Hammer, Sickle & Synagogue

Hammer sickle

The evil of the communist system is self-evidently and widely understood in both its effects and efficient causes. To minds inclined to resist the importunities of tyranny, few if any are susceptible to the false promises of deliverance from a fallen world in the here-and-now. Most of those who look into the matter would neither, for example, scapegoat an honest and successful businessman; nor strive to obliterate what is left of the alleged social order, in favor for a new arrangement of power. Again, to those whose thinking is grounded, even implicitly, in commonsense philosophy; the pied-pipers of degeneracy without consequence, financially underwritten by unseen others, play to an empty house. Alas, far too many lack the understanding necessary to resist the cloaked wickedness; but those that have such wisdom seem well-attuned to the insinuations and overtones of what once was known as the Red Menace. Whereas however, such cognizance of revolutionary sirens of the present, manifest in universities, government policy and media is high; ignorance of first causes is also high. What is the history of communism, where did it come from, and what is its purpose, or final cause? Far too few persons of honest mind and good will simply do not know, and their explanations prove it. “Communism came from Marxism, authored by Karl Marx,”  -full blown from Zeus’s head, Marx confected the entire plan? A favorite of so-called social-democrat parlance is that communism was a reaction to the excesses of capitalism – we can thank John-Paul-the super-fantastic for his help on that one. He mentions it in his book Crossing the Threshold of Hope, which should have had as subtitle (In the Wrong Direction).   With regard to the purpose of the communist system, we might hear one-word answers such as power, control, or the even more apt enslavement.

While none of the above thinking is expressly incorrect, none of it either expresses the true, religious origin of communism. Neither does the larger portion of Catholics seem to understand the ultimate aim of the communist system: that the atheistic mask of the communist revolutionary; be he a lanky, prepaid hoodlum or an EU apparatchik, disguises the religion of antichrist.  Communism, or more precisely Bolshevism was not merely a power plant whose fuel and output both are bloodshed, but it is also a means of instituting a religion whose dogma, deity and destiny exist exclusively in this world, its flesh and the devil. To properly understand this final end, we must unwind and discard the phony, masonic history of the twentieth century, and uncover what our Christian predecessors set to record.

Communism the Lie vs. Bolshevism the Fact

“Bread and land!”  There was never the slightest intention to fulfill the promises made in the run-up to the overthrow of the Russian Monarchs.  Pledges to hold property common to all, and wages equal for all were not somehow abandoned because of short-sightedness or incompetence.  These were deceptions from the outset, fabricated for consumption by the gullible. These lies comprise communism; its most essential characteristic is its being non-real. What the Russians really got was state-monopoly capitalism, in which they became slave laboring inmates in a 6.5 million square mile prison camp. The revolutionary leaders and their commissars reaped the benefits. Presuming the Slavs didn’t inflict this fate upon themselves, who did? Early twentieth century British writer and researcher A. S. Leese furnishes both the preceding, and the following excerpt from nineteenth century Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli’s work of history, The Life of Lord George Bentinck[1]

An insurrection takes place against tradition and aristocracy, against religion and property. Destruction of the Semitic principle, extirpation of the Jewish religion, whether in the Mosaic or the Christian form, the natural equality of men and the abrogation of property are proclaimed by the Secret Societies which form Provisional Governments, and men of Jewish Race are found at the head of every one of them. The people of God co-operate with atheists; the most skilful accumulators of property ally themselves with Communists; the peculiar and chosen Race touch the hand of all the scum and low castes of Europe; and all this because they wish to destroy that ungrateful Christendom which owes to them even its name, and whose tyranny they can no longer endure.[2]

This is strong stuff coming from known Rothschild associate Disraeli, who carries a good deal of credibility with historically literate mainstream conservatives. High level ideological signals are just one part of the historical record, but if Bolshevism is the result of Judaic authorship, then there ought to be named participants and percentages that substantiate the claim. Viscount Leon De Poncins provides salient facts in the photographic text below

Poncins 2 bst



Now Maurice Pinay in The Plot Against the Church, quoting Judaic sources

The ill-reputed Jew, Jakob von Haas, says to us in “The Maccabean” quite clearly that “the Russian revolution that we experienced is a revolution of Jewry. It signifies a change in the history of the Jewish people. If we speak openly, it was a Jewish revolution; for the Jews were the most energetic revolutionaries in Russia.”

In the Jewish-French newspaper entitled “Le Peuple Juif” of February 1919, one can read the following: “The Russian Revolution, which we see at present, will be the exclusive work of our hands.”[4]

There are too many well-documented examples to cite more than a small sampling here. E. Michael Jones writes that during the 1920s the fact of Jewish participation in Bolshevism was too obvious to be denied and was even “a source of pride to the world’s Jews.”  He then cites poet Naum Korshavin

“If the participation of the Jews in the revolution is tabooed… it will become impossible to talk about the revolution at all. There were times when one was proud of this participation…The Jews took part in the Revolution in numbers far out of proportion to their numbers in the population at large.”[5]

Previous to the era of anti-communism, and being a source of Judaic pride, the relationship between the Synagogue of Satan and the Soviet was a link that hardly needed to be proven.

Sustained by Workers or Banks’ Cash Infusions?

Communism isn’t merely a steaming pile of bad economics and psychopathic public policy initiatives; the whole thing is an illusion in a way, a decoy. Participants in the present Gentile Great Awakening[6] would do well to keep this in mind: communism is merely a foil for oligarchic, crony finance capitalism. While its adherents, insane doctrines, murder and mayhem are all too real; it lacks a cohesive and identifiable metaphysical principle, and is bereft of self-sustaining or self-perpetuating attributes. Bolshevism/communism is essentially a police state in which a man’s labor and private property are stolen for the benefit of the revolutionary elite. It further imposes cultural degradation from the top down including the treatment of women as communal property and assorted abominations against Christianity. Aside from these operations of theft, destruction and imprisonment, Bolshevism/Communism/collectivism would seem to be less of a unique political system than simply a rule by gangsters. Being so destructive, collectivist systems cannot exist without direct infusions from the top of the global banking pyramid. Leese provides detail.  Following his arrival in 1875, and then at the helm of Kuhn Loeb & Co. of New York, Jacob Schiff was the Rothschild associate in the U.S., along with his brother-in-law and first head of the Federal Reserve, Paul Warburg.  Schiff was so adamant that Russia receive no benefit from his money-lending to her allies, that he abstained from war profiteering until the Empire was out of World War I. Meanwhile in Germany, Paul Warburg’s brother Max had a banking firm under his own name and funneled money to Lenin and Trotsky.  Leese cites a letter published by the U. S. Government in 1918

Stockholm, 21st Sept., 1917.
Mr. Raphael Scholan. Haparanda.
Dear Comrade,

The office of the Banking House M. Warburg has opened in accordance with telegram from president of Rheinish-Westphalian Syndicate an account for the undertaking of Comrade Trotsky. The attorney (agent) purchased arms and has organised their transportation and delivery up to Luleo & Varde. Name to the office of Essen & Son in Luleo, receivers,and a person authorised to receive the money demanded by Comrade Trotsky.


(Furstenberg was a Jew and later, under the name Ganetsky became a prominent member of the Soviet Government.) [7]

In the sense that communist systems are in actuality regimes held in tact by brute force and artificially funded by banks, communism as such is a fiction – it doesn’t exist as a form of government distinct from the usury-based finance capitalism upon which it depends. Was an implementation of the propaganda from Marx about holding property in common ever even attempted, or was that all pure public relations? “They do not wish to destroy capital, but only to be the masters of it. Collectivism then is neither a popular movement, nor an end in itself, but a means of destruction.”[8]

The Slav is by nature not individualistic; he is patient, inured to hardshipand fatalistic. He accepted the idea of Communism; and he got the fact of Bolshevism. He accepted the idea of equal wages for all and property held in common; and he got a toll of 20 million lives, double the blood-bill of the Great War, as the price of his own starvation and slavery under Jews.[9]

Collectivism/communism/Bolshevism can’t even develop or pay for the surveillance, secret police or weapons systems needed to control their populations.  Their operation is that of percussion explosives to a brick building: merely a means to destroy every non-Talmudic tradition, ownership of property, and family/interfamily social structure.

Hoffman: Moses Hess, Communism, Kabbalah and Management of Opposites

To be certain, the behind-the-scenes manipulation of two-hundred years of history tells us that Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg and Co. are as clever, pragmatic and circumspect as they are patient and ruthless. It was a Rothschild, for example who explained to the world that governance of nations and laws thereof are not binding upon him, because he controls the money that establishes rulers, laws and nations themselves. Why then funnel so much hard-swindled gold into a meat-grinder-for-wealth like Bolshevism in Russia? The return on investment is irremediably negative; that’s bad business. Yet on the other hand, with wealthy and productive economies falling prey to central banks and the revolutions they sponsor, neither could underwriting Bolshevism serve totalitarian control as the ultimate aim, when controlling money already makes the bankster families the final arbiters of national destinies, as well as the lives of the people therein. Bolshevism, communism and all forms of collectivism, (such as the EU) therefore must be merely the destructive means to achieve a certain political and economic milestone. This milestone in itself prepares the world for a thoroughly religious and Talmudic destiny, the arrival of Mosiach: the Messiah of the Babylonian Talmud, a.k.a. Antichrist. The key to understanding the nexus between the rigidly empirical world of money and political control on the one hand, and the pseudo-mystical advent of the lustfully mass murderous world emperor on the other, is the Kabbalistic epistemology[10] of Moses Hess.

Advancing us through our line of inquiry is the research of Michael Hoffman in Judaism Discovered, a work of inestimable value in its establishment of an objective framework for understanding the cloaked operation of Talmudic supremacy in nearly every aspect of contemporary life. His book’s section Moses Hess, and the Secret Relationship between Judaism, Zionism and Communism will aid in the understanding that the entire geopolitical economy is a form of universal religious conquest.

Moses Hess: Apostle of relentless Talmudic deviousness

Born 1812 in Bonn, Moses Hess was a largely self-educated philosopher and socialist. Forced into exile around the time of the Revolution of 1848, he returned to Orthodox Judaic roots and became friend and mentor to both Hegel and Marx. Known by some as the father of modern Zionism, Hess’ vision for the Judaic people encompassed the transformation of the world founded upon the racial and national identity of Judaism.

Hoffman relates that the Talmudic orientation of Judaic racial supremacy is the essential component to Hess’ worldview, and that the rabbis’ innate superiority to scripture and to the law itself comprise justification for them to develop the law in pursuit of the perfection of the world into a heaven on earth (for Judaics only) by way of   regeneration of the Jewish nation.

The theoretical basis for Communism and Zionism of Moses Hess is in the Hegelian concept of mediation, which is itself a scientific version of the human alchemy of medieval, Lurianic Kabbalah. The seeming opposites, the egalitarian utopia of communism and the race based colonialism of Zionism, are mediated through Judaism, which brings to the world the recognition of Judaic mankind as the Communist conscience and Zionist judge of the world.[11]

 Hoffman’s description of Hess’ operative philosophical principle explains something that those of Catholic trad-servative and other well-meaning and well-read political orientations would do well to read, re-read and internalize

The management of revolution and counter-revolution is a behavioral science predicated on the Kabbalah, refined in the nineteenth century by Hegel, and incapable of decoding by those who cannot think outside the Left-Right box. The management of opposing ideologies for a higher arcane objective is personified in the career of Moses Hess, Talmud enthusiast, pioneer of Zionism, architect of Soviet Communism and a covert shaper of Nazism[12].

For Hess, Marx and Engels’ communism would be the engine of perfecting social progress, with Bolshevism its first real-life implementation. Unfortunately for scores of millions of Russian Slavs, Talmudic perfection, or tikkun-olam would prove to be the nightmarish opposite of that described by revolutionary pitchmen like Lenin and Trotsky. What we must understand today is that such hellish destruction was no deviation from the plan for world perfection, but the very fulfillment of it. While Hoffman describes him as centered on Judaic racial supremacy[13] and not Kabbalistic pseudo-mysticism, Hess’ Talmudic philosophy provides the link between Judaic revolutionary politics and its wider religious horizons. Whereas, says Hoffman, Hess’ support for traditional orthodox revivalists like Chabad was merely an effective method for preserving the race and restoring the nation, the religious aspects of Judaism fit hand-in-glove with communist thought. Hoffman quotes Julius Carlebach, author of Karl Marx and the Radical Critique of Judaism

Karl Marx as a historic personality was worshipped by the Jewish youth of Eastern Europe as ‘liberator of the world,’ as the righteous savior of the ghetto… this worship was brought to Palestine by the young pioneers. To give but one example, when Melford E. Spiro carried out his research in an Israeli kibbutz, he described how the kibbutz saw Marx as the true prophet, Lenin as his interpreter and the Soviet Union as the mediator of both…to the kibbutz members, the Soviet Union was a combination of Vatican and Heaven,’ a paradise on earth to be emulated.[14]

In his text just above the previous passage, Hoffman himself writes

The proverb that Communism is Judaic does not and should not rest on the ethnicity of Marx, but rather on his thoroughly Judaic philosophy, which he promulgated with a rabbinic-like certainty of his own moral superiority; that human emancipation would come about without Jesus Christ, through the self-worship of a chosen people who would be their own god; with economic determinism serving as the man-made religion.[15]

Rabbinical adepts of the Kabbalah know well that such an arrangement, while steeped in materialism, sows in rich soil the seeds of  future and widespread worship of the Shekhinah, the alchemical union of opposites, and all the other occult-spiritual flotsam and jetsam picked up by the religion of the Pharisees over the centuries. These rabbis know that sooner or later a man with a full belly is going to find a quiet corner and satisfy his thirst to worship. They foresee in their own patient waiting the regenerated nation of Israel crowned with the star of Moloch, and a real-life, flesh and blood world emperor to be worshiped on pain of death, as a god. Finally, what needs to be understood is that Bolshevik communism did not fall in 1989. Quite to the contrary, Leninism is alive and well, and on the verge of its greatest political, and religious conquest to date. Via writer Copin Albancelli, Poncins warns

The people then will wish to resist…All that the working class could do would be to refuse to work. The Jews are not simpletons enough not to foresee that. They will have provisions for themselves and for their watch-dogs. They will allow famine to subdue resistance. If the need should arise they should have no scruple in hurling on the people, mutinous but unarmed, their police made invincible because they will have been provided with the most up to date weapons against powerless mobs. Have we not already a vision of the invincibility of organized forces against the crowd?[16]

 kulak revoltholodomor       The results of the Kulak Rebellion     starvation as ethnic cleansing: Ukraine                 

Venezuela: experiment in controlled chaos? Socialism = Communism


Thanks to Twitter user Manon des Sources@ds13_manon for posting links to Leese text.


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[6] This term Gentile Great Awakening is proposed as a descriptor for the rapidly rising public awareness of ambitions of global supremacy by organized Jewry found in many aspects of the lives of  people and nations around the world: central banking, usury, aggressive militarism by aggressive proxies of infiltrated host nations like the U.S., cultural subversion (porn, abortion, sodomy, contraception); control of public and university education; use of sayanim in international espionage; supplanting of religions; ethnic cleansing; aggressive intelligence gathering; invasive surveillance technology, kill switch diplomacy; controlling heads of state via blackmail related to moral turpitudes, etc. Goyische Great Awakening could be used for targeted rhetorical effect.

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