Awaiting Answers

The following comment has been awaiting moderation: (updates at bottom of page).

The post is entitled, Countering The Claim That Francis Is An Antipope — Guest Post by Fr. John Rickert, FSSP.

How long will I wait for an answer?

How long will the Church wait?

(To expand image {in Windows}, while holding Ctrl,  press “+”  until desired size attained.)

Awaiting Moderation

Please excuse the jumbled layout, as I had to save the image in chunks.

Awaiting Moderation2

Awaiting Moderation3

Awaiting Moderation4

Update: as of 2:06 pm PST, the comment was published. How convenient! Is it because he saw it posted to my blog?  Regardless, the question is not answered.

Update 2: Father Rickert has given his answer.

Awaiting moderation 6 answer

Awaiting moderation 7 answerRegarding the comment at top with time stamp 4:28, I scrubbed the offending word not from the top image, which now reflects the comment’s actual intent.

2 thoughts on “Awaiting Answers

  1. In addition to Nuchurch being filled with “homosexuals, destroyers, capitulators, weaklings, careerists, and Modernists” must we really add “rickerts?”


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