Case for Catholic Street Preaching

Desperate men in power present danger. Berg-Bag the anti-pope demonstrates by his illegitimate governance via terror transmitted right through the episcopacy and into the lives of parishes fighting to remain Catholic. Here in the Gateway we’re reliving the

Novus Ordo: Frauds and Fags Only

nightmare of traitors’ sacking the second and actual, non-faggot, non-fraudulent, Catholic priest in ten months. His crime: preaching Catholicism. His predecessor’s crime was to resurrect a 900-year-old use of the Roman Rite, a privilege of his ancient order. Once amidst sweet incense and the sound of Gothic chant, these writer’s weary eyes were granted a glimpse of Holy Mother’s most exceeding, heart-melting liturgical beauty. Both priests now are gone. Neither has a regular parish assignment. Thus by administrative fiat, so-called superiors defy Our Savior’s commandment to go forth and teach everything that He Himself has instructed. This defiance of Christ is meekly obeyed.

Meanwhile, those prelates and their mid-level canonical functionaries, no doubt spineless men who live in constant fear, are desperate to defend the legacy of the Pseudo-Council of Vatican II. What legacy is that? Aging boomers who give up the ghost while shakin’ their tambourines front and center at novus horror so-called masses. The episcopacy comprises known and protected financial and sexual criminals who fear men tambourinemore than Almighty God, many of whom weaponize parish closures to target Catholics on their enemies lists. -By the way, after over a year of the so-called exposures, dossiers and Vigano reports: not one bishop has been indicted. Gateway goes out on a limb here to make a wild prediction: none will be punished.-  Meanwhile, led by cultural Marxist Jews into one abomination after the other, society has become mission territory.  A question thus arises: wherefore desperation, especially when these prelate’s allies, the Church’s ancient enemy, have seemed to triumph completely over a Church in ruins? Aside from the Berg-Bag’s hierarchy of tattle-tales and resulting purges, what do these fag-and-slag bishops fear?

They fear because every attempt they make to smother, hemorrhage or crush the skull of Catholicism once and for all somehow breeds more Catholicism in the minds of those underfoot. They fear because their seminary hostages and exiled pew-sitters acquire a zeal that their darkened, satan-worshiping, coke-blowing, sausage-smoking minds cannot apprehend, the zeal of supernatural faith.  They fear well and rightly the reaction that is coming, when the scales tip ever so slightly in favor of Catholics ready to fight back and restore order. This peasant’s love of King and Bride, love which drives out all fear; makes desperate men of pastors, prelates and one utterly repulsive fake pope. Desperate men in power pose danger in their wantonness, lawlessness, recklessness, and ruthlessness.

The Church in the West Will Not Survive

While these men control the offices of the Church, Catholicism will be neither seen nor heard on Catholic property.  The well-spring of resurgent Catholicism is God’s gift to us now, but in it’s captivity it is not going to win the fight. Neither will this fight be won by default, while grown men in their prime sit on their asses. In fact, other than a scant few here and there, most Catholics aren’t even fighting. The most activist among us opts for writing grovelling letters to the criminals in charge that they obey the law. Others gather a handful of friends and wave placards on the corner, displaying only weakness in the face of the enemy. Indeed, God’s gift of a resurgent and Catholic youth can be squandered. Those who expound upon the certainty of the biological solution or similar idiocy refuse to acknowledge that the Church has plenty of real estate for a young commie, fag, and crypto-Jew to fellate his way into power and sell real-estate for cash and a career boost.

james martin secret jew
Are these the words of a commie, fag and crypto-Jew?

God can and will weary of those who would dare be complacent and do nothing in this, the Church’s most desperate hour in 2000 years.  If we do not act, He will withdraw this opportunity from us, and to our lasting shame. The zeal of young seminarians and pewsitters is not eternal, and if the Holy Ghost is ignored, He will move on. Were we to let such a golden opportunity pass, an opportunity ripening as these words are written, then say goodbye to Catholicism in the west. Think north Africa, a Saracen wasteland for well-over a thousand years.


The Vatican II Religion is a cult to Satan

If anyone needs documentation on the above, then he is not paying attention. Think

Berg-Bag the Warlock King

Coccopalmerio, Bernardine, Argentine child trafficking, and the Berg-Bag’s wiccan stang. Nor is any play-by-play coverage needed on the Amazonian Synod by Trad$ervative Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Opu$ Jew-dei. The only Catholics in need of data are those just now waking up.  The satanic religion of Vatican II has fashioned a liturgical cage in which to imprison Catholics worshiping in the Roman Rite.  Sure you can have your Extraordinary Form, right past the strip of gay bars on Santa Monica Blvd., or in the hood, at whatever time we say. But if you dare to preach Catholicism, and exhort the assembly to strive for holiness, or do the slightest thing to call attention to our non-existent legitimacy, however obliquely, then you are gone.  If Catholic priests cannot preach, exhorting all within earshot to escape hell by receiving baptism and the other holy Sacraments, then the Church is in retreat. Winners find ways, and Catholics must find a way to make preaching happen, after a sixty-year hiatus. If we do this not, then nothing will be left to our sons or their sons, and our memory be cursed.


The Invincible Weapon

Look at the culture all round and witness relentless advances by the Judeo-Masonic system for reducing the race of men into beasts. Sodomy, infanticide, child rape, ritual murder and cannibalism are paraded before us, thoroughly unpunished. A once Christian culture knowingly reverts to paganism. This is the bankster-funded preaching of the Synagogue of Satan; it has made mission territory of one Catholic diocese after another, and this fact is shameful. How are people, especially the young, victims to a culture of enforced mindlessness, to come to know Christ, if they never hear the Gospel preached?sword

The Church gives her priests the power to preach, and change men’s hearts. This is what priests must do, and we laics must do everything in our power, including acts of holy intransigence, to make this happen. If Catholic priests are commanded to not preach the Gospel, such a command is from the bowels of anti-church, the church that spawned Berg-Bag the anti-pope, the church of satan. No such authority exists that can contradict the command of Christ. In her preaching, the Catholic Church is invincible. When her teachings alight upon the ears of degenerate culture, many will listen and change their lives. Many will receive baptism, and many will come to the Roman Rite of Catholic Mass. But none will hear, change or come if the gospel is never preached. And if preaching is forbidden in Catholic Churches, then preaching should be taken into the streets. Does this mean departing the chancery? Most likely. This also means that the laity must provide all means at their disposal to facilitate such preaching. Housing, food, transportation, opportunities for resurgent priests to form communities; all must come from the laity.  This step will result in the restored moral sense of the once Christian west, and a moral people is strong enough to throw off the shackles of the Jew-run global beast system.

“We Await a Miracle.”

So say many genuine devotees of Fatima, praying well, but acting for naught.  Ending this nightmare will doubtless require a cascade of miracles upon miracles. Let us consult the Holy Gospel accounts of three miracles: the Miracle at Cana, the Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes, and the Raising of Lazarus. In each we will find that Our Adorable Savior wills that his miracles be initiated by the actions of sinful men. In John 2, after receiving instructions from the Blessed Virgin, sinful men receive this order from Our Savior: “Fill the waterpots with water.”  Second, and even simpler were His words before multiplying the loaves and fishes: “And he commanded the multitude to sit down upon the ground.”  Our Lord’s greatest miracle, the raising of the dead and festering Lazarus, begins with the command: “Take away the stone.”   In each instance, the miracle commences after an action taken by sinful men. Clearly many miracles will be required to bring about the obliteration of the novus ordo sect from the face of the earth. What simple cooperation could God the Holy Ghost require? “Go into the streets and preach.” And for the laymen, “Free my priests.”  To be certain, the command is not “wait it out.”

Question for Catholics, priests and laymen alike: are we in this fight, or on the sidelines?

4 thoughts on “Case for Catholic Street Preaching

  1. We have entered the times when the lukewarm care not and where the good are confronted with despair. But we have theological hope and the recitation of the Holy Rosary, so that, as Our Lady said when all else fails then She will act. These are testing times. We must protect our priests from the wolves in the bishoprics and the Vatican. Rome will be destroyed by the Muslim hordes, then we will see the Return of The King. This holy monarch long prophecied by Holy Mother will restore all things in Christ. I pray to God I will live long enough to see him.

    Benedict remains the pope, he did not resign the office. Bergoglio cannot be the pope. It would be a mockery of Vatican 1. Vivat Christus Rex!

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  2. A priest operating outside of valid episcopal authority is just a vagrant, and his preaching will either be fruitless or it will become embittered through Satan’s devices and generate bad fruit. The Bishops are the ones who hold, by God, the substantial authority in the Church. Priests and deacons are their adjuncts. Bishops are successors to the apostles and they alone have the charism to preach with apostolic power and authority, or to whomsoever they delegate this power and authority. This does not mean that any initiative on the part of presbyters or laymen is vain, just that it can only be useful if endowed with the apostolic approval and blessing given by the Bishop. St. Ignatius in his explanation of religious obedience uses an analogy drawn from medieval cosmology, saying that just as the higher heavenly spheres empower the lower spheres to move and act, so those in authority empower those beneath them to act. This is not a mere figurative way of speaking, but points to a spiritual and legal reality where God will not infuse His grace without the mediating action of the Bishop who has been specially consecrated for that purpose. I’m sorry, but the reality is that the Bishops are the ones on whom the preaching of the faith ultimately rest, and if they refuse to use the power and authority given to them by God to preach the Gospel, then I’m certain there’s precious little we can do ourselves. It’s like they’re in possession of all the weapons and fuel, and even if we’re well-trained and zealous we are simply unequipped and unable to fight if they do not empower us to do so. Again, this isn’t a metaphor or even a sigh of despair, but a reality in the spiritual order where the graces needed for evangelism will inevitably be blocked if the Bishops seal them all away. There is no way that any Catholic evangelism will take place until we have Bishops who will lead that charge and fulfil their God-given duty. There is no valid “bottom-up” movement in the Catholic Church because Christ has not set up the Church in that way and will not allow it. The Bishops must repent and convert.


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