Any Answer from James Martin, S.J.?

James martin I am a Jew nkBoth the Brethren and readers of the Trado-sphere -meaning those who blog for love and not monetary profit- have little need for commentary on the impious and perfidious James Martin. The exception arises when this erstwhile crypto-Jew not only unmasks himself, but starts in on the “elder-brethren of the faith” canard.  Observe.

James Martin 1
“Jewish and proud.” Simultaneously misleading and mocking his following.

“Jewish and proud” With these words this Priest is simultaneously misleading and mocking his following.  First, he misleads by proposing that the religion of the rabbis and the Babylonian Talmud (which was compiled centuries after Our Lord’s Incarnation) has some sort of ancestral role in the formation of the Church. His implication that there is a relationship with the Faith is false not only because the Talmudic religion rejects Christ, but also because there is absolutely zero connection between the authentic religion of the ancient Hebrews, who awaited and accepted the Messiah, Jesus Christ (and thus became the new Israel, the Catholic Church), and the religion of the pharisees who hated and rejected Christ, then passed this hatred and rejection on to their protégés and their subsequent converts of the Eurasian steppe.

james martin secret jew
Juxtaposing the image at top with this immediately above allows us to piece this puzzle together a little more completely.

Second, he mocks his acolytes by perpetrating a blasphemy of such enormity, that an alter Christus be also a rejector of Christ, with neither blush nor hesitation. Catholics who have been programmed to think that only a bad person would criticize Jews (which describes the mindset of huge number of faithful practitioners) will smile, nod and allow their programming to be reinforced. For a Catholic priest to publicly declare himself a Jew is a more heinous betrayal than even James Martin has previously committed. By definition, the Jew rejects Christ; in the mind of the Jew, this rejection is explicit, conscious and permanent. Father Martin, with an in-your-face attitude, is telling us that he is a Christ-rejecting Jew who has taken Holy Orders. Sadly, if the reaction of many is any indicator, James Martin is giggling and rubbing his hands together all the more, because many mindlessly accept his statement. This Priest declares plainly about his being a Jew, “no kidding!”

james martin reply
Fortunately, there were quite a few, unlike the dullards above, who decried the error.

Elder Brethren Who Blaspheme the Son of God and the Blessed Virgin


hebrew vandals
Source: Jerusalem Post

As depicted above, Gateway asked the obvious question, what kind of elder brethren blaspheme and vandalize? Some might react by committing the No True Scotsman fallacy: to wit, “no true Jew would ever do or say anything like this. This is the work of an extremist, and outcast from Judaism.” Such a response is not only illogical, but contradicts that compendium of rabbinic doctrine known as the Babylonian Talmud.

BT 106a
From Judaism Discovered by Michael A. Hoffman II, Independent History and Research, p.383.

While the shocking nature of the Talmudic blasphemy depicted above may need no explanation, noteworthy is that the vandalism documented further up is in perfect harmony with the doctrines of Talmudic Judaism.

From Judaism Discovered by Michael A. Hoffman II, Independent History and Research.

Here is another quote, chapter and verse, from the Babylonian Talmud. Molesting boys is perfectly fine, as long as the boy being raped is under the age of nine. Somehow, James Martin left out this little tidbit when describing the religion of the Talmudic rabbi as the elder brethren of the Faithful. Then again, this behavior does seem consonant with molester priests. How about that? A homo and crypto-Jew priest unmasks amid a church scandalized by molester priests. The Talmud condones boy-rape. Is there even more to the predator-priest story that we have yet to discover? The crypto-Jews and shabbos-goys of Opus Dei’s Trad Inc. probably are hoping that we never do.

Is the conciliar church of Vatican II, a.k.a. anti-church, controlled by Jewish interests? From the degenerate, communist left, James Martin’s own words present us with important evidence in the affirmative. Also, from the controlled, Trad. Inc. right, Taylor Marshall has provided similar data, also in the affirmative, documented in a previous Gateway post and linked to this text. If both left and right are represented by Jews, and supposedly in contention with each other over the Church’s identity and future, how is it that neither opinion-shaper is Catholic? How is it that, by their own admissions, both are Jews? How can such individuals themselves NOT be the dreaded infiltrators?

James Martin never did answer my question.

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