Talmud in the Tabernacle

Talmud in Tabernacle

A cross without a corpus, a fabulously wealthy charity that apparently donates not one thin dime to anyone, shattered adherents tossed into the street, and Our Father doesn’t mean the first person of the Blessed Trinity. Welcome to the wacky and corrupt bizarro Catholicism of the Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei. Thanks goes to Randy Engel whose primary documentation and inductive reasoning has opened the Gateway on this topic. If you haven’t done so, consider signing up for her email updates on Opus Dei. A bulletin was sent out early in the week.

If you haven’t had an introduction to Opus Dei from the voices of those who escaped its clutches, a solid starting point is the Opus Dei Awareness Network. Although these links seem to be a minimum of fifteen years old, their relevance persists. Multiple, independent and first hand accounts will attest that Opus Dei’s recruitment and intake apparatus, as well as its retention methodology constitute nothing short of a mind control cult. Parental custody regularly suffers interference from the meddling activity of Opus Dei.

Opus Dei subtly betrays the silhouette of a secret society. Governing by-laws, constitutions, publications, even the details of the Founder’s canonization are kept secret from both the public and the sect’s members. Similar to the cult tactics mentioned above, members are often encouraged to divulge their inmost thoughts to “spiritual directors” which is then leveraged as a means to psychologically control behavior.  As Randy Engel related earlier this year, the secretive personal prelature seems to operate at the elite levels of society, controlling vast amounts of wealth, the details of which remain undisclosed due to the organizational structure’s private holding companies.

Opus Dei’s Mortification Apparel

What’s this? Opus Dei members call it a cilice. It’s a spiked chain to be worn around the thigh. No, not just above the knee, the Opus Dei controllers insist that it be worn high, near the groin. If that’s not perverted, check this one out. The next little doozie below is a scourge, or flail with which to tear one’s own skin to bloody bits. Apparently the inside controllers of the Work have a very specific target zone for self-flagellation too, and that would be on one’s own glutes.  Hmmm. We weren’t still under the impression that the canonical sex crime spree is over were we? Good.

Mind if I don’t Take a Seat?

Reading up on the Opus Dei Awareness Network you’ll discover refugees from the Opus Dei Octagon who talk about a founding Saint who cussed a blue streak, called his assistant a sow and publicly demanded that a female cult member drop her drawers for a bare-nekked spanking. -There goes that posterior orientation again. Can we get detailed insight from James Martin, SJ on this topic? But Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer is definitely a saint, because he had an apparition of the Blessed Virgin that was never authenticated by the Church, occurred in front of exactly zero witnesses, and for which there is the same amount of evidence, none. Forgive the flippant tone so far, as the victims of Opus Dei are kept in my prayers, but the conciliar religion is such a joke.  Check out Opus Dei awareness network for further description of the suffering that these evil people create. Now let’s look deeper.

Opus Dei’s True Nature and Origin

There is one aspect of the Opus Dei question that the English speaking world will not touch, with the exception of the prelature itself. In 2002 a certain Rabbi Angel Kreiman addressed a congress on Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer.

Rabbi Angel Kreiman recently contended that Josemaria Escriva’s teachings are strongly rooted in Talmudic traditions about work. Kreiman, who is the international vice president of the World Council of Synagogues, made his remarks in an address to a congress in Rome on Opus Dei’s founder.

Further down Kreiman comments on the Work

The Talmudic concept of work, said Kreiman, is that “work is not a punishment, but man’s duty, a blessing from God that allows us to fully enjoy the Sabbath and allows us to be in the image and likeness of God.” Likewise, the rabbi noted, work was central to the teaching of Josemaria Escriva, who saw it as an original vocation of man and a blessing from God.

The Rabbi, who is a Cooperator of Opus Dei, said he wanted to demonstrate his special affection for the organization founded by Josemaría Escrivá. “Opus Dei members helped me, right from the beginning of my seminary studies, to persevere in my vocation,” he said, “and I have also seen them do it with other rabbis, for which I am deeply grateful.”[1]

Opus Dei thus establishes Josemaría Escrivá’s connections to Talmudic Judaism for us.

Opus Dei disclosed its ties to Talmudism. What do such ties mean for the Church?

Studying carefully the both the man himself and the cultural context from which he arose will aid in perceiving the chameleon Escrivá from his varied surroundings.  Although exposing the cult-like orientation of Opus Dei, the information available online might leave the impression that the proverbial cat is out of the bag on the prelature, but this is true only up to a point. The negative press coming from former cult members describes the prelature, but does little to explain the Opus Dei sect’s true nature and origin. While criticism of the so-called canonization process, cult-like control and sinister secretiveness help alert the reader to the danger Opus Dei presents to individual Catholics, online information in English doesn’t tell the full story. In failing to do so these sources gloss over the danger Opus Dei presents to the Church herself, but alert Spanish writers take up the slack.  The following commentary comes from Foro Catolico, a site which asserts its Catholicity is from neither an SSPX nor sedevacantist orientation (no pejoratives intended toward either of these groups). One of the more recent publications on Opus Dei (ODAN’s publications range between 15 and 30 years in age) is a post from March of 2017, with English coming from Google Translate. Apologies to Foro Catolico for the lengthy quote, but the valuable information they provide doesn’t seem to exist in English. Consider visiting their site for yourself, even if it requires online translation.

Spanish Jew Reveals Secret History of Opus Judei

The following explanation is sent by a collaborator of Hebrew origin and Kabbalistic practice who for years was shown as Catholic, but who finally decided to make use of her secret identity to particularize and clarify some of the practices of kabbalists who infiltrated in the Catholic Church for centuries, and now in the Neo Conciliar Church.

On this occasion he reveals to us something of what had spread about the Marrano José María Escriv(b)a {note: parenthetical spelling might refer to Escriva’s name change from the judaic Escriba} to Balaguer y Albás, founder of Opus Dei, and he does it from the Hebrew point of view:

When you talk about the Opus Dei as Kabbalists, you have to specify something. They are not just a group of people who practice the Hebrew kabbalah disguised as devout Catholics, but something else.

From the history of Opus Dei there is much to explain, and much that is hidden. José María was a man very aware of his origin and blood. And he wanted to do something for the Spanish crypto-jews, scattered and unrelated to each other. He wanted them to be together and united. It was not difficult to know who they were, you just had to look into the families of political and economic power in Spain. That is why opus are not, as it is erroneously called, a “Catholic movement for the rich”. It is a movement to unite crypto-Hebrew families and prevent them from assimilating by mixing with rich non-Hebrew families. Initially for Spain, but in a short time, Escrivá made an international expansion.

José María created the concept of numeraries and supernumeraries, of single people who lived in a community and worked, usually in elite professions, to infiltrate political and economic power. It is a kind of social security mutuality that ensures that the crypto-members never lack anything and do not have to mix with non-Hebrews to unify fortunes.

Whether they speak ill of Freemasonry, or that they have that ultraconservative and extremely devout essence, let’s say that it is very necessary to appear to be the opposite extreme to mislead. In the New Church Opus Dei does not sit well, and is identified with the Old Church. But Opus money has financed the start-up of the New Church that emerged in 1965. Opus Dei money is very necessary and it is also a source of guaranteed and loyal funding. And it is destined, curiously, to the movements, groups and Catholic circles that most badly talk about Opus Dei.

Francis and the Opus would seem to have to be estranged, because of their “belonging to the two opposing wings of the Church.” But everyone is surprised by the good relationship. But it is pure logic. Francis knows that Opus is at his service, and the Opus know that they are there to help the post-conciliar Popes in everything.[2] 

There is so much here that a summary is in good order. Centuries-old Christian-kabbalism (a very real condition!) should have our attention, as it predates the Enlightenment by centuries and causally explains much more about our present catastrophe. The writer then gives an important reminder of the crypto-judaic agenda, which we saw in previous posts with the life of the heretic Arius, the overthrow of the Visigoths, and anti-Pope Anacletus II. Crypto-judaism moves by stealth and strategically acquires positions of power and influence within its targeted host. Principles of concealment and misdirection are used to both hide the real agenda and mislead those non-judaics who become suspicious. Judaic supremacists rigorously pursue the retention of their pure Talmudic identity, even in spite of intermarriages. Secrecy supports this agenda. Finally; dichotomies such as left/right, liberal/conservative, traditional/novus ordo mean absolutely nothing to the crypto-judaic, other than a means to confuse the targeted population or actively employ the divide-and-conquer strategem. There is one loyalty alone, whether it be to the Talmud, the race, or the national project. Regardless of all dissimulation to the contrary, this collective loyalty is never divided against other Judaics in favor of gentiles.

Opus Judei

In 1994, Colombian publisher Orion printed the book Opus Judei written in Spanish pseudonymously by Josemaria Escriba, the spelling representing the Opus Dei founder’s Judaic surname previous to the conspicuously altered Escriva de Balaguer.

Running a modest 246 pages, the table of contents for Chapter III and its subheadings takes up that peculiar topic which mysteriously transforms the Anglophone lions of Catholic trad-servatism into harmless little synagogue Church mice. Section three is most pertinent to this post.

Chapter III: The Hidden Judaism of Opus Dei

  1. The Problem of Underground Judaism in Spain
  2. Secular Infiltration of Underground Judaism in the Clergy
  3. Jewish Roots of Escrivá de Balaguer
  4. Kabbalistic Symbolism of Opus Dei
  5. Jewish Ghettos As Model for Opus Dei
  6. Opus Dei & the Jewish Question
  7. Finances of Opus Dei & International Judaism
  8. Identity Between the Spirit of Opus Dei & the Jewish Soul
  9. Jesuit Influences in Opus Dei
  10. World Government, New World Order & Opus Dei[3]

Fittingly per the above, the only online English translation of the book was its table of contents. The rest remains in its Spanish original, available via download at this site’s Gateway Reader Page. Non-Spanish speakers attempting to translate with Google beware: the document is an imaged .pdf, meaning that there is no copy/paste function available. The only conceivable solution was to manually enter the Spanish text, copy into the translation page and then tease out the English meaning through the sometimes awkward English rendering of Spanish idiom. Motivation was found in the certainty that I had a source that neither the conciliar Christian-kabbalists nor their Judaic slave masters could keep from me a moment longer.

We arrive at the secret of secrets, at the most stealthy key of those kept in the impenetrable silence of the Work, at the ineffable and also at the most absolute truth that must be clarified, discovered, revealed. They are the mosaic roots of the founder of Opus Dei and his work in the service of Israel and its finances.  {Ed. Note: use of the term Israel is likely used here as a referent to organized Jewry, and not to the state of Israel.

…Jewish historian Cecil Roth who writes in his well-known and published The Story of the Marranos is as follows: “in Barcelona, where if a Marrano said ‘Let’s go to the Church of the Holy Cross today’ refers to the secret synagogue by the same name.” It is a suspicious coincidence that the name chosen by Escriva de Balaguer for his cryptic organization is the very same as that of the secret synagogue in the customary language of the Jews.[4]

Significance of Holy Cross in the above paragraph is that the code word for synagogue among Barcelona’s crypto-jews is the same name chosen for the Opus-Dei affiliated priests Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, and appears in the prelature’s formal name, The Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei.

One can be conscious that to speak of the Jewish subject, and especially if one alludes to it without praise is a taboo subject. You have to start calling things by their names, say that in the mind of Escriva de Balaguer there was Jewish thought, that Escribá – which was his real first name – was a crypto-Jew and that it is not possible to understand his work or interpret it if it is not related to the essential phenomenon of its interior and exterior Judaism.

In the biographies of Escriva de Balaguer we miss three essential elements of his nefarious personality; three basic facts are disguised to understand the man and his Work: Escriva was Jewish, that he was a homosexual and that he created Opus Dei to serve the ends of the hidden and sinister Jewish power, never for the greater Glory of God and of his Church. Escriva uses the Church and not vice versa. [5]

Escriba’s father was a textile merchant in the Jewish quarter of Huesca. Previous to this, author Escriba relates that the father of the Opus Dei founder had resided in Barbastro. One night, after his involvement in a fraud perpetrated against his neighbors, the elder Escriba absconded to the above mentioned Huesca. The marrano tradition of false conversions had a long history in Huesca, dating back to 1096.[6]

The founder of the Opus Dei sect was fond of using words in such a way that more than one meaning could be employed. This trait fits hand in glove with the damnably ambiguous documents of Vatican II, whose heretical Gaudium Et Spes, according to Father Grigor Hesse, had Escriva de Balaguer as its primary author.[7]  Even decades previous to his involvement in the Council, the Opus Dei founder had a predilection for writing in a style likened to the use of moral aphorisms, even going so far as to describe the first draft of Camino or The Way as the catechism of the “chosen people”. Pseudonymous author Escriba continues

Of course, the inspiration and the slogans had a contrast of authenticity and strong grounding in the Talmud, the original and total source of the inspiration of Escriva.

They {Escriva’s writings}are books written on the basis of moral proverbs, anathemas, works with a superficial pedagogy and a didactic orientation, where the rules and precepts were the clue to know that it’s author was a moralizing convert, a Marrano, who used semantic tricks consisting of transcribing concepts with Jewish feelings, ideas and beliefs by changing the meaning and intention of the terms, the meaning of the words and using a language mixture of piety and caricature, which in both worlds are identical as if it were a semantic fraud[8].

How Vatican II can you get? The translation’s final three lines immediately above will benefit from clarification. Psuedonymous author Escriba seems to be telling us that the Opus Dei founder used words with double meanings that were radically opposed to each other. If read piously by a gullible gentile recruit, the reader understood the term in a holy way. However, if read by Talmudic adepts, the exact same terms would be understood to make a mockery of the very faith the founder claimed to love. This hermetic use of language follows precisely the Talmudic hermeneutic of dissimulation described by Michael Hoffman in Judaism Discovered.[9] Colombian writer Escriba provides the following instantiation, a phrase attributed to the founder by his hagiographers

“we are the rest of the people of Israel. We are what remains of the people of GOD … “The appointment was so his pleasure that has been collected even in the fictionalized work of Vicente Garcia:” In the name of the Father “when he narrates a pose of Escriva telling us that” the Father emerges, who straightening up arms over his head and thundering with the voice exclaims: ‘We are the people of Israel, my daughters! We are the people of Israel! … ‘They are again and again the ones that are recreated with the same context:’ we are the vestiges of the people of Israel. ‘”[10]

For Judaized Catholics of the Council, this is normal. Be confident, brethren, that behind closed doors such statements are repeated, about which we become the object of scornful peals of horse laughter. They say this stuff right in front of our faces, and we smile. Saint Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer brought it inside the citadel. It gets worse.

An anecdote that is innocently told in Escriva’s biographies written by his principal halberdier tells us that “near Caracas, on February 14, 1975, a young man, with a wide and broad beard, who raised his joviality, got up.

“-Father, you are Jew …”
The founder of Opus Dei interrupted him: “I love the Jews very much, because I love Jesus Christ so much – icon madness! – that is Hebrew. I do not say was, but it is: Iesus Christus, hier et odie, ipse et in secula. Jesus Christ continues to live, and he is a Jew like you. The second love of my life is a Jewess, Mary Most Holy, Mother of Jesus Christ. So I look at you with fondness, go on.” His Jewish instinct sprang up sometimes when he was unaware or could not restrain it. He disguised his upbringing with allusions to God and His Holy Mother … to make the message understood without revealing it entirely[11].

A word of explanation is needed on the meaning of the word Jew as it is used in the Gospel of St. John; this usage will aid in the avoidance of a hazardous misconception currently rampant in contemporary (non)thinking. Jones explains it in The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. Over the course of St. John’s Gospel, the meaning of the word Jew changes. At the Gospel’s outset, on the one hand, the word Jew is used to indicate the true chosen people who await the Messiah. On the other hand, by John 8, in which Our Lord condemns certain Jews, the Pharisees, for their blindness and for dogmatizing the traditions of men, calling them sons of the Devil and not Abraham’s seed, the meaning of the word Jew transitions. From that point forward, the term Jew denotes those people who reject Jesus as the Messiah.  The Jews at the end of John’s Gospel are the rejecters of logos, and those who accept him have become the new Israel, the Catholic Church.[12] It is a horrendous, negligent, blasphemous utterance to conflate, in modern parlance, those Jews who awaited the Messiah and accepted Christ, with those Jews who rejected him and participated in the deicide. To fail to make the crucial distinction that the Blessed Virgin, the disciples and those felicitous souls baptized on Pentecost were Jews who accepted Christ and were absolutely opposed to those Jews who rejected him is to make of oneself the punch line of a joke not intended for gentile ears. Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph are fulfilled Jews. Caiaphas was a Jew who rejected logos.  By obtusely using the term Jew, they who obscure the total opposition between those who shed their blood for Christ, like St. Steven, and those who killed him, could well be stoking the fires of their own purgatory. May God have mercy.  Again and even worse, failing to distinguish between fulfilled Jews of the new Israel and the desolate, deicidal Jews is to blithely brush together those who followed Christ with those who killed Him. It is to imply, for example, that the Blessed Virgin bears the guilt of deicide. Catholics, please stop doing this!!  And according to Colombian author Escriba, we have so-called Saint Josemaria to thank for his perverse double-meaning infused into words like Jew to sound pious in certain ears, and to invoke mockery in others. It is classic Talmudic dissimulation.

talmud tweet
RIDICULOUS: Conflating Holy Innocents with those who reject Christ

Once more to pseudonymous Escriba

For Cobo Martinez, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer is one of “the most qualified and efficient servants of Judaism.” His services to the Jewish cause and the damages that derive from his actions in the Catholic Church give him the great title of favorite son of Israel.[13]

With this, we have covered only one subsection of three long chapters, the unregenerate Judaic origins of Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer. Although there are many more topics to discover, suspicions should be rising higher that not only is Opus Dei not what purports to be, but also represents the most baneful iteration of the crypto-judaic fifth column that the Church has ever seen.

Acknowledging the Crypto-Judaic Fifth Column: Tremendous Explanatory Power

Most ambitious of all {Opus Dei} is attempting to secure key positions in the government of the Church… The personal prelature will allow Opus Dei to spread everywhere ignoring the local bishops. It denies this but its record in telling the truth is poor. Its members will now be even less protected by the Church than they have been, and Opus Dei is one step closer to becoming a sect. Should it gain control over key organs of government of the Church, the spirit of the Vatican Council will be gravely threatened, as also will be the unity and moral integrity of the Church.[14]   

Opus Dei exemplifies a dynamic of our ongoing catastrophe that no Catholic opinion shapers are willing to realize. Like on a merry-go-round, we revolve over and over again to the same points in the circle. Point one: prelate in Rome or major Catholic See scandalizes with his words or deeds. Point two: hue and cry is raised by those few Catholic pundits who still care about the Faith. Point three: same online tribunes, correctly and insofar as they understand the problem, demand action. Point four: conservative, controlled opposition engages in empty posturing.  This whole dynamic ought to make obvious to us that there is something we’re missing here; and that whatever we’re not getting is fundamental to the true nature of the problem; and that no one in the clergy, or online punditry can explain it. The failure to see the underlying cause leads to the failure to explain. Frustration turns to exasperation as the cycle repeats.

When conditions in the world devolve into ever-deepening depravity, bad Catholics are at the root of the matter. Few would deny this.  What is denied is the reality that bad Catholics have non-Catholic helpers in being led further astray, and at the dawning of 2018 A.D. this anti-Catholic help comes from within the Church.  We are afraid to acknowledge the sinister presence of crypto-jewry inside the Church, and this fear keeps us locked in a cycle of permanent nescience. Should the reality of crypto-jewry ever be broached in conversation, just watch as the counterpart takes on the countenance of one who has been lobotomized. Not only won’t they speak out on the topic, many are afraid to listen. Still more have been programmed, and stupidly relish their regular grog rations of propaganda from their favorite Hollywood, media, alt-right, or conservative opinion dispenser.  Almost all thinking on the topic is captive to the public square’s invisible synagogue, and many act as if they fear expulsion therefrom. Simply put, as long as Catholics keep avoiding the question of crypto-jewry’s vast, patiently developed and fully structured infiltration into the Church, then the crazy train will continue on its circular track, while friends leap in desperation from its windows into sedevacantism. While it is apparent that Our Lord’s permissive will has given the devil much power and time to exercise his claim that he can destroy the Church, we might at least find current events less vexing if we properly understood cause and effect. So if we don’t want Sunday sermons explicitly sourced to the kabbalah (yes, it’s already happening), we might want to get eyes on this problem.  Opus Dei is far worse than a Trojan Horse within the gates. Although well inside the walls of Ecclesia Militans, it’s more like a huge, crypto-judaic siege-engine built to pulverize every Catholic structure still defended by rag-tag royalists.


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6 thoughts on “Talmud in the Tabernacle

  1. This article is in line with our experience of Opus Dei in Spain but many, for various reasons, refuse to accept the danger they represent to the Bride of Christ in other parts of the world where they are not so scrutinised. I would refer you to an article written by Matthew Cullinan Hoffman for Lifesitenews on October 4 (another of great importance on Opus Dei) but the responders showed outright repudiation of anyone who would dare oppose them. They are a rogue cult within the CC & have a habit of financially supporting those who they feel they can control & many of the replies I fear came from members of that organisation, including a priest. Contrary to claims that Opus Dei have changed, they have not, nor do they intend to & I cannot emphasise enough the necessity of keeping a very close eye on their organisation & making life difficult for them. They have greatly increased their standing under this questionable papacy which must be repealed under the next pope for the sake of the restoration to Tradition.

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  2. Opus Dei since Vatican II is allied with the Conciliar Church and its false popes. They are purposely leading people away from Tradition by giving them “conservative” catechesis and “conservative” liturgical celebrations. The Catholic Church, the Immaculate Spouse of Christ is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with this diabolical Talmudic sect.

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