novus ordo time-bomb terrorists strike again: minnesota

Press conference by attorney representing victims of the novus ordo cult. This is a tangled knot of spaghetti. There is no good guy to be found. Only wounded individuals and families, and the spotless  Bride of the Lamb who is forced to wear the crown of public enemy.  God Himself will bring these victims the grace they need, since the novus ordo hierarchy refuses to free the Catholic Church to do her work. As for the novus ordo perps, they will come to know first hand: Vindex Deus est.

Knee jerk defenders of the status quo may accuse the plaintiffs and attorney as being solely motivated by money. Some, perhaps yes, but by no means all. I myself know of victims who have said, “I don’t want any money, I just want help finding God.”

As for Bergoglio and the Curial faction: did they target this Bishop because his facade (thin as it is) bespeaks an insufficiently radical and anti-Catholic approach in governing his See?   To his credit, the attorney is correct in his calls for answers from Rome. The novus ordo religion, however, neither proclaims nor can even bear the truth. Too many tattlers with too many tons of sordid blackmail can be dropped at any time.

It’s time to move on and take the initiative. These victims have a right to know that they were conned by one of the greatest frauds ever perpetrated. Catholic priests:  get out of the novus ordo religion and do the work of the Catholic Church!  The laity will aid you, but you’ve got to man up and be spirtual fathers!

H/T Tradition in Action and Randy Engel

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