launching out into the deep

Launch Out Into the Deep

We can defeat the Modernists. It’s really that simple. You and I, simple laics supporting Catholic priests to escape the looming threat of enforced sacrilege, can take concrete steps that can help end this fifty year nightmare. Some kind readers have already asked how they can become involved. Let’s layout what is needed to convert our potency into action, and what concrete steps will create the desired result.

Objective one is the creation of an information network with the widest possible geographical dispersion. Priests looking to the future, and who are afraid of running out of options, will need somewhere safe to go. We want to assist them. Both sides of the coin, clergy and lay, need a means of communicating their material needs and means of providing, respectively. In order to establish this network of communication, Catholics, lay and clerical, need to know that someone is out there trying to do this.  Therefore, one very simple way of getting involved is to share this link with other like-minded Catholics. Facebook seems particularly propitious, and simply forwarding by e-mail is also good. Some Catholics have e-mail lists and might also be interested.

Remember, when you discover information on a priest in need, or someone who can provide refuge, get word back to us in the comment section of the latest post. This is crucial in closing the circuit of this information network.

A young strategist whom I’ve read on the web holds the maxim that  low-tech beats high-tech. Thus, bringing up this topic with other like minded Catholics whom you see after Mass will prove highly productive. Just remember our objective, connecting priests with places of refuge, and don’t be afraid to ask for what you want – in this case information. Productive questions are explicit “have you heard of any priests who are worried about what might happen next?” If the person with whom you speak is enthused about the idea of getting involved in helping clergy as discussed on these pages, they can find this site on google (might need to scroll a bit.) As always, when you hit on some information on which we can take action, drop us a line in the comment section of the latest post on this site.

Knowing that there are many Catholics out there much better at networking and information exchange than I, it would be well to have other blogs with the same orientation as this one, an activist bent aimed at brokering lay homes to priests seeking refuge. Oriented toward action and all interconnected, a million  sites similar to this one would be excellent. To each person time, interest and duties of state in life allow each portion. Which brings us to an important rule: involvement in this little project must conform with anyone’s duties of state in life.

When you do come across a lead, feel free to drop it into the comment box on this site, where we can investigate further.

To summarize:

  • Objective: establish information network
  • You can help: share this site with others whom you know.
  • Keep an ear out: you might come across something just listening to a conversation or cruising the Catholic blogs. If the Blessed Virgin wants this to succeed, doors will open in ways we don’t expect.
  • Complete the circuit by leaving word here when you find a lead.
  • Check back in with this site whenever you can.

To repeat: we don’t have to sit helpless in front of our screens as the Church’s enemies beat our Mother to a pulp. We really can defeat the modernists!

Thanks for reading, God by ye, and please share this link.

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