To Drink of This Chalice

Unpunished criminality -both within and without the Church- has passed the point of running rampant. Outrage upon outrage, whether the reported crime be the filming for entertainment of the rape of a child, or the slaughtering and selling members of the like, or cannibalizing, has long since overshadowed the once shocking exposure of the shameful life of Ted the Rapist McCarrick. By the way, we are now 1.5 years past the time when Ted and Donna the Guerl were

Look closely at the six-pointed star of Moloch which sits dead center of this sculpted piece of psychological warfare. A clearer signal of conquest by Talmudic Jewry could not be made. How long will Catholics refuse to see?

originally exposed. No bishop or cleric having an active role in the homo crime syndicate has been brought to justice, and under the current circumstances none will be meted out to these men in this life. More recently, Catholics are just lifting their heads above water again following a tidal wave of apostasy in the form of idol worship having crashed upon them. How fitting that a clique of livid fags would oversee the worship of a bunch of wooden sticks! We must neither forget the ensconcing of the statue of Moloch. An observer could not be faulted for supposing all of such circumstances to be a deep and cruel form of conditioning for the non-criminals taking all this in, the object of which could well be to accustom a populace to rule by reprobates.

Gateway appreciates the work of From Rome, who has proved an authentic and quite Catholic resistance to Berg-Bag the anti-pope from the beginning. From explanations of UDG 81 regarding the illegality of what we now recognize as the phony conclave of 2013, to scholarly disquisitions on the content and proper application of Canon Law, the Blog is an ally in the ruthless psychological war waged on Catholics by the Opus Judei funded media faction of Trad Inc. This week our friends posted the text of a certain private revelation on Our Lady of the Pine, a “forewarning of Bergoglio the imposter.” Gateway begs From Rome’s indulgence as we quote the text at length; this will be done strictly for the purposes of thorough analysis. If not already a regular reader, we recommend that you check them out, and begin by having a look at the alleged prophetic message in its entirety.

First is the important caveat that this visitation is not at this time approved by Ecclesiastical authority, but From Rome explains itself well

But when an as-of-yet unapproved private revelation exactly foretells 9 years beforehand what is happening today, every Catholic has to stop and wonder and pay attention, because God alone knows the future of contingent events…

Thus clearly both the message’s accuracy and urgency are made manifest. Additionally, what lends it great credibility is its consonance with the Big Three Marian Apparitions concerning modernity’s moral depravity, apostasy, and epochal chastisements of both material and divine origins, respectively.

  1. Our Lady of Fatima
  2. Our Lady of Good Success
  3. Our Lady of La Salette

Of course, Our Lady of Akita comes to mind as well. Content from the revelation includes

I have been inviting you, as a preparation, to the parousia of My Son in His second coming. I am pointing out to you this bridge of protection which We are giving you, and you will be escorted to My triumph, by means of the purification I am providing.

History’s final scene, the Coming of the King, is aptly given prominence. Our Lady mentions a bridge, implying a chasm of some sort, from which the hearer is given not only passage across, but protection, which indicates danger. The hearer, a soul for whom we ought be glad, is promised an escort to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, to which he will arrive by means of purification. Regarding this purification, is it particular to the hearer, something required of all humanity, or both? Is it a purification accomplished through chastisement?

Except for the messages of March 25, 2010, of the night of April 9, 2010 and that of April 11, all the others have been published, but no one wanted to listen to Our words.

It seems the hearers have obediently and humbly attempted to make the messages known (perhaps even to local prelates), but their offers were all rejected. This rejection they experience aligns with what follows

Everything which has happened and which will happen has been revealed and no one can say: “We were not told beforehand”.

One can’t help but bring to mind rejection after rejection suffered by Our Lady of Fatima by Popes Pius XI, XII and every conciliar pontiff up to the present, who declined to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart, as well as the refusal to reveal Fatima’s Third Secret as she commanded be done in 1960. The line precluding claims of exemption for not being told is not explicitly attributed to Our Lady or the hearer, but its authoritative and consequential tone seems to place the statement as coming from the Blessed Virgin herself. And this same line does also form a kind of logical bookend to the stifled warnings of both Fatima and La Salette, and the disregarded content of Our Lady of Good Success, that ignorance of the warning will provide no escape from what is to come.

Announce that sorrows, horrors will yet occur.  Entire nations will disappear from the Earth and all humanity will drink the bitter chalice.

The dire, and absolutely tectonic scope of the chastisement is consistent with the Big Three, and Akita. Sorrows and horrors are internal reactions; Our Lady is most concerned with the states of our souls, and our hearts. Whatever particulars of whatever cataclysm that spread sorrow and horror over every living human heart, can be nothing

material chastisement
Moral horrors seem both profound and universal during the oncoming material chastisement.

short of bone-chilling.  Nations disappearing from the earth is also confirmatory, and does seem to denote a material annihilation, rather than merely some simple erasure of borders by violent conquest (yet violent, murderous tyrannies could indeed constitute the opening act of the material chastisement). While one would hope that former beacons of Catholicism like France, England, Ireland, Mexico and Ecuador will remain, along with the promised-to-be-converted Russia; can the same be expected for the masonic-to-the-core-U.S.A. and other havens of criminality round the globe? All humanity’s drinking the bitter chalice excludes no one, not even the favored hearers of the message themselves. The conclusion is not unjust therefore, to say that anyone crossing this bridge spanning the end of history’s current epoch with the Reign of the Immaculate must drink from this bitter chalice of sorrow and horror, no exceptions.

My Sons, walk on this bridge which I have indicated to you, to share with Us the joy and the era of peace on earth for yourselves.

The promise of the Reign of the Immaculata is confirmed, lasting peace and joy will arrive when the time of sorrow and horror at last abates. Our Lady of Good Success: When all is lost, all shall be saved.

Enter Berg-Bag the Anti-pope

…pray to have guidance, because very soon you will see a schism in My Church.

My faithful remnant follows the present Pope, Benedict XVI, whom they want to eliminate.

Continue to follow him and to remain faithful to Him and to the teaching of My Church, founded upon the Apostles. Do not allow yourselves to be turned aside by the apostasy and by heresies.

I tell you, that the next pope will be an imposter and the forces of evil stand behind this schism.

apostate berg bag
Jorge the Apostate

While self-explanatory now, consider that these words were received by the hearers almost ten years ago, just before the St. Gallen subversion: schism, apostasy, heresies; the remnant following BXVI who is targeted for elimination; the command to follow and be faithful to him; the emergence of the imposter backed by the forces of evil (i.e. the synagogue-in-the-cenacle known as Opus Dei and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross and its Trad Inc. propaganda prostitutes).

Preserve the holy Missals and the books of the old Holy Mass, because the apostates will change the words in a dramatic way.

old Holy Mass is an indictment of the hideous and schismatic novus ordo missae, the validity of which is all the more criminal because our Eucharistic Lord is called down from heaven to become hostage to this bastard rite, handled by laics, consumed sacrilegiously by those in mortal sin, dropped on the ground, and trampled literally under foot. Change the words must constitute a prophecy yet unveiled pertaining to the Roman Rite, because the linguistically unstable novus ordo was already more than forty years old at the time of Our Lady of the Pine’s visitation in 2010. Perhaps there will come soon a desperate attack on the part of the dying novus ordo religion to destroy the already-altered 1962 missal, by commanding the use of their yet-to-occur attempt at re-writing it.

My sons and daughters, have courage and trust.  You, My son, do not fear if you are persecuted for Our cause, I and My Son will be with you to protect you and to help you in this hard trial.

Blessing you all, I am Mary, the Immaculate Virgin, the Mother of Sorrows.

The Blessed Virgin exhorts us all to have courage and trust, once again to the hearer to fear not persecution, reiterates her promise of maternal and divine protection, and gives her farewell concluded fittingly with her title Mother of Sorrows.

Prepare Her Burial Place

The Church undergoes her passion and follows the Way of her Bridegroom, up to and including perhaps what will look very much like her death. While Gateway has long

prepare her a shroud
Her virginal, maternal exquisiteness can never be taken from her, even here.

advocated for lay activism to aid our priestly Church in her liberation from the scoundrels who occupy her positions of leadership, such well-intended initiative seems more and more incompatible with the Divine Plan. Her preservation, however, during what will seem to be her demise, could be a more correct course. If priests who pray the Catholic mass soon be commanded under obedience to say a counterfeit TLM, or to make some other unacceptable compromise, these holy ones may rightly refuse and suffer expulsion. Thus a need may arise for our support as they seek to continue the work of saving souls. Our ancestors in Britain and Ireland prepared hiding places and called them priest holes.

Our Lady of the Pine and Our Near Future

Due to her accuracy, perspicacity, and conclusive correspondence with Our Lady of Fatima, La Salette and Good Success, this writer is strongly inclined to believe the words of Our Lady of the Pine. Speaking of the latter seventeenth century visitation to Mother Mariana at Quito, we learn that there are two means of purification for the world from the consequences of  its sins: virgin souls, or fire from heaven. In ages past, the virgin state lived out by the church’s holy priests, nuns, monks and brothers served as reparation and a means of mitigating divine punishments.

digging the hole deeper
Stupid monks and nuns of Vatican II will make our punishment worse.

But look around and lament, the infernal influences manifest since the phony council called Vatican II have seen to it that the monasteries, cloisters and abbeys have been emptied of their virgin souls. In those still occupied often reside misguided worldlings who not only publicly gyrate their pelvises to  cacophonous pop music, but film and publish the same for all the world to see. Thus these poor dupes dig deeper the hole to be filled by reparation. The small number of faithful virgin souls who remain might thereby see the benefits of their sacrifices consumed entirely in making satisfaction for such outrages and blasphemies. This leaves only fire as the means to purify.

What’s Next?

We know the answer, in large part, due to Our Lady’s warnings. As to the detailed applications of Her warnings, having no particular gift for prognostication, this writer can only look round and cite ranges of possibilities. First, we must understand that a reigning pope is a restraining force against the forces of anti-christ and anti-church. When God calls Pope Benedict XVI from this life, and if no conclave is called, then the Church will be without a pope.  The Blessed Virgin has warned us repeatedly

Our communion with their suffering could soon be more than spiritual.

of horrors and sorrows looming over us like the Sword of Damocles. Catholics who refuse to acknowledge the role played by the synagogue in establishing murderous dictatorships, both past and present, will shoulder the burden of incomprehension on top of the trauma and horror of the now gathering maelstrom.  Second, a point in two parts: a). Communism never fell. It merely changed modes to enter a new phase of convergence with the west, whereby it subsumes all non-communist systems into itself. b). Communism is not a political ideology, but a thinly disguised religion of human sacrifice, a direct offshoot of the synagogue, and conforming to the most frighteningly violent doctrines espoused by the Babylonian Talmud. Chinese communism is no exception. Third, at some point the chastisement meted out by the hands of evil-doers will transition into a Divine Chastisement, to which both punisher and punished are subject.  Such a culmination would be the purifying fire, literally vaporizing all the rankness and incomprehensible evil with which the world is increasingly saturated at this time, making satisfaction for all that must be paid back. Souls not informed by Our Lady’s words about her Reign would think it the end of all history.

What Can Catholics Do?

In the very fallible opinion of this simple laic, there are no less than two things for which individual souls can implore from Heaven, with confidence. One is to pray for the grace to be the holiest version of oneself possible when the moment of truth closes in.

bitter chalice
Ask for the grace to drink deeply from the bitter chalice.

Second is to ask for the privilege to drink deep from this chalice, along with the grace to bear it. Every soul walking this earth at chastisement’s explosive outbreak will drink its bitter contents, therefore it behooves us to do so in a way pleasing to God and to profit spiritually. Fear is not only unnecessary, but is useless. Through the Blessed Virgin, our Lord will provide all the strength we need to persevere to the end. And just like Her Royal Queenship on Calvary, the certainty of the promised and salvific outcome -while not preventing our sorrows and horrors- will provide added strength to continue. On the far side of that bridge, faggot church, cowardly prelates, traitors and controlled opposition will be only a memory for those happy souls who see the dawn and build a new world in Christ.

2 thoughts on “To Drink of This Chalice

  1. What makes me question the authenticity of “Our Lady of the Pine”, is when visiting the actual site that From Rome linked to in Italian, the alleged seer has had messages that speak of Medjugorje. “On this page we read some parts of messages reported by Mr. Giuseppe Auricchia, and during these years, progressively transcribed and published on the whole site, in this selection they have been chosen because they contain the keyword: Medjugorje.”

    Followers of the fraudulent MDM (Book of Truth) also claim that due to the dates of her messages given prior to 2013, and seemingly fitting into precisely what is happening since the usurper Bergoglio entered the scene, that this makes her credible.


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