Bergoglio is Beatable: Tactical Response III


Laity Can Initiate Bergoglio’s Downfall

Considering those readers who also post comments on Catholic blogs, Catholic commenters are the heart of this nascent operation. They might not know it, but they represent an unrelentingly Catholic leadership core that is not easily misled, and refuses to back down.  It is well to consider not  what direction the commenters move (as in shifts of opinion), but in what direction they will not move an inch. Once they’ve internalized Catholicism in its nourishing, sweet fullness, and purged themselves of the last sordid lie of the novus ordo sect, not even the most heavy-handed blog operator can move them to accept what contradicts their well-formed sensus Catholicus. This refusal to be bullied into accepting as dogma the mere opinion of certain blog operators has led to more than one comm-box’s shutting down, a thing over which commenters ought to glow with pride. In essence, this undertaking is intended for those commenters, and seeks their involvement.

Arising with greater urgency lately is commenters’ reactions to the relentless evil of Jorge the Apostate, and their desire that this fiend be vehemently opposed. The problem, from our commenters’ points of view, is obvious. Bergoglio is too far away, and slavishly bootlicks Soros. He doesn’t care what we think, and we can’t stop him. – Or can we?

Bergoglio (perhaps the sobriquet Bergy ought be used as a weapon of ridicule against this ridiculous man) can be stopped. The novus ordo homo-collective can be destroyed, and the entire Vatican II criminal enterprise can be obliterated. And we can do this ourselves.

If we want to collapse the Bergoglio regime, then his minion, prissy bishops must collapse. Thus it follows, if we want the prissy bishops gone, then we must deprive them of their hostage priests. Once Catholic priests are released from captivity, bad bishops lose all power to terrorize. Once bad bishops become visibly (what they in essence already are) the pathetic financial administrators of a diocesan real estate portfolio, then Jorge the Apostate becomes just another Justin Welby, an impotent humanitarian whom someone, somewhere thinks to be a nice guy. If we can free Catholic priests from hostile chanceries, and keep them operating in their dioceses, then bad bishops won’t matter anymore. If bishops lose their power, Bergolio will be finished. He will become one to whom no one listens and about whom no one cares, and he won’t be able to destroy the Catholic Church any further. -But the Church, in the mean time will bury him, as she has all her enemies, because liberated priests and their lay flocks will assault and drive back the gates of hell now so very far advanced in every corner of the world.

Concerns over jurisdiction are raised, but if Archbishop Lefevre understood situations such as faced by the Church since the Wicked Council to constitute a crisis of faith and subsequent state of necessity, why wouldn’t we? If the SSPX is Catholic, as even members of the Curia will acknowledge, then how could the principle of supplied jurisdiction not be in effect for us?

Commenters also ask: how is this to be executed? It is likely that the otherwise Catholic novus ordo hostage priest has no objections to the novus ordo plantation. He has his modus vivendi, maybe even under a Catholic minded bishop who has done the same, with a decent car, residence, and great opportunities to travel.  Maybe the novus ordo + TLM combo is part of the deal, what could be better?

With those whom we see as hostages feeling fat, happy and groovy about their lives, how can they be freed? This is where Bergoglio comes in. The more hell bent he becomes on instituting his program of desecration and infidelity,  the more the Catholic conscience of the novus ordo priest will be piqued. When Bergoglio puts the squeeze on bishops who will not enforce mandatory sacrilege, the lives of priests under those bishops are going to change. Once and for all they then will have to choose between social standing and comfort on the one hand, and following and obeying our Lord Jesus Christ on the other. When this crunch time arrives, we need to be ready to get them out. May it come soon. Bring it on, Bergy!

Wider Strategic Objective:  Create Chaos and Cause Enemy’s Collapse

Rescuing Catholic priests from the illegitimate novus ordo regime will have the effect of undoing the enemy’s most successful tactics of both confusing the laity and holding Catholic priests hostage. Catholic priests will then have an underground footing from which to say holy Mass and spread the Faith, and preach true Catholicism without apology. From this clandestine footing, offensive, hit-and-run operations can be launched against the novus ordo religion such as Latin Rosary recitations erupting during novus ordo homilies, surprise protest demonstrations at novus ordo money-grubbing events and shameless, heretical book promotions, etc.  Also possible are the distribution of Catholic literature explaining the illegitimacy of the novus ordo regime after schismatic novus ordo masses, etc. (Yes, right behind the guy handing out bulletins).

Massive de-programming will be needed for both priests and laics, restoring the wounded, double-minded novus ordo victim to an authentically Catholic way of thinking and being. Formation in Thomism will be essential in the grasping of Catholic nature of being itself. This deprogramming will enable novus ordo victims to differentiate between the heresy of Modernism, and Catholicism.

Newly restored Catholics can then counter-infiltrate novus ordo parishes and establish friendships, bringing other novus ordo laymen to underground masses and joining the ranks of the Catholic underground. Such an operation would constitute the use of the same weapon used by the Church’s masonic enemies to infiltrate her over the course of the past two-hundred years, a weapon that would be turned against them in a brutally just manner.

Authentic Catholic opposition to cultural iniquity like abortion, sodomy, sexual license, and the suicidal poison of religious liberty can at last be undertaken. Rosary salvos can be launched in front of local mosques, synagogues and masonic lodges.  Novus ordo bishops could be made to experience enormous pressure to cooperate, and perhaps revert to the Catholic Church. Using tactics like these, a resurgent Catholic underground could collapse the novus ordo Religion in three years or less.

As Heaven Permits Us Blessed Success

The best way to discover if the Queen of Heaven will send the graces we need to fight this war, in this way, is to find out for ourselves. Should She find favor with this fight, then some general organizational principles should be laid out.

The objective of this war is the total annihilation of the novus ordo religion. Whether by sudden collapse or slow, humiliating attrition, the novus ordo, Vatican II sect must be completely destroyed. No truce, treaty or peace accord can be extended to the Church’s enemies. They must convert or be conquered.

Furthermore, this underground resistance is an ad hoc coalition of laics with no canonical authority. So when the prissy bishops look for leadership whom to bribe or with whom to shake hands and make a deal, we will not be able to oblige.  Organizational structure should be as horizontal and invisible as possible. We would constitute a widespread support and defense network for the Catholic underground,  asymmetrically launching sorties against the enemy.  Without any visible head, the dialogue so beloved of the novus ordo sect would be quite impossible. Likewise, should they pursue any of their Clintonesque character assassination or intimidation tactics, they will lack the target necessary for such a takedown. Iron rods shall they encounter in battle, dissolving into vapor at the end of each skirmish. Give them no one to talk to. Let the enemy confront a leaderless counter-insurrection, just like our parents and grandparents had to live with the outcomes of secret plans unfolding, seeming without author, right before their eyes.

Commenters on Catholic blogs: do you really and truly believe in Christ the King, the Eternal Son of God, and the Victor over sin and death? It’s time to get to work.

You want Bergoglio out of the fight? Take his knees out at the diocesan level.

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