Valor and Villainy

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“Formal correction still on track…” – just you wait. You’ll see. Any day now those prelates are going to come out with a strong statement. Rumors roam the Eternal City and round the world via the Web, yet all we’ve got is a whole lot of waiting and nothing to see. What has this same Roman murmur n’ excuse factory produced previously? Remember the big meeting between Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider earlier in the year? That never amounted to much.  Looking back to Phony Synod II there was the conservative Cardinals’ vaunted resistance. In 2014, Cardinal Pell piqued interest with his lines about one of the more unusual Popes in history and 37 anti-popes. Every time, our conservative friends assure us that this is it; yet whatever such nebulous statements supposedly portend invariably disappoint. Resistance to the Bergoglian bulldozer remains non-existent in the face of open attacks on Catholics, the Holy Priesthood and the Most Holy Eucharist. No clergy will stand up. Therefore, whisper campaigns by Fra and Friends hinting of a Catholic uprising led by Rome’s bed-wetting ecclesiastical cowards ought not impress, and remain worthy only of Catholics’ scantest attention.

The Soviet Communists devoted an enormous amount of time and effort deceiving the West, with unparalleled success, through the strategic use of disinformation. To the Party’s apparatchiks of decades past (and likely even now as well) the word has both a highly technical and discrete meaning. Disinformation entails the publication of carefully crafted statements intended to not only mislead communism’s opponents into unproductive activity, but also to advance communists’ long-range policy objectives, and thus it extends well beyond a mere momentary deception. Soviet style disinformation campaigns were (and I believe still are) modeled on patterns. One such pattern was officially named the Weakness-and-Evolution pattern.* Using this pattern the Soviets endeavored to convince the West that the economic backwardness of the Bloc countries so hindered things like innovation and technological development that the Russian communists were actually becoming less ideological. This is false. Communism is pure and relentless ideology. Weakness and evolution served to divide the West’s resistance and attract international aid to so-called moderates behind the Iron Curtain, thereby funding Communism itself. The so-called fall of Communism, including the literal collapse of the concrete Berlin Wall may well not only have been pre-planned demolitions, but were landmark successes (and by no means the last) of long-range policy objectives attained in part by disinformation.

Perhaps we comm-box Catholics (those of us  impelled by love for Holy Mother to speak, to battle and to encourage in whatever ways we can) should adopt a deeper and shrewder understanding of the Roman rumor mill by attaching to our apprehension of their reports the principle of strategic disinformation. Whomever Fra and his fellow frats may be, at least one of them sits down at table with Bergoglio. Never mind the fact that the vulgar, nose-picking, apostate slime ball doubtless would test the most steely of gag-reflexes, are we expected to believe that such a Bergoglian insider keeps under deep cover a love of Tradition? Moreover could these whispered hints here and there, along with the above mentioned empty posturing of so many prelates serve a long-range Novus Ordo policy objective? Specifically, do the whirlwinds of Vatican innuendo deliberately perpetuate the illusion that somewhere in the Hierarchy an actual man, with an actual spine, unafraid of conflict bides his time to unleash a long hoped -for counteroffensive? It’s time for Catholics to cease being so over credulous. If war is hell, then hellish as well is psychological warfare upon naive but well-meaning Faithful. Bitter experience teaches us that the Cardinal who today shakes his rhetorical fist at Bergoglio will be signing the I love Jorge loyalty oath tomorrow. Have we not heard the likes of Fra’s rumor-mongering before? Have any of these rumors precipitated into even one single instance of genuine counterrevolutionary activity whatsoever? Let the Dubia answer this question, and until irrefutably proven otherwise, let the rumor mill in Rome be presumed to be run by the Vatican villains.

Enough discussion of villains, what about us?  OODA loop is an acronymous phrase used in military terminology, which describes a four step decision cycle used within the war room, all the way out to the front lines, and at all points in between. In order to be successful, the combatant must Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. We comm-box Catholics are doing a decent job of observing what is happening to Holy Mother. Unfortunately however, we fall prey to diabolical disorientation; we halt before advancing, thinking that the prelates will take action this time. Guess what, it’s been over half a lifetime of this time will be different, but nothing has changed. Thus our thinking must change. Clearly we must support one another in completing the OODA loop’s second step, orienting ourselves to the battle. This brings us to recognize the Catholic valor of some brethren who have striven long, and who can help us re-connect with the action of the Catholic mind as it conceived its thoughts before the pseudo-council of the 1960s, the writers at Tradition in Action. No, I don’t agree with every stand they take on current matters, and yes, they are mentioned here a lot. However, that their theory of the false right holds an enormous degree of explanatory power is simply undeniable. Search the web for any supposed instance of a conservative’s taking a strong stand against Bergoglio over the past four years, and how it has amounted to absolutely nothing. Then sit back and apply TIA’s theory, that the opposition is controlled by the progressivists to keep an authentic counterrevolution from taking place. -And no, the SSPX does not fall outside the theory’s parameters. The controlled opposition theory fills in the blank for us regarding the pattern of disinformation used by the Novus Ordo Sect, a pattern that could be described as resist-and-retreat. That is, Cardinal Sock Puppet makes a convincing display of Catholicism against Jorge the Apostate, only to disappear for three months and re-emerge an amnesiac mute. A few rumors are thrown in by Fra and his frat buddies just to keep us believing. When the public is exhausted with one story, the pattern resets and a fresh sock puppet is trotted out for the next act. If we can come to understand how we are being played by these people, we ought then remind one another that the conservative cavalry will not ride to the rescue, because it does not exist, and that if Cardinal So-and-So comes up with yet another publicity stunt, he is not to be believed. We don’t need a super secret source in Rome to know that we’ve been duped by the dubia, what is needed is an accurate interpretive framework.  In fact, we don’t need to game out the enemy’s next move at all. To become oriented and move onto OODA’s step three, Decide, all we need to do is correctly understand what already is happening, a strategic disinformation pattern to squelch the counterrevolutionary impulse. This pattern in turn arises from a structure in which opponents are selected and controlled by the enemy himself.  So if you sense that a so-called traditional blog is falling for the resist-and-retreat pattern of disinformation, and you get banned for challenging the blogger who denies the controlled opposition theory, wear it as your badge of valor. And leave a comment here any time.

*Golitsyn, Anatoliy; New Lies for Old, the Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation; Dodd, Mead and Company, Inc.; New York; 1984.


3 thoughts on “Valor and Villainy

  1. The question as to the veracity of PF’s election engineered by a corrupt band of men who call themselves the Sankt Gallen Group (mafia), totally unknown to the laity but never denounced by those who should have known of their existence, has to be transparently examined before we can respect the validity of such blatant canvassing & disregard for the rules laid down by JPII carried out prior to PF’s election & also the inordinate pressure they brought to bear on PB in order to get him to resign. If canon law regarding such pressure can bring great punishment on those who engage in such measures, why is it that the Sankt Gallen Group has not been at the receiving end of said law? Canon Lawyers don’t appear to have given this gross dereliction of the law the close attention it warrants. Also the clear possibility of undue pressure/intimidation/blackmail directed at PB. It’s not good enough to say PB stated he resigned for health reasons & leave it at that. JPII had much more reason to resign but knew the Papal Office was for life. Why has there been so much acquiescence on his sudden & questionable retirement?

    It is perfectly clear to anyone with half a brain that PF has never upheld (or intended to) the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of the One Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church. He has already stated that there is no Catholic God & Atheists can get to Heaven by good deeds. Islam is an Abrahamic religion of peace – the marauding, raping & death-driven youths set on conquering the world are really peaceful migrants & refugees fleeing war zones. PF never addresses those responsible for the persecution of Christians nor does he bother with their incarceration (Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil, Asis Bibi etc.) or those priests/religious/laity being at this moment persecuted by the Vatican for being unwilling to comply with AL. Leonardo Boff has stated that PF is not interested in the Church but rather the survival of humanity & future of the earth. PF has surrounded himself with deviants e.g. Emma Bonino, Paul Ehrlich, Clintons, Obama, Soronodo, Huang Jiefu, Danneels, Kasper, Marx etc. etc., praised Martin Luther, attended their Protestant Revolt commemorations, is now examining more ways to denude the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass & has dumbed down the necessity for the God-given Ten Commandments in order to ‘accompany’ such frail souls who find adherence to them to be far beyond their capability. In other words, they have assumed God’s Kingship to themselves – a contingent of the most depraved/demonic/sodomite activists that only Satan could have brought forth, & we Pharaohs, Pharisees, hard-hearted fundamentalists can go take a jump.


    1. Yes, and as From Rome reminds us, the St. Gallen’s Mafia never denied public statements that they canvassed for votes during the conclave. So much in-your-face criminality, and from the clerical ranks, so much silence.


  2. And more now on the tremendous pressure put upon Pope Benedict XVI to resign as well earlier of (via Barnhardt) the dubia of a resignation made while in the grips mentally of an erroneous conception of the Papacy (two Popes, one ‘contemplative’ and one ‘active,’ hence we see now the scandle of two popes dressed in papal white – oh the folly of even Benedict’s modernism!) puts the resignation of Benedict in doubt.

    Then because of newly added, every season, information that Bergoglio was heretical in so many ways BEFORE ever he was elected by the St Gallen plotters comes a new fact: St Robert Bellarmine declared that a manifest heretic CAN NOT BE ELECTED SUPREME PONTIFF VALIDLY anyways, since he is not a Catholic and has been excommunicated Latae Sententiae, there being no necessity of any council declaring him so. This is all rather confusing and scary for the average layman and there is no Lefebvre on the scene to guide us. The so-called princes and successors of the Apostles better unloose their tied up tongues for the sake of Christ’s lambs – DISCERNMENT is the necessity of the hour.


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