirmation of their own traditions and opinions.[9]

HaaretzCausing further concern for faithful cardinals and clergy was the outsized influence Pierleoni held among the nobles who were “permeated with Jews.” He also controlled the army. In spite of Pierleoni’s power, loyal Cardinal Aimerico convinced Reigning Pope Honorius II, already ill, to permit that a small contingent of faithful Cardinals convey him to a remote retreat. There the Pope consented to authorize a small group of Cardinals whom he himself selected, to be the electors of his successor. At Honorius’ death the loyal Cardinals elected Georgio Papareschi, who became Pope Innocent II. Cardinal Pierleoni, not present at the election, soon reacted by usurping the Chair of Peter, taking the Lateran by force and garnering additional support among nobles and clergy. Pope Innocent was forced to flee.[10]  Pinay asks, as perhaps can we

Who would now come to the aid of the Church, since it passed through perhaps the most difficult crisis since its origin? Who would be the anti-Jewish leaders, whom Christ had chosen in this case for salvation of Holy Church? As usual, God’s help was revealed through the appearance of two great fighters: Saint Bernard, Church scholar and Abbot of Clairveaux, and Saint Norbert, founder of the Order which bears his name, and archbishop of Magdeburg, who was related to the German Imperial family.[10]

“It is a disgrace for Christ that a Jew sits on the throne of St. Peter’s.”[11]  – St. Bernard of Clairveaux
This fundamental disgrace moved Bernard to act. Aggravating Anti-pope Anacletus’ crimes was that he stole from the Church Her sacred objects such as chalices, melted them down and used the gold to both purchase for himself political support and to persecute Innocent II, by then in hiding. Bernard sought support from Louis VI of France, who convened the Council of Etampes, which resulted in declaration of Innocent as Pope. Meanwhile Norbert sedulously pursued the aid of Holy Roman Emperor Lothar II, who likewise declared for Innocent at the Council of Würzburg. Most decisive was the Holy Council of Rheims at which England, Castile and Aragon all declared for Innocent and excommunicated the Anti-Pope. From thence military campaigns were undertaken to forcibly remove Anacletus, who clung desperately to power in Rome until his death in 1138. Thereafter, Bernard was able to deprive the successor Anti-Pope Victor IV of all meaningful support, and end the crisis.[12]

Pinay’s memorable words of praise for the Sons of the Church, and leaders of state who rose to the occasion demand direct quotation

In this case divine providence — as promised — came to the aid of the Church and allowed capable men to come forward, who were resolved to sacrifice everything for the salvation of Catholicism. These leaders recognised at the given moment — through the aid of God — the whole extent of the disaster which had occurred and of the approaching catastrophe and flung themselves fully and completely, with selflessness, highest mysticism and great infectious energy into the struggle against the Synagogue and its supporters.[13]

Saints Exhort Us: Knowing, Believing and Acting

The essence of the problem created by Anti-Pope Anacletus II was so completely obvious as to need no deep and scholarly ruminations: a rogue Cardinal was dedicated pope with full knowledge that the true Pope already reigned. Knowing thus, and being on their roads to Heaven, Sts. Bernard and Norbert dithered not over canonical minutiae, nor did they scour historical texts to find an excuse to permit and defend the perfidious crypto-Jew Anacletus. These Catholic men decisively acted, and relented not until the enemy met defeat. In proper order, the spiritual fathers called upon their subordinate heads of state, inveighed against the enemy and properly won necessary support.  Having addressed and answered the correct canonical question: how to rid the Church’s highest office of the Judaic enemy, these agents of both Church and state set out with armies to prove that they meant business. No compromise would be brooked.

Bergy Homage to Judaics
More reverence shown here than for Our Eucharistic Lord.

What have we now? A sitting Pope reigns while a rival is seated on the Throne. Judeo Masonry and Judeo Communism have overthrown the Church’s confessional states. Even more atrocious is that the same have sewn unchecked their wicked seed in Catholic seminaries and sees for no less than two hundred years. Their stranglehold on temporal power in the Vatican is total. Where are we? Where be our saints and kings? Sts. Bernard and Norbert are still on our side, and will surely come to our aid. It’s up to us, lowly clerics and laics that we are. It is a disgrace that an apostate, Judeo-communist sits on the throne of St. Peter’s – and Catholics defend him.Bergy Menorah

Will either Heaven or history acquit Catholics for such a shamefully circumspect and piddling response to Holy Mother’s desperate cries? The most quotable Pinay answers

Concerning this we must recognise that the religious Orders also played a decisive role in this struggle. They then recognised the danger which Jewry represented for the Church, and held Anacletus for the greatest evil which had so far threatened Christianity. Passionately and dynamically, they directed the activity of the monasteries at saving Holy Church from this deadly threat.

Unfortunately at the present day, when Holy Church is threatened to such a high degree by Communism and by the “Jewish Fifth Column” in the clergy, no sign is present for the enormous strength of the religious Orders. These could perhaps save the situation, if they equipped themselves for the struggle. They spend the day with devout services
{blogger’s note: these words were published before the imposition of the schismatic novus ordo}, which are very praiseworthy, but which under the present circumstances prevent them from dedicating themselves to the main task of saving the Church. In our opinion the Orders, when they awake from their lethargy, must take note that today — exactly as in the time of Pierleoni — it is impossible to perform all devout services since these take up their whole time. It would be necessary to abandon a part of these for the moment, in order to have sufficient time for the struggle for the salvation of Christianity. As a result a decisive step would already be taken.

May God, our Lord, illumine the highest Fathers of the Orders and lead before their eyes the necessity of a supreme decisive resolution in this matter! The prayers and the activity of the rules of the Order are very important; however, it is even more important to preserve Holy Church from the Jewish- Communist danger, which threatens to destroy her. Saint Bernard and a great number of monks had to leave their quiet monasteries and disregard the strict rules of their Order (naturally with corresponding permission), in order to go upon the street and save Christianity. And they had success![13]

 “To go upon the street and save Christianity,” – can we shut down the excuse factory now?

Epilogue: Defeated Antipope – Subsequent Events
Christendom Reaches its Zenith

  1. Construction of Most Magnificent Cathedrals
  2. Thomas Aquinas’ and his Summa
  3. Reign of Pope Innocent III
  4. Reign of great monarch St. Louis IX, King of France
  5. Seraphic Father, St. Francis of Assisi
  6. Dominic’s spread of Holy Rosary Devotion
  7. Preaching: Sts. Dominic, Anthony, Bernardine of Siena
  8. Mysticism: Sts. Hildegarde, Gertrude, Catherine of Siena

Courses of Action NOT Taken by Sts. Bernard and Norbert

  1. Select controlled opponent and cheer from sidelines.
  2. Leave the matter for future generations to decide.
  3. Cast aspersions on those who decry the anti-pope.
  4. (Absurdly) Accuse faithful Catholics of sedevacantism.
  5. Send a letter of correction to the anti-pope.
  6. Wait it out.


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